Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: The First Shot In a Global Civil War of the People Against Treasonous Elites

Virtually every vote for Brexit was a vote to end mass immigration to Britain. And already the treasonous elite that controlled both sides of the referendum campaign are making it clear that any idea of an end to the influx is a complete non starter.

Thus, already Douglas Carswell, Parliamentary leader of UKIP, and Mike Hannan, UKIP Euro MP, have stated that they WON'T seek to lower immigration. So there you are. We've said all along that UKIP's demands for control of the border was phony and that Farage was a traitor to the people's cause. What more evidence do folks need?

Meantime, US leftie, Mike Whitney, warns against radical elements that have emerged in Europe whose xenophobia is fueling widespread anti-immigrant hysteria. This is what passes for intelligent commentary among enlightened minds in the US.

Controlled opposition? Elite counterpropaganda? Idiocy? Who knows or cares. Fact is, when you're being genocided by mass immigration, it's not hysterical or xenophobic to fight back, although there'd be nothing new in a failure to do so. Victims of genocide often fail to resist because they are overwhelmed by the propaganda deployed against them, for example, being called xenophobes and hysterics. (And remember that in the EU xenophobia is a crime punishable by gaol time.) Thus it was that millions of Europe's Jews went peaceably into the cattle cars.

And before someone calls me a hysterical xenophobe and, of course, a racist, here are some facts.

Britain has a net immigration rate higher than Canada, a country thirty times the size of Britain. Britain's fertility rate is well below the replacement rate despite the high fertility of the immigrating population, which means that the British are being replaced by people from elsewhere and the children of people from elsewhere.

Already the English are a minority in their own capital city of London, and within this decade they will be a minority in England's second city, Birmingham. The English are a minority in the Cities of Leicester, Luton and Slough and in a growing number of other major urban centers.

Why has this happened?

Because the British elite have hated the mass of working people for the last 200 years. As a character in Prime Minister Benjamin Disreali's novel, Sybil (published in 1845), declared, there exists in Britain two nations:
between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were dwellers in different zones, or inhabitants of different planets. The rich and the poor.
This divide was exemplified prior to World War II by widespread elite interest in eugenics. Lord Maynard Keynes, the world famous economist, was President of the Eugenics Society. Winston Churchill was a Eugenics Society member. Francis Darwin, son of Charles, believed that lethal chambers to dispose of the most botched members of society would be useful, although he felt that there would be difficulties, politically, in selling the idea (this was before Hitler gave gas chambers a truly bad name). Playwright Bernard Shaw openly advocated killing unproductive members of society who are of no use to society and "probably of no use to themselves either." Prolific writer, public intellectual of the day, and friend of both Stalin and Franklin Delano Rooseveldt, H.G. Welles, applauded the readiness of Hitler to dispose of useless eaters by efficient systems of mass murder.

The difficulty for the elites of the nominally democratic West was to find the right method for culling the unwanted surplus population. Contraception was supposed to do the trick, but it proved to have the reverse of the desired consequences: the lowest ranks of society failing to use it, thus multiplying like rabbits; while middle- and upper-class women readily availed themselves of the technology to avoid the burden of child bearing.

But since WWII, the solution has been discovered: K-12 sex "education," which inculcates the idea that the only sexual vice is reproduction. This combined with mass replacement immigration is well on the way to genociding the British people both racially and culturally (and the other European nations).

But with the referendum the old white working class have taken the opportunity to challenge the process, though as noted above, they have by no means defeated it, or even we now see, impacted it in any significant way. Brexit will thus be seen by the elite as merely an irritating setback in what they believe to be an irresistible drive to global governance by very rich people.

We are nowhere near to the end of this struggle. Indeed, Brexit was merely an opening shot in a global civil war between the people and a treasonous elite. The elites of the world (is Russia an exception? It would explain the hatred for Putin in the West) have now entirely separated themselves from the people who they regard simply as disposable units of production.

So the widespread public opposition to mass immigration to the UK is neither hysterical nor xenophobic. It arises from a fundamental and rational desire of the people for national survival, both racial and cultural.

So  what will follow? For the immediate future, here are some interesting suggestions from "Quiet Desperation": Italeave? Fruckoff for France. Czechout? Departugal? Oustria? and Finland could just be Finish.


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