Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Killing the Sovereign, Democratic, Nation State

What is a sovereign nation state?

It is a human community that asserts its exclusive right to the occupation of  a territory — the assertion of exclusive occupational right meaning the beating off of interlopers, whether they be armed invaders or economic immigrants. A sovereign nation state thus reserves the benefits of territorial occupation, however those benefits may be distributed within the community, to the indigenous population.

However, in today's politically correct Western world, such territoriality is treated as hateful xenophobia, bigotry and racism. Yet the defense of territory is normal and adaptive behavior not only in mankind, but throughout the animal kingdom. It is the means whereby individuals either alone, or in concert with their kith and kin, act to secure  resources for survival and reproduction and thereby maximize their chance of being represented in succeeding generations.

Because the sovereign nation state excludes settlement by outsiders, its people exist in a state of reproductive and cultural isolation from the rest of humanity. Such isolation is never total, but is sufficient to result in genetic differentiation among nations resulting from founder effects, genetic drift, and local selective pressures. Isolation leads also to linguistic and cultural differentiation. A sovereign nation is a thus a population with a unique racial and cultural profile. It is, in other words, the basis of the beautiful racial diversity of the human species.

A democratic, sovereign, nation state is a sovereign nation state where the government depends in some measure upon the approval of the populace at large, which is to say a government that is perceived to rule in the interests of the people. Democracy in its ideal form, which is to say a government serving solely the interests of the people as a whole, is a fiction, since those who rule will invariably grant privileges upon themselves, and moreover, those most advantaged in society will seek to secure their advantage by using their advantaged position to skew the political process in their favor by means of bribery, blackmail or murder. Nevertheless, since the emergence of mass democracy in the 19th Century, more or less popularly elected governments throughout the West have established a vast range of public services designed to bring the benefits of education, healthcare, police protection, and the higher culture to the masses.

Today, however, the advantage of the most advantaged over the mass of humanity has never been greater, this being so not only because wealth has never before been concentrated in such vast amounts, but also because technology, not only in the physical sciences but also in the social sciences, makes elite control of the masses easier than ever before. Naturally, therefore, the most advantaged, which is to say the plutocratic elite or Money Power, seeks to wrest control entirely from the hands of the people and establish absolute ownership of the resources of the World. To this end, the sovereign, democratic, nation state, as an impediment to profit maximization (and mass impoverishment), must be eliminated, this objective being approached in two ways. First, the nation state as a racial and cultural entity is to be destroyed. Second, powers of government are to be transferred from national goverments to global institutions such as the UN, the World Bank, the WTO, NATO, etc., all of which will be controlled by the Money Power via its existing hold over national governments and more directly by bribery, blackmail or murder.

The destruction of the nation state is a work in progress, the chief instrument of which is mass migration, particularly from the essentially undemocratic Third World to the most powerful democratic nation states, which are those of the West. In this way, the solidarity of the people is destroyed. In addition, reproductive failure of the indigenous population is induced through sex "education" and mass entertainment that serves to promote the vice and perversion that Thomas Malthus recognized as an alternative to starvation as a way of limiting population. As a consequence of such methods, the fertility of all Western nations has already been reduced far below the replacement rate, which means that, as a consequence of immigration, the people of the Western nations will soon be replaced as the majority in their own homeland by people from elsewhere. In London, and other major urban centers, the English are already a minority in their own home. This is a high-tech, stealth genocide, conducted in the name of liberal anti-racist values: no blood, no gas chambers, just psychological manipulation leading to self-hatred, reproductive failure, and ultimate self-annihilation.

By destroying the homogeneity of the nation state through mass immigration, the notion that the government of, say, France or Germany or the United States should operate in the interests only of the French, or the Germans, or the Americans is undermined. People from outside the territorial limits of the nation state, it is asserted, have as much right to enjoy the accumulated cultural and physical capital of a country such as Britain, as the descendants of those by whose sweat and ingenuity the wealth of the nation was created. This globalizing tendency gains further momentum from the immigrant communities, which, loyal to the nationalist sentiments of their ancestors, lobby for their own cultural and racial interests, including those of their co-nationalists abroad, thereby further destroying the sovereignty of the invaded community.

To combat the resentment of the indigenous community so disrupted, the elite impose a system of speech regulation or political correctness, first imposed in Russia by V.I. Lenin, and culminating there in the Stalin terror that killed millions, for nothing worse than a muttered word of dissent.

In the West, political correctness serves chiefly as a shield for the Treason Party and their agents, the Blair's, the Clinton's the JEB's and Rubio's, the latter intent on vast personal enrichment through service to the Money Power. Thus, to speak in opposition to mass immigration is defined as racism, and racism is defined as a crime. The process of thought control through political correctness has infinite ramifications, as illustrated by the deployment of police to intimidate a school pupil who used a school computer to check the immigration policy of a legal, democratic political party supported by a millions of citizens. And here's a quote on the subject of immigration from that party's election manifesto:
Britain is a compassionate, caring nation. In the course of our island’s history we have welcomed millions of people to these shores and we are proud of that record. UKIP does not have a problem with migration. What we do have a problem with is the uncontrolled, politically-driven immigration that has been promoted and sustained by Labour and the Conservatives.  
Wow! Is that racist or what?

Britain is clearly finished as a Sovereign, democratic, nation state. Well done Tony Blair and the Tory Party.


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