Thursday, February 11, 2016

European Genocide: The Final Phase

The Iris Savant wonders whether the flood of millions of Middle-Eastern and Asian Muslim refugees now pouring into Europe has not been instigated as a pretext for a radical reorganization of the European Union, involving creation of a unified military command and a European treasury to dictate a continent-wide monetary and fiscal policy.

This could well be true, but the refugee invasion serves not only to provide a pretext for radical political reorganization in Europe, but also to undermine the indigenous populations as the dominant groups within the Union, thereby creating a voting majority against a return to a Europe of nation states. Already the EU-wide immigrant population outnumbers the indigenous population of any single European nation, thereby giving a democratic edge to those of alien origin, race and religion.

Furthermore, a rapid upsurge in immigration seems a necessity if the program for the destruction of the European people's is to be assured of success. Already Britain verges on departure from the EU, an impetus driven by opposition to the EU's open borders policy. Evidently Europe's oppressed, indigenous lumpen proletariat is beginning to geddit.  They may not know the exact meaning of the word genocide, but they know they've being targeted for oppression and ultimate elimination.

So with the natives restless, what to do?

No prob. Bomb the shit out of whoever, to use the language of America's leading candidate to succeed President O'Bomba, and bring in the Muslim refugees. Then all that needs be done is plug the alien invaders into the welfare state and just watch as they multiply like maggots on a festering corpse.

Game over.

Democracy triumphs over whatever the "racist", "xenophobic," "far-right-wing extremist," Guardian-despised rump "nativist" population may think, say, or do.

The European peoples are soon be the oppressed minority, while Parliaments come to be dominated by representatives of the new European Islamic State. Perhaps those disaffected Brits, Krauts and Frogs who dislike this prospect should join forces with America's Red Indians and Australia's aborigines: a confederation of moribund, and a memorial to lost human diversity.

LIGO Detects Black Hole Merger

The near simultaneous signal detection at both LIGO installations almost certainly precludes the possibility of an artifact.

On September 14, 2015, the two LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory)* installations — one at Hanford Washington, the other at Livingston, Louisiana. recorded near simultaneous signals attributed to gravity waves generated by the merger of two black holes with masses estimated to be 29 and 36 times that of the sun.

The event, which occurred at a distance of 1.3 billion light years, i.e., 1.3 billion years ago, is estimated to have converted mass equivalent to three times that of the sun to gravitational wave energy within less than a second, resulting in a peak power output many times that of all other energy sources in the visible universe.

The signal received at Livingston, arrived 7 milliseconds before the signal received at Hanford, indicating that the source was located in the southern Hemisphere.

* The LIGO detectors measure the distance between mirrors located in an evacuated tube at a distance of 4 km from one another. They are able to detect variation in distance between the mirrors equal to less than the diameter of a proton, which is why the project has cost hundreds of millions of dollars!


Physical Review Letter:

B.P. Abbot, et al. 2016: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

LIGO Caltech:

Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Forget the Dollar, Say Good-Bye to Gold: Now Is the Time For the Numero

In response to my post: Is the US Fed Truly Evil? A Dialog Between a Goldbug and a Bank Apologist, a reader remarked that what is needed is form of money less easily manipulated than either gold or fiat currency.

In response, I described the perfect — and perfectly practicable — monetary unit, the Numero (pronounced with a long "e"), in a post entitled The Numero: Beyond Gold and Fractional Reserve Banking.

Now, as the World again teeters on the brink of a financial disruption that will enrich a handful of billionaire speculators, disrupt economies and hurt ordinary folk throughout the world, it is time to return to the need for an impartial, self-regulating monetary system such as existed when gold and silver were everywhere the monetary standard, and all paper instruments were convertible to precious metal. The Numero provides the perfect basis for such a system, but with many advantages over gold: it can neither be stolen nor can it be used for corrupt purposes, and it costs essentially nothing to create.

Instead, today, we have a infinitely manipulable monetary system under which countries strive to take advantage of trade partners by stealing their jobs with undervalued currencies or by getting stuff free by printing wads of worthless paper, while stealing from their own citizens by currency debasement.

China and other Asian nations have long been in the job-stealing business with undervalued currencies, the US and other Western nations have long been in the business of printing worthless paper to cover their expenses.

As a result, resentments build up. China is a currency manipulator. The US rips off the world for $trillions-worth of oil and manufactured goods by virtue of its exclusive right to print the world’s reserve currency. Smaller countries, do what they may, are constantly in danger of economic disruption due to the tidal forces created by currency market manipulation and intervention.

But there is a simple solution, a return to a gold-exchange-standard-type system established under the Bretton-Woods Agreement, but without the absurd waste of energy and resources that a gold-based system entails as it drives the mining of a metal destined for permanent storage in a steel-and-concrete-lined vault.

As I have already explained, such a system can be based on an entirely cost-free resource: namely, the set of cardinal numbers. Named the Numero, each unit of currency would have a unique whole number. Existing currencies would be converted to the Numero at the current exchange rate with either gold, or the US dollar or, the price of a Big Mac, or a basket of commodities, manufactured goods and services.

If the US dollar is taken as the initial standard, then every US-dollar-account balance will be unchanged except in the designation of the currency, which will now be the Numero not the US dollar. Balances in other currencies would be exchanged at their rate of exchange with the US$ on the designated date of conversion.

Now we would have an electronic currency that cannot be counterfeited, costs nothing to create, and can be traced every moment through a global network of computers that record the ownership of every single uniquely numbered currency unit.

As with a gold-backed currency, the Numero cannot be printed unilaterally by the government of any country, since not only would that amount to fraud upon the trading partners of that country, but because such fraud would be immediately identified, since each new currency unit would have a unique unauthorized number.

The Numero, like gold, would automatically adjust international trade balances toward zero, since countries with an international trade deficit would run short of currency, which is to say, would experience a contraction in money supply that would depress prices and increase international competitiveness. Conversely countries with a trade surplus would experience an expansion in money supply that would increase prices and decrease international competitiveness.

Other benefits of the Numero include the prevention of financial theft, money laundering, bribery and corruption, since stolen, laundered, or illicitly gained funds would appear with their identifying numbers and their source, in the account of the receiving party where they could be immediately identified.

As the global economy expands, or contracts, the supply of Numeros could be modified automatically by adjusting every Numero bank balance by an appropriate factor. Thus if the world economy grows by 0.25% per month, every Numero bank balance would be credited each month with an addition of newly minted (i.e., authorized and uniquely numbered) Numeros equal to 0.25% of that account's balance, in accordance with the Biblical principle that "to those that have, more shall be given." Conversely, "from whom more shall be taken away" in the event of a global contraction.

