Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dumb-Arse Italians Only Just Realized You Gotta Have Babies or Your People Go Extinct

The Italians birth rate crashed in the late 60's and has been way, way below the replacement rate ever since. Currently, Italy's fertility rate is about two-thirds of the replacement rate, but that rate depends in large part on the fertility of the immigrant population: people such as the Libyans who have about three-times as many children as their Italian "sisters." No wonder the Pope sucks up Muslims: the Vatican will soon be a fortress within a Muslim state. 

"English" children in London borough of Newham. Image source.
Actually, the Italians are not quite as dumb as all the other Euro states. At least the Italians have now acknowledged that they're dying out. All the other European states, including the US, Canada and Australia, are not only dying off but blathering inanely about the population explosion, promoting the abortion of their own children, teaching any children that nevertheless get born how to engage in every kind of sexual perversion, and congratulating themselves on their wonderful racial inclusiveness as they bring in millions upon million so of highly fertile Africans, Asians and Middle-Easterners — mainly children and adults of child-bearing age, to take their place.

Will the Italian response to the crisis of population implosion work? Almost certainly not. They're gonna increase the child allowance for poor people. Since the immigrants from Africa are the poorest people in Italy, the new policy will simply hasten the replacement of the Italians by people from elsewhere.

The immigrants are mostly good people, no doubt, but they're not Italians. That's a good thing, according to Barack Obama who just visited England to tell the British people that their national sovereignty is "obsolete." In Obama's view, the ethnic cleansing of the English from their great cities — genocide, that is — is a good thing.

Those whom the gods* wish to destroy, they first make liberals.

* Actually, not the gods, but the university professors and administrators and the scoundrel globalist elite who own them.


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