Sunday, May 12, 2013

End Welfare Now

The May 2nd collapse of the eight story Rana Plaza building in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the Loblaw Companies of Canada manufacture their Joe Fresh line of garments, resulted in more than eight hundred deaths and counting.

Justin Trudeau in Liberal Party ad modelling Joe Fresh Shirt. Coincidence?
The disaster highlights the challenge faced by entrepreneurs in the West who might think about competing in the globalized market for shoes and shirts, computers and car parts: things we in the West used to make for one another, but which we now chiefly import from the sweatshops of Third World.


Wages Pennies an hour in the Third World; legal minimum of $10.00 an hour or more in the West.

Payroll taxes Zip-all in the Third World; dollars an hour in the West, for pensions, healthcare, employment insurance, etc., etc.

Workplace health and safety standards In the Third World, forget about it. In the West, endless regulations, inspections, and real penalties for infractions of the law.

Employee motivation A job is a matter of survival in the Third World. In the West, a paycheck at minimum-wage is usually a poor alternative to unemployment pay, welfare, sick pay, etc.

The result? Western nations are rapidly destroying their industrial capacity and workforce manufacturing skills, while consigning an increasing proportion of the population to a parasitic existence that prompts the contempt of most who are productively employed and compelled to fund the welfare system.

At the same time that Western workers by the tens of millions have been consigned to the scrapheap, Western governments are intent on promoting mass Third-World immigration. The increased competition thus created for jobs that remain in the west leads to even greater unemployment among the native population, while driving up housing costs and creating the need for increased taxation to fund a massive demand for new infrastructure: schools, maternity hospitals, roads, etc.

Globalists frequently respond to complaints about immigration with comments about the jobs Canadians, Americans, the British, whoever, are too lazy or stupid to do. But the fact is that there is hardly a single job in the West for which a person in the Third World could not be found who is better qualified than the present native incumbent and who would be only too glad to exchange their Third-World wage for a First-World wage, minimum or otherwise, or even a below minimum wage job in the underground economy of the US, Canada or Britain.

So the globalist policy of mass immigration to the West amounts to a genocidal eugenics policy, which in combination with vicious cultural policies and propaganda-as-education, demoralizes and undermines the fertility of the indigenous population brought up with a belief in the rights of man, freedom of speech, habeus corpus and all rest of that Western tradition so obnoxious to plutocratic governance. The result is the progressive replacement of the indigenous peoples of Europe by people from elsewhere, who are used to tyranny and better know their place.

Astonishingly, most of the evils of current Western social policy would be remedied by the simple measure of abolishing welfare as we know it.

Abolition of welfare would have two important and immediate consequences.

First, the huge resources consumed directly by welfare programs would be saved. In addition, the huge cost of welfare administration would be eliminated and a substantial proportion of the educated middle class engaged in the welfare bureaucracy could get a real job.

Second, an end to welfare would necessitate an end to mass unemployment, since without either work or welfare, an unemployed populace would seek immediate bloody revolution.

Eliminating welfare, in other words, means achieving full employment, while ensuring that every employed person has an income sufficient to live on. That means an income far greater in the West than in the Third World where the cost of living for the mass of people is much lower than in the West.

Mass unemployment in the West can be eliminated by two simple measures.

First, abolition of minimum wage laws. This would make virtually everyone worth employing at some legally permissible wage.

Second, extension of the income tax table into negative values at the bottom end of the scale, thus providing every employed person a basic amount of income.

A question that this proposal most often raises is: Can the employer then pay their employees effectively nothing knowing that the government is paying them a living wage?

To which the answer is "no." There would be a free market in labor. Thus, as long as the productivity of labor were more than zero, entrepreneurs would bid up the price of labor to approaching it's value, as they do now in the case of labor for which they pay more than the minimum wage.

The proposal would simply enable those whose labor is worth less than the minimum wage to obtain work in the face of competition from Bangladeshis and others in the Third World who work for pennies an hour in collapsible factories.

And, by paying welfare, EI and other benefits to the unemployed, Western governments, in fact,already subsidize the offshoring of production, which forces native citizens into idleness.

Providing work for the unemployed will achieve four things.

First, an increase in the GDP of Western nations. In countries such as Spain where over one quarter of the workforce is idle, the increase achieved by putting the unemployed back to work, albeit in low productivity/low wage jobs, would significantly boost the wealth of the nation.

Second, an increase in the workplace skills of the least employable members of the Western workforce.

Third, an incentive for Western companies to engage in manufacturing R and D, thereby enhancing Western productivity.

Fourth, an end to the destruction through mass immigration of the Western nations as unique racial and cultural entities.

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