As for lending, banks would have to make do with funds deposited with them, instead of creating booms and busts by printing money, as they are free to do now, without regard to prevailing economic conditions or the fundamental needs of the economy.

The above is based on a post of September 24, 2012.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Marko Rubio May be Robotic, But About Obma the Marxist Wrecker, He's Right

Marco Rubio has been widely ridiculed for his repetitive attack on Barack Obama during the February 8, Republican Presidential candidates' debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Here's what he said — four times:
And let's dispel once and for all this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world. That's why he passed Obamacare, and the stimulus, and Dodd Frank and the deal with Iran. It is a systematic attempt to change America.
Search the media and YouTube for comment and you will find almost universal derision and contempt for Rubio's robotic repetition. Which is odd if you think about it. I mean, if you have a revolutionary in the White House, isn't that worth pointing out, and pointing out over and over again until folks actually get it? Not according to the US media, evidently. But then the US media are controlled by the same people who control Obama: social Marxists or plutocrats employing the techniques of social Marxism, with the same objective as V.I. Lenin: a global system of control imposed by violence, intimidation, and brainwashing.

So, no, Rubio's error was not to repeat himself, but to state a truth that must not be told.

Not that Rubio's remarks were other than the proverbial wisdom from the mouths of babes and sucklings. His objective was to please a Republican audience with an attack on Barack Obama, a Democrat funded by the same interests that control him. And like Obama, Rubio wants to flood the US with Third-World immigrants and thus to "Make America more like the rest of the world."

The Money Power controls all parties and every candidate for election. That's there intention, anyhow. Quite where Donald Trump stands seems uncertain, though, one suspects that he would be wise to stand where his back is well covered.


The Frankfurt School and the War on the West

Monday, February 8, 2016

Is a College Education Worth Less Than Nothing?

Writing in the Wall St. Journal, Richard Vedder and Christopher Denhard discuss the value of a university degree.
A key measure of the benefits of a degree is the college graduate’s earning potential—and on this score, their advantage over high-school graduates is deteriorating. Since 2006, the gap between what the median college graduate earned compared with the median high-school graduate has narrowed by $1,387 for men over 25 working full time, a 5% fall. Women in the same category have fared worse, losing 7% of their income advantage ($1,496).

A college degree’s declining value is even more pronounced for younger Americans. According to data collected by the College Board, for those in the 25-34 age range the differential between college graduate and high school graduate earnings fell 11% for men, to $18,303 from $20,623. The decline for women was an extraordinary 19.7%, to $14,868 from $18,525.
But a moment’s reflection will confirm that the method these authors use to value a college degree is absurd. For a start, a college degree requires a certain, if rather low, scholastic aptitude. By definition, all college graduates meet this requirement, but many of those without a college degree do not. Which means that, intellectually, the college graduates are not directly comparable with non-graduates.

Specifically, notwithstanding a leavening by people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the class of non-graduates will likely be less smart in ways both academic and otherwise than the class of graduates.

To put some crude if fairly meaningless numbers on that difference, graduates will mostly have an average or above average IQ, whereas the class of non-graduates will be intellectually more heterogeneous, but will include the majority of those of a less than average IQ.

And the effect of a college degree on earnings is confounded by factors other than the intellectual. University education is marker of social class, which is sought more keenly by those of middle and elite class than those of lower socio-economic rank. Moreover, socio-economic background is likely itself a powerful determinant of income, affecting aspiration, socialization, connections, and the quality of K to 12 education.

It seems, therefore, that we really have no useful information on the economic value of a college degree, although it seems that in the case of those well paid professions, medicine, the law, rocket science, etc., which require specific higher educational qualifications, college education pay dividends. But even this is not certain for at least a few of those individuals of high ability who are channeled through higher education into the professions might otherwise have ended up as billionaire real estate  developers or Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

But in any case those with degrees leading to professional careers account for only a small proportion of all college graduates. Thus, exclusion of those with professional qualifications would greatly diminish the apparent effect of a college degree on earnings.

And, if anything, for the majority of students, the impact on life-time earnings of a college degree may be negative. Not only does it cost four to six or more years potential earnings, but it imposes a substantial cost for tuition. Net of these factors, many of America’s 18-year-olds of average ability will earn more in their lifetime by launching their career at Starbucks or MacDonalds immediately, rather than incurring the cost of a degree in linguistics or womens’ studies.

But economics are not everything. To the true lovers of knowledge, the rewards of learning are great.

First posted at January 10, 2014.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Ukrainian Cabinet Meeting

December 14, 2015:

Note: All those speaking, Avakov, Saakashvilli and Poroshenko ( who calls the meeting closed to prevent escalation of violence), speak in Russian, the only common language they have.

We in Canada support these thieves, liars, and opportunists (and here, and here, and here) to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to please the Canadian Ukrainian Congress and the United States of (Russophobic) Aggression.


The Ukraine begs Canada for arms to kill some more of those stinking Donbass Ruskies

Why do those idiots in the Ukraine want arms? Crimea has gone in accordance with the will of the great majority (more than 80%) of the people (and that's according to a Pew Research poll, not Russian propaganda). Donbass demands autonomy within the Ukraine in accordance with the will of the people. And what's hard to understand about that? Remember, Julia Tymoshenko, American Lacky, ex-convict, former two-time Ukrainian Prime Minister, leader of Ukraine's Fatherland Party, calling for a gun to go kill damn Russians (that is, ethnic Russians of the Ukraine's Donbass region).

What the Ukies need do is to get the CIA out of Kiev and all the other foreign scum, Tony Blair for example, out of The country, and adopt a sensible policy of friendship toward both East and West: that way, they'd become a major bridge between the two to the benefit of all parties.

Ukraine minister throws water in governor's face in new row

Ukraine's Econ Minister Denounces Corruption, Storms Out of Government

Ukrainian Canadian Congress confirms that the Trudeau government continues Canada's grovelling support for Ukraine's Nazi-backed, kleptocracy

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Swedish Feminists To Syrian Refugees: When Does the Raping Begin?

Betty Friedan. Image source
I've sometimes wondered if feminists, the female variety, that is, are not in most cases just women resentful at not being, for whatever reason, the target of at least occasional male sexual harassment.

If that were the case, the mass influx of strong, young, sex-starved, single, Islamic males intent on rape and pillage across Europe would naturally appeal to at least a certain segment of the feminist establishment. And so it appears to be the case. Or at least so it has been reported from Sweden where feminists  have launched a campaign against men that want to protect them from being raped by "Syrian" "refugees."

