Friday, May 24, 2013

Fake Terror: Britain Follows in the Path of the United States of Acting?

Pioneered by the United States of Acting on 9/11, or was it in Dallas on 11/22, 1963, phony terrorism appears set to play a greater role in driving the Brits down the road to home grown tyranny, which is to say the tyranny of people like David Cameroon, leader of the Swivel-Eyed Loon (SEL) Party who seek to transform the English masses into a deracinated, deculturated, morally depraved and intellectually stunted slave caste at the disposal of, or quite probably for disposal by, the globalist elite who see no need for the English or any other race, preferring instead the company of other billionaires.  

After Woolwich: what's coming up for the Brits.

In this analysis by Truth Frequency Radio, it is suggested that the Woolwich hoax will prove to be a prelude to the roll out of a British equivalent of the TSA: you know, blue-gloved goons feeling your balls.

Presumably the Mengele branch of the Psychiatric profession has advised the British Security Service that once people allow themselves to be sexually humiliated in public on a regular basis, all resistance to authority is undermined.

It is possible, however, that some of the apparent Woolwich beheading fakery is itself fake, which can be debunked at a later date, thereby revealing the skeptics to be nothing more than swivel-eyed loons.

Still the entire story is so wacky that it is surely mostly bunk. Consider:

Loony African converts to Islam run over a soldier in London, on Wellington St. just round the corner from the Woolwich Arsenal, then they slash him to pieces with hatchets and knives without any interference from the public who seem either oblivious or totally indifferent to what is occurring. Afterwards, folks either walk right by the killers as if public decapitations were a normal part of London life, or they stop to engage the killers, still wielding bloody knives and meat cleavers, in lengthy conversation, while filming the proceedings for the evening television news. Then, twenty-minutes later, the cops arrive and shoot the perps as they engage in a suicide attack on their armed opponents.

Is this weird or what? Either Londoners have mutated into something totally zombiefied, or this was a performance by the British counterpart of the U.S. of Acting's Crisis Actors, self-proclaimed Trained Players and Actors Making It Real.

See Also:

21st Century Wire: Britain’s MI5 Connection to Woolwich Slasher Michael Adebolajo

BBC: Woolwich murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash
Since the attack, a number of people have been charged by police after allegedly offensive messages were posted on social media websites.

These include a 22-year-old man from Lincoln, a 28-year-old man from London, a 23-year-old woman from Southsea, and a 19-year-old man from Woking.

Three men - two from Gateshead and one from Stockton - have been arrested by Northumbria Police on suspicion of posting racist tweets.
See, it's really no prob. Bring in a few million people of an alien race, a religion of intolerance and a settler mentality and, when the natives become restless, just apply more political correctness.

Squeeze his balls once or twice, and the average Englishman will shut-the-fuck up and never do another racist tweet.

The British Security State now employs an army of spies not only to watch you every minute on ten million spy cameras, but to monitor your tweets, whatever the heck a tweet may be.

Britain, the land of freedom and free speech, not.

And in fact, those fellows from Gateshead were arrested solely on suspicion of posting racist tweets.

Brilliant, really, innit. Islamic colonists kill an English soldier in cold blood, then the politically correct state has a justification for a crack down on the indigenous population.

Sadly, your native Brit. is today, such a clueless, mentally, morally, spiritually and physically poisoned creature that he takes any amount of abuse from puppets of the globalist plutocracy, whereas what they should do, obviously, is apply tar and feathers to the creature at No. 10 Downing St and all the others aspiring to reside at the same address.

BBC: Friend Says MI5 Wanted Woolwich Killer to Work For Them
Friend promptly arrested.

Daily Mirror: Police Shoot Woolwich Killers
There's nothing fake about that, then. Or is there?

Could be that MI5 prospect with the knife is just a pretty good actor, as well as quick on his feet, and the cops were firing blanks.

Either way, the geniuses running the country have managed to bring the South African race war, or a simulation of it, home to England. Well done Cameroon/Brown/Blair/Major/Thatcher and all the other seriously bizarre leaders going back to that queer bugger Ted Heath.

Before It's News: Woolwich Beheading Video – THE MAN WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS

Eyre International: London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing
TV interview with British PM: David Cameroon, Leader of the Swivel-Eyed Loon (SEL) Party, confirmed that the government is considering the beheading a terrorist incident. Cameroon rushed to London to chair an emergency meeting on the incident:
Note: Yes he and his cabal will be conjuring up some thing rather nasty that could well bring in even more “Police State Laws” or even blame it on some group in the Middle East.

NewsFromAtlantis: Woolwich Beheading: A False Flag to usher in Internet Policing?

Merovee: Fake blood?


CluesForum: Woolwich 'Terror Attack' - SE London, 22.5.13

I asked the on-site police officer in our school:

I bet your briefing this morning at the station was an intense one.


I was expecting exactly that, but it was just too odd. I asked why there's no briefing, believing we'd be told which streets to be in and what to look out for, but no. Nothing. It was as if it hadn't happened. In fact, the skipper said 'it didn't happen.'

He told me he didn't recognise any of the officers on his own patch at the scene either nor any of the members of the public, despite always seeing the same people.

In the school - in class - one pupil (14) said to me: Why isn't there any mention of the naked woman? - I asked the boy what he was talking about and he said 'there was a naked woman walking up the street, just all casual-like and then the next minute, there was this smashed up car and a bloke holding a wobbly body against a wall.'

Now these kids can tell a tale, but you know when they're lying and this didn't seem to be one of those times. Another pupil said: The Somali Woolwich Boys (local gang) cut each other up and shoot each other all the time and that never makes the news.'

Smoke and mirrors. Sleight of hand. Distract the public over there, while preparing something else..

All very odd. Last day before end of term tomorrow. I think next week will bring more craziness.
But at least the Daily Mail got the message right with the following Sub-Head:
'You and your children will be next': Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher and try to behead a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror
James Tracy: Media Disinformation and the “Conspiracy Panic” Phenomenon



  1. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Any site even MODESTLY white nationalist was humming along with this story. When the whiff of fake crept in, they all started dropping it like a hot spud or spamming the issue up with twiddle.

    Either way, the Woolwich Whatever is the big one, the one that buries the fake terror meme in the public mind at long last.