Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Globalist Agenda: They Plan the Destruction of Your Country Too

Aangirfan asserts that "The West is now wrecking various Moslem countries, by causing ethnic and religious conflicts," a contention with which we agree.

 But even more remarkable is that the West is in the process of wrecking itself too.

The explanation for that is that the West is the tool of a deracinated globalist plutocracy that includes Chinese, Russian, Muslim and African billionaires, who view the sovereign nation state as the greatest threat to their wealth and power.
  • The reasons that billionaires hate independent states are obvious.

  • Sovereign states impose taxes. 

  • Sovereign states protect their industrial base by imposing traded restrictions that prevent the free flow of capital, labor and goods to maximize the profits and minimize the taxes of globalized corporations.

  • Sovereign states impose workplace health and safety standards to protect the wellbeing of their workforce. 

  • Sovereign states impose environmental regulations to preserve air and water quality for the good of both man and wildlife. 

  • Sovereign states have armed forces, including rockets and nukes, with which at any moment they might reduce the world to a pile of rubble and incinerated billionaires.
What to do?

Destroy the nation state, obviously.


Buy the leadership.

This is a long established tradition under the Western parliamentary system of government and its derivatives such as the Congress of the United States. Stupid leaders take bribes. Sensible leaders accept lucrative bank directorships and consultancies granted in appreciation of past services, once they have left office.

The result?

Western leadership is a puppet show, with various side shows such as Sandy Hook, the supposed slaughter of Osama bin Laden, the London Tube bombings, 9/11 to keep the proletariat in line.

Among the nation states, Moslem countries with huge oil resources are naturally a prime globalist target.

Iraq, with its secular drive for industrial development and military power was thus inevitably a prime target. Egypt with its great human resources, Libya with its ambitious Gaddafi dictatorship, were naturally high on the list of nations targeted for destruction.

The theocratic Islamic states are targeted, since their system of government is not so easily transformed into a paid puppet show  as the democracies of the West.

But the Western states are by no means immune from the process of disintegration.

In Europe, genocide of the indigenous peoples is well underway, and, with the destruction of the ancient national identities and the dissolution of Christendom, they will soon lose all internal coherence.

At that point, they will break up into pseudo-national trivialities such as the Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Scotland, the Republic of Brittany, etc., etc., each readily subject to manipulation and control by shadowy, undemocratic bureaucracies such as the EU, the UN and the WTO, all in turn, subordinate to the hidden powers of bribery and corruption.

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