Sunday, May 26, 2013

Woolwich Killer: Just a Nice Muslim Lad Pushed Over the Edge By Britain's Beastly Security Service

The Independent on Sunday, reports from a café in the shadow of a mosque in an east Lancashire town, just before midday prayers, a conversation with Mr. Zubyr, brother-in-law of Michael Adebolajo, the Woolwich decapitator:
"Why did he suddenly flip?" Asked Mr. Zubyr.

As family members struggled for explanations for Mr Adebolajo's actions, they speculated that pressure from the security services to turn informer may have pushed him to act.
There you are, poor lad, he'd been pestered. It'd be enough to make anyone take to hacking off heads.

Not that the Security Services had nothing to pester the lad about.

According to The Independent on Sunday, their own  investigation has revealed that Mr Adebolajo, the decapitator:
was one of seven youths arrested by Kenyan police on suspicion of trying to join the ranks of the al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia.

The young men had gone on a speedboat from Lamu island to Kizingitini, Pate island, where they were arrested by police who were waiting for them after a tip off. The group he was travelling with, which included two secondary-school boys, had been radicalised during weekly visits to a mosque in Mombasa, according to police sources.
Mr. Zuybyr, himself claimed to have been pestered by MI5 about informing for them after he returned from Yemen four years ago where he went, so he claims, to learn Arabic with his new wife.

In Yemen, apparently, his innocent intentions were so much misconstrued that he was "rounded up" and interrogated at gunpoint.

Then, on his return to England, he told the Independent on Sunday,
MI5 contacted me and showed significant interest in Michael. I was harassed for a while, with constant calls from people claiming to be from the FBI."
Mr Zuybyr and his wife then left their family in London and moved to Lancashire, but so he says, MI5 still tracked him down to question him about his brother-in-law.

Wow, kudos to MI5. They managed to track a man down from London to an unidentified town in East Lancashire.

Then there's Mr Adebolajo's elder brother, Jeremiah, who went to Saudi Arabia to teach English, where he was arrested and harassed by the authorities about his brother.

 So that's the kind of place multi-racial, multi-culti, super-tolerant Britain is nowadays. Lots of folks listening to Islamic preachers who hate the West then zipping around the most terrorist infested spots in the World and then getting so deeply upset when questioned by the authorities that they feel justified in hacking off someone's head.

Only a far-right-wing extremist, racist, Nazi-loving fascist could be against swamping the homeland of the English with millions of third world nutters, maniacs and haters of Western civilization for the purpose of rubbing people's noses in multiculturalism.

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