Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Profits of Genocide

All Western states have a policy on population and immigration that constitutes nothing less than a program of national genocide. Understanding this brute fact is not difficult. The analysis involves math so elementary that even those largely confused by New Math or Common Core (Rotten Core) should be able to understand it. There are two elements to the program:

First, the suppression of the fertility of the indigenous population through the promotion of abortion and contraception, and the legalization and encouragement of virtually every known form of sexual perversion. This is precisely Malthus's alternative to starvation as a control on population. He called it vice.

Second, mass immigration of highly philoprogenitive people from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. Libyan women in Britain, for example, have an average of more than five children, or about three times as many as their indoctrinated English sisters. Bangladeshi women in Britain, though less fecund than the Libyans, nevertheless manage to raise more children in Britain than their sisters at home in Bangladesh.

So you drive the fertility of the Western nations far below the replacement rate, while causing a population explosion through mass immigration. The net result? Population replacement, which is to say the destruction of the Western nations.

But why?

Do Western elites so hate their plebeian co-nationals that they seek deliberately to destroy them. So it appears. "We are a plague on the World," says popular BBC natural history presenter David Attenborough, and so many others respected members of the elite, including Barack Obama's science policy advisor, John Holdren, an advocate of forced abortion and sterilization.

But what these supposed geniuses never acknowledge is the ongoing population bust throughout the West, where every nation has a below replacement fertility rate. Thus, while tens of millions of high fertility Third Worlders pour into the Western nations with every encouragement from the the billionaires club (and here, and here) and their agents in political office, the indigenous populations are rapidly aging and shrinking, with the result that on current trends they will be eclipsed by the immigrant populations within a generation, their only hope of posterity being to mate with an immigrant, apparently.

But while David Cameron, the Eton and Oxford trained toff who, after asserting before becoming British Prime Minister that immigration "must be gripped," has presided over the greatest immigration flow to Britain in the nation's history, surely couldn't care less about the mass of stinking Briton's, he most surely cares about the tax avoiding Money Power that profits by immigration. The way the Money Power profits is threefold.

First, if you raise the supply of anything then, all other things being equal, you lower the price. Thus increasing the supply of labor through immigration lowers wages, and as David Ricardo noted: "wages and profits, together, are always the same." Or put more that clearly: cheap labor, big profits.

Second, a booming population creates demand for housing, maternity hospitals, schools, roads, universities, and much else beside. Meeting that demand, virtually all funded at the expense of the taxpater, is what keeps thousands of the friends of governments provided with profitable construction contracts and windfall profits from land development.

Third, an immigrant population has the great advantage of being almost entirely innocent of dangerous Western ideas about free speech, the rights of an Englishman, equality before the law, or labour solidarity. No, these new Brits understand the corrupt state perfectly well and are quite willing, and well prepared to work with it, since it is the poverty of a corrupt state from which they seek relief in the West — temporarily. In the long run, the outcome is obvious. Wages, human rights, workplace health and safety standards will equalize between the West and the Rest, with no gains and mostly losses to the people of the West.

So can the West avoid cultural destruction, population replacement, and Third-Worldization of its economy? It would probably require the Ceaucescu treatment for the leadership to effect any real change in the thinking of the elite as a whole — the surviving remnant of it, that is.


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