Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hungary's Orban: The EU, In the Service of the Globalist Money Power, Abets the Genocide of the European Nations Through Mass Immigration of Settlers Intent on Transforming Europe In Accordance With Their Own Religion amd Culture

Perhaps other members of Europe's ruling elite will see opposing treason as a route to self-advancement. However, most, we suspect, will continue to serve the genocidal Money Power, which has, well, the money and which makes treason eminently well rewarded. (cf. Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, etc.). More likely, therefore, we will see the untimely end of both ingrates such as Orban, and traitors to the plutocracy such as Trump.

Still, one should not despair.

Demoralization is the goal. A demoralized people is easily destroyed. In fact, given time, a demoralized people will simply die out, like the people of Tasmania and many others that suffered the deadly impact of Western "civilization." Now it is the turn of the West itself to die, and the die-off is proceeding apace. No Western country has a reproduction rate close to the replacement rate. Western nations are being replaced by an unregulated flood of Third-World immigrants — people of a different race and with totally different cultural and religious traditions to the indigenous populations.

Middle-aged white Americans are dying of despair, while scum-bag NeoCons at National Review heap contempt upon those thus destroyed, and the genocidal world governance crowd deploy a vicious regime of political correctness, backed by fascistic mobs such as Black Lives Matter to destroy their opponents.

Problem is, Americans, no more than Brits., the French, the Germans, the Hungarians, are ready to die. The votes are on the side of Orban in Hungary, of the Boris Johnson for Brexit in the UK, and for Trump in the US.

So die, NeoCon Scum, die. Meantime, Vive la Russie, a regime that is putting in place:
a "conservative revolution." By encouraging birth, patriotism, defense of religious tradition, historic tradition, the pride of independence, the efforts to equip itself with a modern army...The danger for the western socio-liberal alignments is that these principles that they denounce as populist might just take hold in Europe. (Source).

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