This, in turn, seems to confirm the genocidal intention of the US-orchestrated mass influx of young, strong, single, sex-starved Muslim males from Syria (aka, draft dodgers and economic opportunists) and elsewhere into Europe. As we noted before:
Germany has less than five million female citizens between the ages of 20 and 30, so by opening the door to one million young, Islamic males, with millions more to come, the Merkel government has cuckolded (a large part of) the male youth of Germany.

German demographics

 Presumably the intention is to follow this with ever more energetic promotion of homosexuality as an outlet for the cucked, while welcoming Islam, a faith that sanctions the brutal execution of homosexuals, as a religion of peace and love eminently compatible with European civilization.
To better understand the psychology underlying this project for the ethnic destruction of Europe, consider what would be the reaction of European males to mass influx of young, healthy unaccompanied, sex-starved females from Asia and the Middle-East.

Exactly: wild enthusiasm.


Sweden: Death By Immigration

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What Accounts for the Past 500 Years of Western Global Dominance? Race, Culture or Blind Chance?

By Canspeccy

I have no sympathy for the imperialist enthusiasm of Oxford cum Harvard and Stanford Professor, Niall Ferguson. I am prompted, however, to come to his defense in the face of a viciously false allegation of white supremacism by a Pankaj Mishra, a cousin-in-law to the pseudo-Conservative and imperialist war criminal British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Mishra's contemptible smear was published by the London Review of Books under the guise of a review of Ferguson's book, Civilization: The West and the Rest.

Mishra is a skilled exponent of defamation by insinuation.

The Murder of Europe: Means, Motive and Opportunity


Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set By Government
John Pilger – From Hiroshima to Syria – the enemy whose name we dare not speak

Friday, January 29, 2016

The HuffPo For the Destruction of America As a Democratic, Sovereign Nation State

Politico reports that in future the Huffington Post will append the following editor’s note to every post mentioning Republican presidential contender, Donald Trump:
Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.
What they mean by this is that their readers should be for Hillary Clinton, a serial liar, and a rampant advocate of uncontrolled Third World immigration to the US in contravention of law, and the Islamification of America through an influx of Muslims with a radical ideology and a settler mentality.

And here's a fine illustration of exactly what it is that the HuffPo wants for the United States and by implication for all of Europe:

EXCLUSIVE -The city destroyed by migration: Inside the Swedish town where armed gangs patrol the streets, crime has exploded and a beautiful social worker's murder has shocked Europe

To most young liberal-minded persons, the sight of a Scandinavian city filled with Africans and Middle-Easterners, many of them riot- and violence-prone, probably seems quite normal. To me, however,  having as a child in the 1950's visited the city of Gothenburg (or "Yottabuoy" to give an approximation to the correct Swedish pronunciation) to which the above-linked Daily Mail article refers, the destruction of the unique identity of the Swedish people through mass immigration and enforced multiculturalism seems an unmitigated catastrophe. That the Huffington Post, in league with the rest of the corporate media in the United States, demands an immigration policy that will culminate in the transformation of America from a unified and civilized society to a multi-culti patchwork of competing ethnic groups, linguistic communities, and warring religions, as is now occurring throughout Europe makes clear how widely treason doth prosper under the Bush-Clinton-Obama New World Order. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is This Picture Anti-Semitic or Is It Anti-Theft?

As the Toronto Star reports, this picture, displayed in Toronto's York University Student Centre, shows:
a person looking at a bulldozer close to a building while holding rocks. The person is shown wearing what looks like a Palestinian flag with a map of Israel without its borders. At the bottom of the mural, the words “justice” and “peace” can be seen along with other text.
Paul Bronfman, a A Toronto film industry executive, has announced that his company is pulling its support for York University’s Cinema and Media Arts program because of the display of this picture, which, Mr. Bronfman said, "is anti-Israel." He then continued:
It made me sick to my stomach and very angry. “We live in an amazing city, an amazing country, and to have this happening under our noses is disgusting. It’s subtly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. It’s anti-Canadian.
But what is disgusting about being anti-Israel when the Israeli state enables the theft of Palestinian land for the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied territories?

And what has opposing Israeli state policy got to do with anti-Semitism? To say that the one necessarily implies the other is like saying that to condemn George W. Bush's Iraq war amounts to hatred of Americans.

As for equating anti-Semitism with anti-Canadianism, it amounts to saying that Canada should be subservient to the interests of Israel, just as the Canadian Ukrainian Congress seeks to make Canada subservient to the interests of Russophobic Ukrainian nationalists. Both are manifestations of ethnic politics that are potentially of great harm to Canada.

What the picture depicts is the violent (i.e., rock throwing) resentment of Palestinian youth at the theft of their land by Israeli settlers. So which is worst, stealing land or throwing rocks? Apparently, in Mr. Bronfman's mind, Israeli crimes against the Palestinians are to be ignored, while the World condemns the violent though largely ineffectual Palestinian reaction as a terrible crime.

Moreover, according to Mr. Bronfman, anyone who takes a different view is an anti-Semite. OK, then, on that definition an anti-Semite is an opponent of Israeli crimes against the indigenous people of occupied Palestine, which is not such a bad thing, is it?


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Even the NY Times Now Reporting How the Clinton's Cashed in on Sale of One Fifth of America's Uranium Reserve to a Russian State Corporation

In today's article, Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal, the New York Times quotes the Russian newspaper Pravda:
... the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company [Uranium One] with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West.
Which deal, the Times reports
... gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.
And "At the heart of the tale" reports the Times:
... are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family.
And, reports the Times:
Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
And the Times continues:
As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.
But the US establishment, i.e., the plutocracy who only like politicians they can buy, still prefer Hillary to one of their own, Donald Trump, with a reform agenda.

Monday, January 25, 2016

BBC Goes Full Genocidal

A recent example of the BBC's large-type Web journalism entitled Donald Trump and the politics of paranoia, written by a member of the Chosen, one Michael Goldfarb, asserts:
One startling feature of the latest race to become the next president of the US - which begins in earnest with next week's Iowa caucuses - is the runaway success in the opinion polls of the outspoken billionaire, Donald Trump.
What's "startling" to the BBC about Donald Trump's popularity is that he's not just another presidential puppet of the New World Order project for the destruction of the democratic nation state, including not only Britain, but also the United States of America. 

