Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trump Disappoints. Is Devious Donald the Ultimate Cuck?

Let's face it, Donald Trump is just about as much of a liar as Lyin' Ted. He claims to have been against the Iraq war, when lots of ordinary folks could see it would be a massive imperialist crime, but in fact he was for it. His only objection to it then seems to have been that the US wasn't intent on stealing Iraq's oil. Then he said he was against the Libyan intervention, though here he is (after 1 min:25 seconds) clearly exposed as a total liar. And again, his chief regret is that the US didn't steal Libya's oil.

Trump and wedding-day friends. Image source
What else is he lying about? Basically, Trump has adopted the intelligent citizen's critique of the US Government's foreign, economic and population policies. What he has to say about trade, immigration, wages and unemployment sounds as good to most ordinary folks as his line on Iraq and Libya. But is it any more genuine? What we're seeing is a salesman of genius selling hope to a nation that has been impoverished, demeaned and despised by a criminal ruling elite. Yet now we are to believe that America, and by extension the rest of the West, is to be saved by the Donald from exploitation by the likes of his wedding guest, Crooked Hillary.

Trump is surely the tip of a very large iceberg. Who knows what lies beneath the water. What we can be sure of, though, is that every US President elected in living memory was expected to make the world a better place, yet with no exception that I can think of, all served anti-democratic interests that made the world a worse place for the mass of mankind. Why would a sleazy, thrice married, four-times-bankrupt casino operator prove any better than those who went before?

Now, it seems, Trump is backing away from his stand on political correctness. Should we really be surprised? Maybe the whole thing was fake. Did Megyn Kelly (or someone else at Fox News) set it up for him with her first-debate question about calling women "fat pigs" etc.? Now she's Trump's great friend, which seems quite a turnabout? And Kelly's boss, Poop Murdoch, the pornographer of Sky TV (I love how Sky used to push its pay-porn channels in Britain as "the dirtiest legally permitted", alongside Holy Rupe's Christian channels), is backing Trump, as is casino magnate and self-proclaimed richest-Jew-in-the-world, Sheldon Adelson, who's promised $100 million for the campaign.

So, sorry, but I think Trump's a false prophet, who, if elected, will probably make more money off the Presidency than Hillary could. In fact, it seems pretty clear, we're all doomed. These are the end times for human civilization. It's a re-run of degenerate Rome, but this time it's Rome with nukes, scientific brainwashing, FaceBook addiction, and a reality TV star gunning to be the next Caesar.


  1. Everything is Fake - It’s All A Lie!!!

    - (supporting article, but from a different angle).

  2. The more reliant we become on the Internet, Google, FaceBook and the rest, i.e., a bunch of pixels on a video screen, the more easily we will be fooled, and the more enslaved we will become.

    We urgently need training in epistemology. Instead we get PC news, education and entertainment, i.e., lies to encourage us to swallow more lies.