Thursday, May 15, 2014

America's Three Great Ukraine Problems

In Ukraine, the United States has launched another in it's seemingly endless sequence of dirty wars of imperial expansion employing every criminal tactic, including atrocities against civilians, in alliance with the scum of the earth from Al Qaeda and cannibals in Syria to Nazis and Zionists in Ukraine. However, in attempting to subjugate Ukraine to the will of the empire, America faces three great problems.

One problem is that the struggle in Ukraine is closely monitored by Russia, a greatly interested party, which means that the public in the West will not likely remain entirely oblivious to Anglo-American war crimes. The dirt on US actions in Ukraine is being dished publicly via non-Western-controlled English language media. The West's highly concentrated corporate media will endeavor to maintain a bodyguard of lies to conceal the truth about American-instigated war crimes in Ukraine, but the truth will seep out, drip by drip.

The second great problem is that Russia is affected too closely by the struggle in Ukraine to stand idly by, since the action in Ukraine is clearly intended as a prelude to the progressive Western domination of Eurasia. Americans tend to dismiss Russian power with sneers about a "gas station masquerading as a country," and by pointing to the relative insignificance of Russia's GDP compared with that of America. However, when oil accounts for close on 5% of world GDP and underlies the war making power of any nation, being the world's number 1 oil producer with 13.25% of global production is nothing to sneer at.

Moreover,  power bears only the most tenuous connection with GDP as a comparison of, say, Athens with Sparta confirms. America's GDP may in nominal terms be the largest in the world but it consists mainly of things that few people really need, and most do without. That Russians mainly do without spending almost a fifth of their wealth on healthcare and huge amounts more on legal services, advertising, entertainment, construction of MacMansions and the filling thereof with stuff means that Russia has a far greater proportion of national talent available for things like intelligence gathering, cyber-warfare research, weapons system design, etc. So by confronting Russia in Ukraine, America has gone up against a very tough opponent: a superpower, in fact, with 1700 nukes and the means to deliver them.

Third, Russia does not stand alone. The Chinese know that if Russia falls to American aggression they will be targeted next. Moreover Europe cannot be indifferent. Russia is the EU's third largest single-country trade partner, and increasingly, Europe's gateway to Asia. Eurasia is ceasing to be a collection of peripheral entities chiefly connected by water and is increasingly an integrated block connected by roads, railways, pipelines and air routes. Russia forms the hub of that integrating economic colossus. Thus, for Europe, America's attempt to smash Russia is highly problematic. It most likely means war on their doorstep, damage or total destruction of important and growing commercial relations and, perhaps most objectionable of all, continuation of American occupation of Europe.

America can either abandon its reckless adventure in East Europe and withdraw to the homeland still with some dignity intact, restore its industrial base, repair its relations throughout the Western hemisphere, particularly the nations of Latin America, and thrive for generations to come, or it can push on to what seems increasingly certain self-destruction in an insane and criminal drive for world domination.

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