Yeah, that is startling. The project for a global empire, ruled by a plutocratic elite, and served by a mongrel population brainwashed in the religion of Political Correctness that appeared to be going so well, seems now to be going edge ways. The Brits, and the Frogs have accepted their own demise as distinct racial and cultural entities. The Germans are being brought to the bidding of Angela, Treason, Merkel as they are compelled to commit national suicide by accepting an influx of millions of  strong, young Asian and Middle-Eastern males described euphemistically as "refugees," but for some reason Americans are kicking up a real fuss about open borders, Third Worldization and the eclipse of the Euro-American majority. Why?

The reason, as Mr. Goldfarb of the BBC explains, is that egomaniac Trump, telling people that a real country has borders. Well damn that: America is not a real country and it's time for those "bitter" white people who "cling to guns or religion," as America's Euro-American majority have been described by their African-American President with an Islamic-Indonesian upbringing, to give up on the stupid idea of refusing to go "gentle into the good night." 

Yep, it's time for Americans to bite the bullet, accept destruction of the Euro-American majority that built the greatest nation on Earth, and open the floodgates to the Third-World. That is what the globalized corporate giants demand: cheap immigrant labor, unrestricted import of goods from the sweatshops of the World, and the Hell with this silly idea of democracy, individual liberty, and free speech — in future the BBC and the other temples of political correctness will tell Americans what to think. 

And if Americans don't like that then, as the BBC clearly believes, they are stinking nativists: or in Guardian-speak, they are far-right wing, extremist, Nazified, racist xenophobes with the contemptible desire to be succeeded in their own country by their own posterity, not by people from elsewhere. What's more the BBC screams in large type, they are PARANOID

Which goes to show what good sense most Americans have, for as Andy Groves, former head of Intel Corporation remarked: "Only the paranoid survive." Let's hope the Germans and the Brits and the French and all the other European nations oppressed by a genocidal conspiracy to erase their identities from the face of the Earth get real paranoid real soon. The Brits could make a start by giving the bums rush to David Cameron, that war-criminal shill for the New World Order, to be replaced by someone who will shutter the BBC, an propaganda agency with an undue tolerance for rapists and paederasts.


Since when is limiting immigration a crime?

Patrich Buchanan: Is the Spectre of Trump Haunting Davos?

Davos Insider Vows Trump Defeat: “It Doesn’t Matter Who the GOP Puts Up, Hillary Will Win”

A Politically Correct Civilization Cannot Stand

A (once) proud Scot apologizes to Donald Trump

Full Extent of Germany Migrant Sex Attacks Revealed – Incidents in 75 Per Cent Of The Country

Friday, January 22, 2016

Trump, Not Keynes, Holds the Key to Economic Recovery in the West

Tony Blair: laughing all the way to the bank 
since leaving office.*
This article, by Mike Whitney in the Unz Review, explains how US (and by extension European) monetary and fiscal policies* saved criminally reckless Western financial institutions from bankruptcy. The method was to provide the bankers with virtually limitless amounts of cash at negative real interest rates, which enabled them to blow a huge stock market bubble that financed their return to solvency. At the same time, Whitney argues, governments were careful to limit the magnitude of monetary stimulus so as to insure no substantial growth in aggregate demand or, therefore, in employment or wages.

On the latter point, Whitney offers the correct Keynesian analysis. But Keynes addressed the problems of a different age, when the US economy was largely self-contained, with external trade amounting to less than 5% of GDP.

Globalization with input factor mobility, i.e., free movement of labor from the Third World to the First World, free movement of capital and technology from the First World to the Third World, and free movement of the products of sweatshop labor from the Third World to the First World means lower wages and higher unemployment in the First World, which in turn shrink aggregate demand resulting in even lower wages and higher unemployment.

The Keynesian solution to shrinking demand and rising unemployment was deficit spending to raise aggregate demand and hence employment and wages. But today, in an era of globalization to the max, the effect of deficit spending is primarily to suck in more cheap Chinese shoes and shirts, computers and car parts, all of which Americans and others in the First World used to make for one another. Add in the effects of computerization, automation, robotization and insane student debt and the outlook for employment and wages for ordinary folks becomes, as is now apparent, bleak indeed.

There are two measures to improve the welfare of the proletariat. One is massive infrastructure spending, since this generates work that cannot be off-shored and is still largely beyond the scope of automation and robotization. The other is a return to free trade without input factor mobility, which as David Ricardo explained in his 1817 classic, “On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation” yields the benefit of “Comparative Cost”, or “Comparative Advantage” as it is now known, i.e., the benefit of increased total output and lower costs than if each nation tried to produce in isolation.

These,  as I explained here, in a post that was rejected for publication in the Unz Review, are the economic policies espoused by Donald Trump, i.e., restoration of the border to limit influx of labor from the Third World, and the imposition of tariffs to restrict influx of products of foreign sweatshops financed with First World capital and technology, thereby achieving the benefits of comparative advantage through international trade, and last but not least a massive infrastructure renewal project.

* Said policies are administered by governments largely owned by said criminally reckless financial institutions, for example, the great American banking firm of J.P. Morgan, which took former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on as an "adviser" for a fee of two million pounds per year. This is in accordance with the Western tradition of political bribery, which as explained by Thomas Macaulay (The History of England (1848)), involves payments made after the bribed individual leaves office, an arrangement that is entirely legal, and one that no politician would ever think of changing.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Racist Joke That Serves a Good Moral Purpose

Question: What do you call a black woman who has had at least three abortions?
Answer: A crimefighter.

So what is the moral of the joke? That is revealed by another joke:

Question: What do you call a white woman who has had at least three abortions?
Answer: An anti-racism activist.

If you found the second joke funny, you are either an immigrant to Europe with a settler mentality or a European driven by media lies, advertising manipulation, Hollywood brainwashing, and twelve years of mandatory state propaganda in the guise of education to believe that opposing the racial and cultural destruction of your own people is racism.

If, however, you found the first joke funny, then you are among the minority of the European people with at least some small chance of success in the Darwinian struggle to perpetuate your own genes* among future generations of those residing in the land of your birth.

And here are some statistics (source):
In Europe, around 30 per cent of pregnancies end in abortion.

In Western Europe there were 12 abortions per 1,000 women in 2008, while in Eastern Europe at the same time there were 43.

