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Ukraine May 8–12, 2014

RT: Crosstalk: Ukraine vs. Ukraine

The Saker: The Donbass referendum - yet another abject failure of US foreign policy

Moon of Alabama: Ukraine: Serious Media Largely Confirm Donetsk Poll Results

Henry Kissinger: Claims that Putin initiated conflict in Ukraine after Sochi Olympics make no sense

Nulandistan: America's Gift of Democracy to Ukraine:

Moon of Alabama: Ukraine: Another German "Leak" Against U.S. Policy

Europeans have to decide now whether they will remain subjects of the depraved and dying American empire or be masters in their own home, engaging profitably with the rest of Eurasia in partnership with Russia, which will become the chief crossroads of the commercial world. Elements in Germany seem to have made their choice, which is awkward for the US: what do they do now, send assassins into Germany to eliminate Merkel, or what?

Zero Hedge: East Ukraine Votes For Independence: Turnout Reported "Off The Charts"
What most likely will happen is that the newly-independent eastern republics will note that Kiev armies continue to engage in anti-terrorist operations, at which point they will request that Russia send in peace-keepers. At that point Putin wins again.
Donetsk referendum voter registration.
Zero Hedge: 400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports

US-UK Seek to destroy Russia and will launch a war by any means. The Mercs commit atrocities to induce a backlash that will motivate the Ukrainian army that will necessitate Russian intervention, which will be the pretext for an all out Nato assault on Russia. And Canada's Mighty Mouse of the North, Stevie Harper, is set to go with six aging CF-18s based in Romania, ready (we hope) to dodge Russia's S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

RT: Lugansk and Donetsk regions vote for self-determination
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry says the results of the referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk regions won’t affect the country’s territorial integrity and form of government.

“Organizers of this criminal farce have consciously violated the Ukrainian constitution and laws, and have neglected calls coming from the authorities in Ukraine and from the international community,” the ministry’s statement reads.
The problem for Ukraine's Foreign Ministry is that Ukraine's Government, including the Foreign Ministry, is certainly criminal, if no farce, and was created through US intervention in conscious violation of Ukraine's constitution and laws. Under such circumstances, democratic action achieves the moral status of lawful government.

Zero Hedge: Anti-Sanctions? Putin Lifts "Limits" And China Agrees To Increase Investment In Russia

Consortium News: Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive — Again

We have to be understanding about such atrocities. They are our Nazi friends, and Stephen Harper's friends committing them.

SCF: NATO Steps Up Hostilities over Ukraine (I)

SCF: Petro Poroshenko as a standard-bearer for the radical and nationalistic restructuring of Ukraine

The Saker: Hot War with Russia
If anything the past 24 hours have proved, once again, that the US and NATO are opposed to any form of negotiations, confidence-building measures or any other type of negotiations with the Donbass and with Russia. Even though Putin tried really hard to sound accommodating and available for a negotiated solution, the US/NATO policy is clearly to provoke and confront Russia and its allies in every imaginable way. The same goes, of course, for the junta freaks whose forces have acted with special brutality during repressive operations in the city of Mariupol. As for the AngloZionist Empire, it is organizing all sorts of military maneuvers in Poland, the Baltic states and elsewhere...
Moon of Alabama: Can Russia be goaded into war in Ukraine?

The Gurudian: Russia demands $3.8bn security deposit from Visa and Mastercard
Visa described the regulations as "unprecedented"
They got a precedent now: sanctions work both ways and when US financial services companies earn more from Russia than Russian financial services companies earn from the US, the appeal to Russia of responding to Western sanctions on Russian companies with punitive sanctions on American companies just proved to be irresistible.
The new law forbids international payment systems from cutting off services to Russian clients and obliges them to base their processing centre in Russia. To ensure their good behaviour, international operators will have to place a security deposit in Russia's central bank equal to the average value of two days' worth of transactions.

Visa and Mastercard together processed $1.9bn (£1.12bn) in transactions per day last year – 90% of all cashless payments in Russia – equal to a $3.8bn security deposit, the Moscow Times reported.

