Friday, June 10, 2016

Tricky Trump versus Crooked Hillary: Deciding the Future With a War of Insults

Trump's a racist. You know that? Even Paul Ryan, GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives, says so. Is Trump a Fascist? Well the New York Times liberally smears him with the appellation as it considers the question based on a presumption of guilt. As for warmongering, Trump's the worstest, most dangerous, loony warmonger out there, according to Hillary.

Yet Trump's rising in the polls, while Hillary's disapproval rating continues to surge. What's going on. Are millions upon millions of Americans fascistic, racist warmongers, or what?

The reality is that the insults have nothing to do with, well, reality. Simply, they are the liberal-left's chief instruments of debate: hate speech in other words. Such insults work well to terrorize citizens living under an undemocratic system such as the EU, where to be fingered as a racist, a xenophobe or some kind of hater or denialist can mean jail time. But in a freer society, not only do such insults lose shock value and become stale through over use, but they are likely to cause offense among the very people they are supposed to win to the liberal cause. Who, for example, among those who are white, has not more than once been unjustly smeared as a racist either directly or by implication? Such experience makes for a sharp reaction when people find the political representation of their legitimate interests being dissed as racism.

But then comes Trump. He uses insults alright, but they're fresh and often funny. "Low energy JEB." Yeah, JEB really did come over as a limp rag. "Little Marko" was another highly personal insult, but, well, the guy is kind of little. And how you gonna hit back? Call Trump a "sizeist" or a "morphologist?" Would sound kind of stupid wouldn't it. Anyhow, the main effect of the jibe was likely aimed not so much at the audience than at Little Marko himself. Short people for some reason hate being short. It gives them an inferiority complex that can turn them into megalomaniacal politicians and warmongers like Napoleon — I know, my mother-in-law is short. Most likely, therefore, calling Marko "little" simply threw him off balance, spoiled his concentration, and explains why he began repeating himself like a parrot.

"Lyin' Ted" was not exactly an imaginative descriptive, but the name fitted, so Cruz had to wear it. "Crooked Hillary" seemed like a not so original variant on "Lyin' Ted," but then out came all that stuff on the Clinton Foundation, described as "an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic," according to reports from inside the FBI, plus ServerGate, leaving little doubt that Hillary is, indeed, about as crooked as a politician can get, which prompted Judge Jeanine to ask Trump:

"So, why do people support her" (after 10.00 minutes in this video). To which Trump responded:
It's almost out of habit, if you ask me.
It's almost out of habit.
It's like why do you keep eating popcorn when it doesn't taste good. OK?
It's like a habit: (miming a zombie eating popcorn) boom, boom, boom.
It's the same thing with her.
She's a habit. 
This is highly ingenious. Nothing hackneyed about it: no obscure stuff about social Marxism, the Frankfurt School, or entitlements and quotas, just a plausible reason why people who should know better, and may soon come to know better, unthinkingly support a bad candidate. And actually funny. It might surely make even a Democrat-leaning voter smile. Certainly, it doesn't call a Democrat a dishonest or evil person. It merely suggests that a lot of possible Democrat voters are not yet paying close enough attention. In other words, it ridicules Hillary, while politely asking her potential supporters to consider changing their opinion.

And note how the word "habit" recurs, again, and again, and again. Kind of sticks in the mind, doesn't it.

Yeah, very smart.

But is Trump immune to his own tactics? Surely not. So what labels would suit Trump? Trump has already invoked Richard Nixon's "Silent Majority", so how about a variation on Nixon's soubriquet of Tricky Dicky. Tricky Trump rolls of the tongue smoothly and would draw attention to Trump's growing list of big lies. On Iraq, no he wasn't against it before the war started, he was for it. Likewise, Libya (after 1:25 in this video, Trump lying about Libya). Playing the anti-war crowd for suckers may have looked like a good option for Trump at the outset of his campaign, but exposing his crass mendacity on past wars could turn things around sharply.



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