However, Northern Europe (which includes the UK and Scandinavia) fared worse than the western region with 17 abortions per 1,000 women, which is on par with North America.
Thus it is abortion that makes the difference between a self-perpetuating society and a society engaged in self-genocide. The fertility of European women is currently 1.55 and falling, whereas the replacement rate is 2.1. If the 30% of pregnancies terminated by non-therapeutic abortion went to term, the European fertility rate would be 2.2, which would achieve near perfect population stability. As it is, the European population is growing rapidly due to mass immigration from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, most of the immigrants being  either of reproductive age or children and hence soon to be of reproductive age. These immigrants will thus contribute disproportionately to the next generation in Europe even if their fertility was no greater than that of Europeans. However, all immigrant groups have a higher fertility that indigenous European women, and in some cases their fertility is several times higher. For example, in Britain, women from Libya, a country deliberately turned into a failed state and thus a source of immigrants to Europe by NATO bombing, have a fertility rate more than three times the European rate. These numbers make it clear, Europe is engaged in self-genocide driven by puppets of the globalist money power, such as Blair and Cameron, Sarkozy and Hollande, and above all, Frau Merkel. The objective is a mongrel Europe of  easily manipulated deracinated serfs among whom will be found the subservient technicians to run the global machinery of commerce, and solve the servant problem, as George H. W. Bush said many years ago with reference to illegal Mexican immigrants to the US.
* The Darwinian struggle, as is now understood, is about the propagation of genes, and thus cannot be directly measured by they number of an individual's own descendants. That means the struggle for the survival of the European people's is a matter for everyone, including the childless.


'I decapitate you' Women workers threatened and forced to DRESS DOWN at refugee centre

Stabbing death of 15yo schoolboy by ‘Arab migrant’ classmate in Sweden

To Fight Racism, Oregon College Devotes an Entire Month to ‘Whiteness’-Shaming

"Pope of Islam": Hijab is a display of Muslim supremacy, not just modesty

McCallum: 90% of Muslim migrants to New Brunswick can't speak English or French -- and "that's a good thing"

US Federal 'Common Core' Education Curriculum has anti-American agenda

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jimmy Carter: the Truth About Jewish settlers' Apartheid Regime on Occupied and Stolen Palestinian Land

Jimmy Carter for Pres.!

As President, Jimmy Carter always seemed a terrific bore. But now, at a great age, he speaks with a force and authority that far exceeds that of any of the contestants currently seeking the Presidency. And, remember, Carter served only one term, so he is eligible to run now. Once Hillary's been taken into custody, he should be drafted on the understanding that he will speak not only for the Palestinians, but for the American people living under occupation and exploitation by stooges of the New World Order.


Intifada: US Ambassador to Israel ‘Perplexed’ Over Israel’s Double Standards in the West Bank?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Britain's Treason Party for Globalization Attacks Donald Trump

Of the proponents of globalization, Jon Rappoport writes:
They intend to create one integrated planet under a top-down, locked-down political and economic management system, backed up by coercion.

In order to achieve this goal ... the notion of separate nations must be eradicated.

The primary goal of the provoked chaos in the Middle East and parts of Africa is: redraw that whole territory and push waves of immigrants into the West, primarily Europe. [thereby drowning] traditional cultures and ethnic identities [to create] a nationless Europe, broken from its past.
Donald Trump's campaign for the US Presidency threatens the more than one-hundred-year career of the Treason Party's drive for "global governance," which is to say, a Money Power regime, fronted by pseudodemocratic puppets such as David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, and backed by the corporate-owned media, purveyors of pornography, and Hollywood fake history and the global corporations that export Western jobs along with the capital and technology accumulated by the sweat of generations, to the lowest wage, lowest tax, Third-World jurisdictions with minimal workplace health and safety standards, and environmental protection.

Mr. Trump wants to restore America's borders and make America a real country again, with immigration only in accordance with the interest of the United States and subject to law. Moreover, he advocates a national economic policy designed to promote the welfare of Americans, not the profits of global corporations. In this Mr. Trump is almost certainly sincere, since his own business consists very largely in selling real estate and resort services to Americans and thus depends for its success on the prosperity of Americans, not the shareholders of global corporations.

Hence the outpouring of hate speech directed at Mr. Trump by members of the British Parliament during yesterday's debate to consider a petition demanding that Mr. Trump be banned from entry to the UK.

This question, for example, from Dr. Rupa Huq (New Labor, at right) to Paul Flynn (New Labor):
Does my hon. Friend not agree that the fact that it is Martin Luther King day today makes it even more ​bizarre that this hate figure is preaching these ridiculous things that we should reject? 
Note, no evidence of hate speech by Mr. Trump is offered by the Hon. member, perhaps because she does not know of any. Or perhaps when she describes Mr. Trump as a hate figure she means that he is a figure who all politically correct members of the Treason Party must hate.

Paul Flynn (New Labor)
But Paul Flynn (left) was prompt to supply evidence of Mr. Trump's hate speech, albeit based on lies and a preposterous assertion:
He [Trump] described the people of Mexico as rapists and drug abusers.
 But this is a total fabrication, a lie.

Here is what Trump has consistently stated about the people of Mexico:
I don’t see how there is any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the statement I made on June 16th during my Presidential announcement speech. What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.
 Many fabulous people come in from Mexico and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally. I am proud to say that I know many hard working Mexicans—many of them are working for and with me…and, just like our country, my organization is better for it.
Flynn also stated:
More recently he [Trump] suggested that Muslims not be allowed into his country, which is an extraordinary and extremely dangerous thing to say.
Which is untrue. Trump did not "suggest," he asserted that there should be a total "shut down" in Muslim immigration to the United States pending determination of the cause of the intense anti-Western hatred among some Muslims, i.e., radical Islamic extremists, such as those who perpetrated the recent Paris massacre of 130 innocent civilians, the Muslim couple, one newly immigrating, who last month murdered 14 American workmates in San Bernadino, California, and the hundreds or thousands of Muslim "refugees" responsible for a wave of sex crimes against European women in Germany and Sweden and elsewhere.

But is would be fascinating to know why Mr. Flynn says advocating a cessation, albeit temporary, to the flow of Muslim immigrants to the US would be "extremely dangerous." Is he suggesting it would lead to more radical Islamic terrorism against the West? Or is his concern that it would end the current wave of racial and cultural destruction being wrought by mass Islamic immigration to the West? It is regrettable, though not surprising, that the Hon. Mr. Flynn did say.

Tulip Siddiqi, MP for Kilburn and Hamstead (majority 
foreign born): A pretty face, and a contempt for Britain's 
tradition of free speech. 
And here is Tulip Siddiqi (right):
I draw the line on freedom of speech when it leads to violent ideology being imported, which is what I feel is happening.
As clear an indication as one needs of the settler mentality of Britain's immigrant community, which is characterized by a contempt for Britain's tradition of free speech, and which justifies that contempt by what they "feel" is happening. No facts required folks. If we, the settler immigrants, "feel" hurt, then everyone whoever we say had better shut the fuck up and stay the fuck outta the country.