The security deposit will be due in eight quarterly payments starting on 1 July. The law states that if a payment system unilaterally freezes operations for a Russian client, it is liable for a fee totalling 10% of its security deposit for each day without service.
Sheesh. That must make Kerry and Obarmy really popular with the stock holders.

RT: Jen(0cide) Psaki of the US State Department condemns East Ukraine Federalists for stupidly getting themselves killed by America's Nazi friends in Kyiv

RT: Kiev intensifies campaign of terror, killing dozens of own people

Hilary Clingon, Barak O'Bomber, Stevie Harper and all the other NATO Nazi-philes must be having an orgasm over this.

Itar-Tass: French president assures Russia Mistral contract to be fulfilled in October

What was it that Lenin said about the capitalists selling the rope with which to hang them. LOL.

Itar_Tass: Merkel, Hollande urge Kiev to begin national dialogue with regions

Itar-Tass: Ukraine Scrambles Fighter Jets, Intercepts Airplane Carrying Russian Deputy Premier — On US Request

If it comes to a case of tit-for-tat, Ukraine and the NATO countries including Rumania may find more inconvenience in being unable to fly over Russia, than Russia finds in being unable to fly over Ukraine.

In fact, most direct flights from New York, Los Angeles, and London, to China, India and Japan follow great circle routes over Russia. Soon passengers may expect to pay higher fares and endure longer journeys because the US is determined to bait the Russian Bear — at any cost, apparently.

But cutting off their noses to spite their faces seems to be what all Nato and wannabe Nato countries are presently into.

G & M: Harper’s handling of Ukraine
“We’ve got a diaspora-driven foreign policy,” Christopher Westdal, former Canadian ambassador to both Ukraine and Russia, told The Globe and Mail. “It might work at the polls, but it doesn’t do much good in the world.”

Mr. Westdal and others argue Canada should be quietly seeking to build bridges with Moscow in an effort to diffuse the crisis. Instead, John Baird stood with the protesters in Independence Square in December, even though Viktor Yanukovych was still president. Canada’s foreign-affairs minister returned to Kiev within days of Mr. Yanukovych’s overthrow.
Heil Harper

Tony Cartalucci: Nazism: History is Repeating itself in Ukraine

WUFYS: Kiev and Washington claim 'terrorists' killed in Mariupol, footage shows civilians

Don't be stupid. Those are terrorist civilians. Anyhow, you can tell they're just Russian-speaking scum — they're not giving the Hitler salute or yelling Heil Obama

RT: Merkel and Holland Declare Donetsk Referendum Illegal

No Elections Please, We're Nazis

WUFYS: Shells explode as Ukraine army's APC set on fire in Mariupol

Newt Gingrich: Compare Putin with Bismarck, not Hitler

That's why the Empire is determined to destroy Putin: he defends Russia's national sovereignty and the interest of the Russian people, not the globalist elite.

VOTS: The Ukrainian Banderastan - as ugly as it is pathetic

RT: Amerika's friends in Kyiv killing their own people

Pepe Escobar: Putin displays Ukraine chess mastery

The Polemicist: Ukraine's Demise Accelerates

Anon: Kiev-appointed Kherson governor Odarchenko praises Hitler in Victory Day speech, people get totally furious, rip the microphone off its stand

Salon: Samantha Power’s brazen hypocrisy: Media swallows propaganda, but here’s the truth about Ukraine

VOTS: Victory Day in Mariupol: people stop armor with their bodies

VOTS: Russia again confronts a fascist empire

The National Interest: Six Mistakes the West Has Made (and Continues to Make) in Ukraine

Moon of Alabama: Today's Incursion Into Mariupol

Zero Hedge: Russia Celebrates Victory Over Nazi Germany, Putin Visits Newly "Acquired" Crimea, Ukraine Cries Foul

G&M: Russian Ambassador: Ottawa is not a serious player in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine
“I prefer serious players who are involved in resolving the issues and not in exacerbating them,” he said. “ ... I hope that Canada will re-join the club of serious players who are now involved in finding a political solution for this very tragic situation.”
So much for the posturing of Stephen Harper, the Mighty Mouse of the North. LOL

Vinyard of the Saker: Remembering the important lessons of the Cold War

Zero Hedge: "New Russia" - Is This What East Ukraine Will Soon Look Like?

