Thursday, June 23, 2016

As Britain Brexits, Its Time to Reverse the Immigrant Tide

Britain is out of the EU.

Undoubtedly the key issue in the minds of most of those voting for Brexit is the immigrant flood.

Having taken back control of their own destiny, it is time for the Brits to take back majority ethnic London.

London voted more than 75% for Remain, confirming the divergence of interest between the indigenous people of the crowded British Isles and the mass of immigrants that make up a majority of the population not only of London, but of Leicester, Luton, Slough many other urban centers throughout the UK, and soon, England's second city, Birmingham.

But how can the immigrant tide be reversed?

An offer of ten thousand pounds to every immigrant who returns home would surely motivate many. And it would have particular appeal to those in gaol, for whom it would mean immediate release, and those with multiple wives and many children, for whom the payoff would be substantial indeed. In addition, the obligation to pay earned state pension benefits would, of course, be honored.

Illegal immigrants though not entitled to the full package, should also be helped on their way with a generous package of travel and resettlement aid.

And the offer to legal immigrants could be sweetened by the inclusion of some kind of honorary UK citizenship which would provide certain privileges, e.g., post-secondary education, but not permanent residence, in the UK.

The cost of paying immigrants to go home would be considerable but manageable. In fact the offer might be upped to twenty or twenty five thousand pounds.

By way of illustration, the cost, at ten thousand per head, assuming that half the eight million ethnic residents of Britain accepted the offer, would amount to forty billion pounds, or 5% of the UK government's annual revenue..

The benefit of such a repatriation program to the British people, as measured in increased wages, lowered housing costs, and reduced tax expenditure on infrastructure necessitated by the post-2000 immigrant flood would far exceed the cost.

In addition would be the benefit of remaining master of one's own home, free to take pride in ones glorious culture unmodified and unconstrained by the demands of polygamists, voodooists, genital mutilators, and those who reject the British legal tradition, and the British tradition of free speech, unconstrained by political correctness.


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