Friday, January 13, 2012

Ron Paul Does Not Exist

By CanSpeccy

According to the NY Times, speaking of the contest for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, Mr. Romney is:
... the only veteran of a previous presidential campaign.
"The only veteran of a previous presidential campaign?" asks Dan Amira in New York Magazine:
Wait a second, isn't there some squirrelly little guy running this year who also ran on a very unique and memorable platform in 2008? Jon ... Don ... Don Knotts? No, that can't be right.
The Times subsequently altered its story to acknowledge the existence of Ron Paul.

In the New Hampshire Republican primary, according to this CBS poll, eventual second-place winner Ron Paul simply wasn't in the race, so no point, really, for anyone who's for the US Constitution participating:

Over in Blighty, Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, and seemingly a Pied Piper of the seriously deluded liberal-left, today joined the Ron-Paul-does-not-exist movement with this blog post, which I quote in full:
Americans pissing on murdered Afghans – a description of every Republican candidates’ debate and every Clinton and Obama speech.
The post has prompted vigorous debate among the usual followers, but so far no response has been offered as to why Murray implicitly denies the presence in both the current debates and those in 2008 of Ron Paul, a strict constitutionalist, who has consistently and explicitly condemned America's military engagement in Afghanistan and stated that as Commander in Chief he would immediately bring the troops home.

But Jon Stewart, discussing who would be the first mainstream media pundit to dismiss Ron Paul's New Hampshire second place finish, explodes the Ron-Paul-does-not-exist lie to the greatest effect (But watch this soon before U-Tube takes it down):

Ha! Viacom blocked that one. But this is good too.

And now the vid that Viacom does'nt want you to see has been re-uploaded to U-Tube:

But that's been flushed down Memory Hole like all the rest. U-Tube is well named.

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