Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dumbest (Most Deliberately Misleading?) News Headline of the Day

Minority Babies Outnumber Whites Among US Infants

How can "minority babies" outnumber the "whites among US infants", i.e., all the rest?

If white infants are outnumbered, then they are the minority "among US infants" and those who outnumber them must be the majority.

But even when reporting the reproductive eclipse of the European population, the non-whites, in PC America, must be granted the privileged status of being referred to as "the minority," i.e., people deserving a privileged status due to the oppression they must be suffering at the hands of those presumptively racist white people now being trashed by their own government.

An honest headline would have been:

"White babies in American outnumbered by non-white," but then that makes it rather too clear what the Obama/Clinton plan for white people in America really is.

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