Itar-Tass: Kiev says ready for dialogue with Ukraine’s federalization supporters

There is at least the appearance of progress here. The Coupists in Kyiv are now referring to dissidents in eastern and southern Ukraine as "Federalists", which is what the dissidents themselves say they are, not "terrorists" or "separatists" as Kyiv and the US media have until now maintained.

Itar-Tass: Ukraine deploys 15,000-strong military force near Russia’s borders — Antonov

Global Research: Kiev Plans False Flag Against Russia
A Ukrainian official said on condition of anonymity:
“The task is to stage an attack on Ukrainian border guards by people dressed in Russian military uniforms and make a video of it.”
LiveLeak: Ukrainian troops in Mariupol opened fire towards citizens

JePo: Ukrainian Jews form self-defense force to protect against Western-backed Fascist Kyiv junta

That's obnoxious of them: It puts Stephen Harper in a bind. On the one hand he's all for the Kyiv Nazi coup, on the other hand he's a staunch Zionist, who seeks to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel. How's he supposed to deal with this? I guess it's a case of this here, that there, no one to consider the two together. Or does Harper think all Jews belong in Israel, the World Ghetto?

NaPo: Harper: Putin mounting a ‘slow-motion invasion’ of Ukraine

If Harper says so, we know it's BS

SCF: Kerry’s Hyper-Hypocrisy Hits Escape Velocity

RIA_Novosti: NATO Uses Ukraine Crisis to Wage War on Russia

RT: Two southeast Ukrainian regions to hold referendum May 11 as planned

Global Research: Big Oil, Wall Street and the Pentagon’s “New Cold War” Against Russia European Parliament Mulls Putting Right Sector on Terrorism List

Oh, but they can't do that. Ukraine needs Right Sector thugs and other Nazties to combat those pesky Russian-speaking "terrorists" in Odessa and the East.

Zero Hedge: Here Comes Crimea 2.0: Following Referendum, East Ukraine Votes To Become Part Of Russia

Except that according to some opinion surveys, union with Russia is not what most in East Ukraine want. And it is not something that Russia necessarily wants since Eastern Ukraine is an economic basket case that will cost hundreds of billions to recapitalize.

Diana Johnstone: To Understand or Not to Understand Putin

Serendipity: Ukraine and the Re-Sovereignization of Planet Earth

Putin quote: "Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around as if it won the game."

Finian Cunningham: Western Warmongering Based on Lies and Fabrication

OPED NEWS: Odessa-- the First Pogrom-- The Obama Genocide

VOR: Putin offers Obama a gambit the latter cannot refuse

As usual, there are many comments here that are worth reading, such as this by Erebus

Moon of Alabama: Ukraine: It's Now For The Long Run

Pepe Escobar: The IMF goes to war in Ukraine

VOR: Doubts about the wisdom of Putin's latest move
Anonymous said...

The German government is desperate to distance itself from the US.

German public is fully aware of the US instigation of the crisis in Ukraine and the tipping point in Germany is quickly being reached.

Elections are looming for both the EU and Germany.

Merkel has that firmly in mind.

The Germans (in broad terms) consider themselves closer to Russia than to the spent US empire. They know the sun is setting over the fools in Washington and want no further part of it.

Trade and commerce is vital to Germany - the type that will flow from the Eurasian trade alliance. Germany cannot afford to miss out.

Bild recently published an article about the coup and Ukraine crisis that made reference to the CIA controllers - undoubtedly information leaked by the German government through the security/intelligence services.

This is a sure sign that all is not going to plan for the US controlling elite. Their heads will be spinning as they expected Russian troops in Ukraine by now.
Washington's Blog: The Oldest Trick In the Book: Empire Pretends It Has to “Defend” Itself

Mike Whitney: Obama’s Bloodbath in Odessa

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