Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Stephen Harper Has Sent Canadian Armed Forces to Back a Nazi Government in Ukraine

Stephen Harper has dispatched Canadian air, sea and land forces to Europe in support of Ukraine's violent Nazi-backed junta because he is a strategist. A strategist is one who adapts every action to serve a long-term goal, as opposed to a person of principle, who adapts every action to their understanding of the rules of right conduct.

Harper, in other words, is an unprincipled scoundrel, which is to say a successful politician. His long term goal presumably entails winning the 2015 Federal election, which means, among other things, keeping onside with the Obama Administration that, given its track record throughout the rest of the world, would knock over the government of Canada on the slightest whim.

Canada's military role in the Ukraine "crisis" is thus subordinate to the interest of the United States of Aggression, aka, the World Hegemon, although Harper maybe an enthusiast in his own right for Anglo-American world empire. In its subordinate role, as a tributary of the new Rome, which already approaches in depravity the old Rome in its final decay, Canada's objective in Europe is to facilitate the destruction of Russia, for as Zbigniev Brzezinski states in the Grand Chessboard:
... it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America.
Ukraine is thus of no significance to the US except as a means to an end. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has served as a buffer between the Nato states and Russia. To attack Russia, that buffer had to be removed. Once the legitimate government of President Yanukovich rejected the EU's terms for associate membership with the implication of early Nato admission, Yanukovich's presidency was doomed. The US State Department and CIA engineered a coup d'├ętat, using Ukraine's Nazis and their affiliates to provide the criminal violence necessary to overthrow the elected government and to take command of the security service, the police and the armed forces of the usurping authority.

Having acquired the means, the challenge for the empire was how to use Ukraine to destroy Russia. The method was to use the Nazi usurpers in Kyiv to threaten and brutalize Ukraine's Russian-speaking majority and the large ethnic Russian minority. This was done by threatening legislation to ban the use of Russian as an official language, and by deploying Nazi thugs and CIA-supplied mercenaries to commit atrocities in Odessa, and Eastern Ukraine. The aim was to incite a Russian invasion under the US-invented notion of "Responsibility to Protect," which lacks any basis in international law.

Russia, however, scammed Obarmy, winner of the Nobel Piss Prize, a bauble granted by an organization now under criminal investigation, by organizing a bloodless and democratic takeover of Crimea, the home of Russia's Black Sea fleet since 1783, or as long as the United States has existed as an independent nation. But as for the struggle between Nazi West Ukraine and the Russian-speaking South and East, Putin has sidestepped the trap: the dispute must be settled, he says, by negotiation between East and West Ukraine.

Which means Stephen Harper now looks more than a little stupid with his six ancient war planes based in Romania, one small boat diverted from supposedly intimidating Iran (which has supersonic Sunburn cruise missiles aimed at every alien vessel afloat in the Persian Gulf) to somehow intimidating Russia, and 250 of our brave men at arms (or two-and-a-half percent of our entire army) on the ground in Poland. But there ain't nothing for our guys to do since Putin has left it to the US of Accusation and the EU to clean up for themselves the mess they've made, while hugely insulting US Secretary of State Kerry, by doing precisely what Kerry said "you just do not in the 21st Century" do — i.e., recovering the Russian territory of Crimea without a shot fired and with a democratic mandate.

No doubt the effort to make the destruction of Ukraine as a civilized country pay off for the empire will long continue. With the CIA, the FBI and hundreds of US-paid mercenaries on the loose in Ukraine, many ugly crimes and false flag operations likely remain to be perpetrated. This after all, is how people like Obama and Hilary, I-Came-I-Saw-He-Died-LOL, Klingon get their kicks.

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