Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: Heads the Elite Wins, Tails the People Lose

As Uncle Nasty, over at the Irish Savant, notes the Brexit vote was not a victory. Rather, "Victory is when Harman, Cameron and their ilk are staring down at the cheering crowds — from a scaffold."

Britain was lied into the Common Market by Ted Heath, who said that the then Common Market was, well, a common market, when in fact it was an anti-democratic, US-controlled, bureaucratic, Fascist state.

But the British elite never objected to the EU taking the blame for unpopular measures such as allowing mass population replacement immigration, which they themselves supported and profited by.

So even though opposition to mass immigration motivated nearly every one of the Brexit referendum "Out" votes, nothings but the packaging of policy is going to change.

Only the other day UKIP's Farage was promising more black immigration if Britain left the EU. Apparently it's only white, i.e., European, immigrants he really dislikes.

And yesterday UKIPers Carswell and Hannon stated definitively that they would seek no reduction in immigration.

So the referendum result was a case of heads the elite wins, or tails the people lose. The only interesting thing about the result is that slightly more than half of those who actually voted are not too stupid or too brainwashed to know on which side their interest lies.

But the margin of victory was so slight that Tory-Labor-Liberal-UKIP sellouts and traitors will be deflected from their previous course hardly at all.

Brexit will, however, serve the City of London well, since there will be no future meddling from Europe to prevent the massive crimes and swindles on which the wealth of the city depends.

The only hope for Europe rests with the Americans. If Trump is elected, and if Trump is for real, somethings may change — slightly.


Farage criticizes Out-of-Touch Trudeau for backing Remain in Brexit Campaign

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