And so the debate went on, with much hate speech directed at Mr. Trump, particularly by New Labor party members and members of the immigrant and Muslim community, although there were some occasionally sensible comments also. What the debate confirms is that the Treason Party, the party that privileges immigrants and would-be immigrants over the interests of the native population of the European nations, is dominant in Britain, as in Germany, France and currently the United States, and that these people will resort to unending lies in there determination to destroy the European nation states, including the predominantly European United States of America.


Stefan Molyneux a Review of the Reaction to Donald Trump's Presidential Candidacy:
Excellent research.

Friday, January 15, 2016

How America's system of education is being destroyed

By CanSpeccy

(During a Presidential election year in America, this piece, first published: 4/14/2011, seems worth re-airing)

The United States, according to Chris Hedges, is destroying its system of education. A nation that destroys its systems of education, he writes, degrades its public information, guts its public libraries and turns its airwaves into vehicles for cheap, mindless amusement becomes deaf, dumb and blind. ..."

Hedges is surely right. But it seems equally certain that the process of destroying the American system of education is being undertaken without malice, intent or even awareness. System failure, whether in education, public transportation, healthcare or any other complex social arrangement is the inevitable result of evolutionary societal change.

In the beginning, education is rare and hard to come by. Those who get it are mostly people of exceptional talent and capacity for hard work. They are selected for their peculiar aptitude and schooled by a tiny group of committed scholars. They achieve brilliantly in a world of near universal ignorance.

Then every ambitious person wants their child to get an education. Taxes are raised, schools are built, thousands of teachers are hired. Some of the teachers are mediocre at best. Many of the students are not bright, some have no interest in learning. So this generation is mainly fit only for jobs in the public sector. Public demand (demand for public sector jobs, that is, not public sector services) results in a huge expansion of the bureaucracy, including the educational establishment.

Then comes the era of mass education. Everyone must have a university degree and a white collar job. Most school teachers are now incompetent. Most of them never teach: they become part of the management team. Someone invents the "bubble test", which can be marked by machine without the intervention of human intelligence at any point. Many university professors are ignorant and lazy. The students are mostly at uni only to socialize. The brightest are disgusted by their experience of "education" and shun an academic career.

Eventually everyone has a university degree and no one knows anything at all. Even the President of the United States.

In time, the economy collapses under the weight of an ever expanding burden of useless bureaucratic activity. Educational institutions decay for lack of funding. Furniture is removed for fuel wood, books for toilet paper. Buildings fall into decay and gradually disappear. Learning is despised and eventually forgotten. A new dark age ensues.

After a thousand years or so, some clever monk or hermit stumbles on a copy of Newton's "Principia," or a book of Napierian logs. They figure it out and tell other people. Some of the brightest students of this ancient wisdom form colleges where they train a few especially clever pupils. One of the newly educated elite unifies quantum theory and relativity. Practical men apply the new knowledge, making possible, among many wonders, faster than light travel, the generation of electricity from thunderstorms, and the renutrification of shit.

Then every ambitious person wants their child to get an education. Taxes are raised, schools are built, thousands of teachers are hired. Some of the teachers are mediocre ...

The Ongoing Destruction of the European Nations Is No Mistake

Over at the Unz Review, commenting on what was the basis of my post yesterday: Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism, the pseudonymous Wizard of Oz argues that the ongoing destruction of the European nations is simply an unfortunate mistake, the consequence of leftist PC rubbish combined with the innumerate dopiness of Conservatives. Thus he writes:
I suspect that the reason for the unfolding disaster is more wishy-washy leftish PC and innumerate thinking even amongst Conservatives than anything as rational and deliberate as you suppose.
Much as one would like to think that this is correct, since it would mean the possibility of a change of heart among the elite that would permit the survival of the English nation, the view is entirely mistaken. The British, as with the other European nations, are as surely and deliberately targeted for destruction as were the Jews under the rule of the Nazis.

The British elite disdain the common people not only because, as discussed in my earlier post, they see them as only remotely related to themselves, but also because they consider them to be more or less genetically botched. The attitude is of longstanding.* Dr. Marie Stopes, Britain's pioneer advocate of birth control, held that only those able to "add individuals of value to the race" should be permitted to reproduce. This view was shared by leaders of both the left and the right. In Parliament, during the 1930's, Conservatives attempted to pass compulsory sterilization legislation to eliminate future generations of the genetically inferior. The attempt failed because Labour Party opponents saw the measure as an effort to rob them of their constituents. Nevertheless, intellectuals on the left shared the Conservative view of the degeneracy of a large part of the population. the Fabian socialist, H.G. Wells, for example, who was a welcome guest at both the Kremlin in the time of Joe Stalin, and the White House in the time of F.D. Rooseveldt, advocated a program of eugenics that would, without mercy, exterminate the unfit. Another Fabian socialist, the hugely popular Anglo-Irish playright, George Bernard Shaw, spoke fervently in favor of "lethal chambers" for the disposal of society's unproductive members.

These were not isolated extremists but representatives of mainstream British thought in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. Hitler gave the use of "lethal chambers" a bad name, but the underlying contempt of the elite for the lower classes remained. Moreover, beside widespread belief in the necessity of eugenics, there was an entirely different idea within political circles that drove, and still drives, genocidal thinking; namely, the ambition for global empire, the chief obstacle to which is the ethnic nation state. This globalist project, now spearheaded by the United States, had is origins in the work of the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner group in Britain, whose activities were directly responsible for the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations, America's leading foreign policy think tank. About this movement, much can be learned from the works of Bill Clinton's Georgetown University history professor, Carrol Quigley, including not only "Tragedy and Hope," but the "Anglo-American Establishment" an unofficial history of the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner group and its pro-globalist activities during the first half of the 20th Century.

Bill Clinton, incidentally, was a beneficiary of the empire-promoting Rhodes Trust that funds Scholarships to the University of Oxford. But in an effort to bite the dead hand that fed him, Clinton recently repaid the Scholarship that he received from the Trust, a gesture apparently in support of those students at Oxford intent on the destruction of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. Oddly, many of the students so demanding, are it seems, Asian or African, the very people to be advantaged by the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner plan for global empire and the genocide of the British people by mass immigration.

* See, for example, Chapter III: "A Sickness in the Racial Body" in Richard Overy. 2009. The Twilight Years: the Paradox of Britain Between the Wars. Viking, New York.


CanSpeccy: Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism

The Saker has an article over at the Unz Review in which he argues that the ongoing racial and cultural genocide of the European peoples by mass immigration and multiculturalism is unstoppable, first, because of the decadence of the European people, and second, because of the malign manipulation of the Anglo-Zionist money power. 

