Monday, March 21, 2016

Brexit Frexit, Everyone Wants EU Exit. Well Done, Obarmy, The Pope, Angela Merkel, You've Driven the People to Stand Up for Themselves

If you don't want your native land taken over by settlers of an alien race and religion intent on replacing your posterity with their own, then you're a racist according to Hillary Clinton, the US Republican Party establishment, the Pope, America's Indonesian-raised Islamophile President, Barack Hussein Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameroon, the unelected rulers of the EU Commision and all the other politically correct liberal left to fascist right for the genocide of the European people. 

But apparently, its not just the Brits who want Brexit, Britain's exit from the EU. Germans have become restive. Some have parents and grandparents who were among the minority that voted for Hitler before he made himself a dictator and launched a world war, but they resist the idea of committing national suicide in atonement. Hence the rise of the German far-right-wing extremist, Nazi, racist—to use Guardian/NYTimes-speak—Merkel-must-go, anti-self-genocide movement in Germany, and the rise of a German out-of-the-EU movement.

Now the French, who prefer their young women to appear naked on a Mediterranean beach rather than in a Muslim ghetto draped in a black bag with a string of welfare-funded kids in tow, have joined the anti-EU bandwagon and are calling for FREXIT.

And then there's America's new Hitler, Donald J. Trump, who wants to protect the jobs of America's poorest, including the more than 50% of black youth that is unemployed, by building a wall to exclude the illegal influx of millions of Third Worlders who "solve the servant problem," as former President George H. W. (New World Order) Bush put it, by taking jobs in America's vast untaxed, below-minimum-wage black economy.


CanSpeccy: A Politically Correct Civilization Cannot Stand

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