Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ukraine: A Country That Even Ukrainians Do Not Love

Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, has a fine climate, a warm sea coast, the world's most productive arable lands, a gifted people, no entangling alliances — free of the Soviet Union, outside of both NATO and the EU — well disposed neighbors, and a location at a crossroads of Eurasia.

So what do they do? Institute a Nazi-dominated government; embark on a genocidal civil war; seek membership of the EU and NATO; and declare an unquenchable hatred of their neighbor, the Russian superstate.

Could this really be what Ukrainians want?

Do they truly wish to become a base for US nukes targeting  Russia; to be a dumping ground for EU products that will annihilate their own manufacturing sector; to suffer the universal contempt for those who embrace Nazism; to spurn the use of the Russian language, the language of their largest trade partner; to experience Greek-style EU-imposed austerity while Ukraine's natural assets, its agricultural lands, its waterfront real estate, its mines and minerals are sold at fire-sale prices to global corporations; to see their most talented young people opt for careers in London or Paris, Moscow or Berlin?

The people of Eastern Ukraine evidently do not. They are voting to leave Ukraine, which is to say they are voting to opt out of the US-occupied, oligarch-infested Ukraine dominated by the illegitimate authorities in Kyiv. The people of Western and Southern Ukraine should do likewise.

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