This is a plausible but entirely mistaken analysis of what is happening to the European people both in Europe and in North America.

The elite are destroying their own people because the have no respect for them, or sense of kinship with them, and because it pays. This goes back to the beginning of the industrial revolution, when an urban proletariat, with no family connection to the landowning and capitalist class that dominated Parliament,* rapidly expanded and became a perpetual threat to the security of the state. Hence Disraeli’s recognition of the existence of “Two Nations” between whom, as a character in his novel "Sybil" (1945) remarked:
there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were dwellers in different zones, or inhabitants of different planets. The rich and the poor.
The Great Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common, London in 1848
by William Edward Kilburn. Chartism was a movement for workers rights
and political representation.
In Disraeli’s time, free trade with input factor mobility, i.e., the import of cheap labor, or the export of capital and technology to cheap-labor areas whence products could be imported to the home market, was rarely if ever an option for the owners of capital, which meant that the industrial proletariat, though considered by the elite to be both dangerous and disgusting, had to be tolerated.

But input factor mobility is not only possible today, but the underlying reason for globalization. Thus there is an massive flow of cheap Third-World labor to the high-wage West, a flow of products of sweat-shop labor in the same direction, and a flow of capital and technology in the opposite direction, all of which negatively impacts wages in the West. Multiculturalism is the inevitable, and from the elite point of view, desirable consequence of the Third-World migrant flow. Desirable, that is, because a culturally divided proletariat is much less of a threat to the elite than a united nation.

But the Saker is right about two things. First that mass migration means the complete cultural and racial extinction of the European peoples. Second, that mass immigration will continue inexorable for the foreseeable future, the reason being that, for every worker in, say, England (pop. 53 million), there will certainly be many better qualified people (higher IQ, more energy, more ambition, little if any commitment to workers’ rights, etc.) in the Third World (pop. 5 billion plus), who are paid a fraction of what an English worker is paid. And among these potential migrants,  rickshaw drivers earning a dollar or two a day, for example, there will always be some ready, if they are permitted, to migrate to London to earn twenty or thirty dollars an hour driving a bus? And naturally, the elite welcomes such people. If the newcomers hassle the local girls, squeeze the natives out of decent housing, build mosques, etc., so what? What can the natives do about it? Nothing, as it now is clear. And if it means ever rising taxes to pay for new maternity hospitals, roads, schools, etc., that's very satisfactory: it keeps the construction industry prosperous and it allows a growing bureaucracy to soak up the educated middle class who might otherwise begin to think seriously about what is going on. And if the net result is that the native working class becomes an underclass — i.e., white trash despised by all and sundry, again, so what? There’s not a damn thing they can do about it: the supposedly left-wing workers parties being funded by the same plutocratic donors as the so-called conservative parties.

As for the Saker's assertion that the genocide of the Western nations is an Anglo-Zionist Money Power plot, that is just thoughtless conspiracy theory. On might as absurdly impute the Rothschild's or the Illuminati. Many members of the elite are Jews, for sure, but many are Anglos, and many more are Asians, Middle-Easterners or Africans. The issue is that genocide by immigration and multiculturalism pays. The ethnicity of the genocidal elite is irrelevant.

* An understanding of the change in relationship between the landowning classes in Britain, i.e., the elite, and the common folk that occurred with the industrial revolution was provided by Adam Smith in his treatise on economics. There he explained that, before the industrial revolution, there was close kinship between the upper and lower classes due to differential mortality between the rich and the poor. Overall, the population remained relatively constant, but because of high child mortality, the poor failed to fully reproduce themselves and the resulting population deficit was made up by the excess fertility of the rich. Thus, the rich were permanently downward mobile with two results. First, most of the rich had poor relatives for whom they had a personal sympathy, second the poor, many not so long descended from the rich, tended to adhere to the conservative values of their better off relatives. These factors made for a united nation. This unity fractured with the rise of the urban working class, which though living in seeming squalor and bestial ignorance, achieved well above replacement reproductive rates and which, as it swelled in number, adopted socialistic ideas. Thus, in purely hereditary terms, the industrial proletariat became much more distant from the elites than had been the rural poor of the pre-industrial era. In addition the political ambitions of the proletariat came to threaten the security of the elite, as they do to this day.


CanSpeccy: The Ongoing Destruction of the European Nations Is No Mistake

A Polish Preview of How an "Independent" Scotland Will Be Governed By the EU

Image source: Guy Verhofstadt

This is how independence-minded Poles view the EU. The management of an "independent" Scottish triviality would, presumably, not be handled by Der Fuhrer personally as in the case of Poland, but delegated to some minor, Eichmann-like functionary, to dispose of the nationalist rabble by the most modern means — fertility suppression through sex "education," ad-lib Murdoch-media and Internet porn, plus mass immigration.


Sputnik: Polish Weekly Depicts Merkel in Hitler Pose, EU Politicians as Her Generals

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Germany's Krystallnacht II: The Revolt of the Cucked

Germans opposed to cultural genocide by mass immigration

Germany has less than five million female citizens between the ages of 20 and 30, so by opening the door to one million young, middle-eastern, Islamic males, with millions more to come, the Merkel government has cuckolded the male youth of Germany.

German demographics

Presumably the intention is to follow this with ever more energetic promotion of homosexuality as an outlet for the cucked, while welcoming Islam, a faith that sanctions the brutal execution of homosexuals, as a religion of peace and love eminently compatible with European civilization.

This is a policy of suicidal madness, driven by what appears to be the genocidal self-hatred of Frau Merkel, a leader whose family name might be Treason. At the height of the Cold War, her father, Horst Kasner, emigrated from West Germany to Communist East Germany, where he established a "sympathetic" relationship with the Communist regime, which rewarded him with various privileges including two cars. Meantime, the young Angela joined the Communist Youth. Later, at the East German Academy of Sciences, the future Chancellor of Germany became a member of the Free German Youth district board and secretary for "Agitprop" (Agitation and Propaganda). But then East Germany was re-united with West Germany wherupon Angela Merkel morphed easily into a democrat: the rest, as they say, being history.

And history brings us to yesterday's riots in Leipzig, the home of Angela Merkel's East German Communist youth, where hundreds rampaged through the town smashing ethnic restaurants. This, the Daily Mail, and no doubt the rest of the Presstitute media, attributes to "far right-wing elements." There's a problem with this part of the MSM narrative, however, as the New York Times revealed when quoting the "Influential Hamburg broadcaster NDR," which is that such crimes (the sexual assaults committed on News Year's Eve by Muslim "refugees" in Cologne and other German cities):
threaten to push xenophobia toward the "middle of the population" — which could lead to a backlash against refugees.
Meaning that the furious reaction of Germans to state engineered invasion is not a manifestation of far right wingism, but is driven by the the natural and inevitable anger of the vast majority of German people and thus defeats the heretofor successful boiling frogs method of genocide by importing a new people. When virtually the entire population is aroused to anger, calling them far-right-wing extremists exposes the media hacks not only as liars but as stupid fools.

What's more, the New York Times, normally a leader of the cucks, seems to be losing its nerve about the promotion of European genocide by mass migration, for on January 9 an Op-Ed columnist wrote:
In the German case the important number here isn’t the country’s total population, currently 82 million. It’s the twentysomething population, which was less than 10 million in 2013 (and of course already included many immigrants). In that cohort and every cohort afterward, the current influx could have a transformative effect.
"Could have a transformative effect." LOL
How transformative depends on whether these men eventually find a way to bring brides and families to Europe as well. 
Which they won't. Much better, obviously, to marry a German girl or two, or three or four, who speaks the local lingo and can protect the cuckolds from the backlash of the native population.
But it could also double or treble this migration’s demographic impact, pushing Germany toward a possible future in which half the under-40 population would consist of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants and their children.
Which is clearly the objective. Which is to say, the objective is European genocide.

But even the writer realizes that the worst outcome is inevitable, for he continues:
If you believe that an aging, secularized, heretofore-mostly-homogeneous society is likely to peacefully absorb a migration of that size and scale of cultural difference, then you have a bright future as a spokesman for the current German government.
You’re also a fool.
And continues:
Such a transformation promises increasing polarization among natives and new arrivals alike. It threatens not just a spike in terrorism but a rebirth of 1930s-style political violence.
What to do? Our panicky NY Timeser urges:
closing Germany’s borders to new arrivals for the time being. It means beginning an orderly deportation process for able-bodied young men.
And he writes:
It means giving up the fond illusion that Germany’s past sins can be absolved with a reckless humanitarianism in the present.
The last sentence giving the game away:  the object of the game is the destruction of the people and culture of the Germans and the rest of the Europeans all in the name of avenging the Holocaust.


Deep Resource: “Easy Meat” the industrial-scale abuse of children in England by Muslims

Monday, January 11, 2016

Is the West on the Brink of Revolution?

"Revolutions," wrote Stephen Kotkin (author of Stalin, a biography) "are like earthquakes: they are always being predicted, and sometimes they come."

So, OK, we're not predicting a collapse of the US Empire, and if it comes, we will be as astonished as was V.I. Lenin, when, a month after complaining in a speech to Swiss socialists that "We the old people, won't survive to see the decisive battles of the forthcoming revolution," exclaimed at news of the February 1917 abdication of Russia's Tsar Nicholas II: "It's staggering. It's so incredibly unexpected."* 

All we're saying is: revolution? Yes, "sometimes they come."

But, the complacent will say, how can the West have a revolution? It's democratic, for goodness sake! 

Yeah, right: democracy shamocracy. 

Democracy requires a free press and a literate and informed populace. The West has a press, including in that term the news, information and entertainment media, virtually all of which are controlled by a handful of corporations, which naturally put a corporate spin on whatever they publish. And within those corporate-owned media properties exists a cadre of intelligence service agents to keep the message on track, should the owners fail to understand their own interest. "The CIA," as former CIA Director Colby remarked, "owns everyone of any significance in the major media." And the objective is, as former CIA Director William Casey made clear, to disinform: "We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

And that's not all. Throughout the West there are now 12 years of state mandated indoctrination, known as "education," to be followed in most cased by many years of wasted time in a so-called institution of higher learning where the finer points of political correctness are instilled.

But if the system of mind control is so firmly in place, how could there be a revolt? Well, here's the thing: all this bullshit and indoctrination is not for the Hell of it. The purpose was, and remains, to reduce the populace to helpless slavery, in which condition it can be used, abused, or if deemed best, eliminated, at will. But if the abuse is severe, even if the plebs are unable to figure out why what is happening to them is happening, there will always be highly intelligent and highly motivated individuals, such as V.I. Lenin, who will take advantage of the circumstances to enlighten the people and rouse them to insurrection. 

And when the people are severely humiliated, as in Cologne in recent days by an organized mass of feral Muslim rapists, gropers and Islamic supremacists, pauperized and demoralized by a massive rise in unemployment (albeit hidden by lying Government statistics) driven both by off-shoring of jobs and mass immigration of cheap labor, it's not that difficult to open people's eyes. 

Add a few leaks on Bill and Hillary's corruption, mendacity and basic personal vileness, of Obama perhaps taking a pay-off for services rendered while still in office, of the murderous duplicity and destructiveness of Imperial policy in the Middle-East and Ukraine, and it's insane economic and proxy military aggression against Russia — the only power on earth capable of reducing the West to smoldering radioactive rubble, and you have a seriously aroused populace, including members of the armed forces who might just land a dozen black helicopters on the White House lawn, and announce game over. 

*Stephen Kotkin, 2014: Stalin. Penguin.


Breitbart: WATCH: Muslim Men Shoot Up Nightclub, Govt And Media Refuse To Use The ‘M’ Word


First published 7/25/2013; updated 11/01/2016: 

Over at Carpe Diem, the blog of business school Prof., Mark J. Perry, globalization is GOOD.

Not surprisingly. A business school professor without faith in globalization would be like a priest without faith in God: useless to the powers that be, financial or ecclesiastical as the case may be.

American business has a legal obligation to maximize shareholder value, which for many means shuttering American factories, contracting production to Asian sweatshops, and selling the product back home with computerized efficiency via suburban big-box stores employing minimal staff at minimal wages.

The profitability of replacing American workers with cheap foreign labor in manufacturing, and cheap foreign brains in software, design, and R and D was explained by David Ricardo thus, "Wages plus profits, together, are always the same."

Which is to say, cheap offshore production and service = big profits.

Globalists, naturally, are reluctant to broadcast this particular piece of economic wisdom. But mere silence is not the way at Carpe Diem. There, not only is globalization not bad for the American worker, it's positively beneficial as we discover in the post: Yes, the middle class has been disappearing, but they haven’t fallen into the lower class, they’ve risen into the upper class.

Think about that for a moment.

Is not the concept of the middle class “rising into the upper class” some kind of logical or categorical mistake?

What is the middle class if not the people in the middle? You know, those who come between the upper class and the lower class. I mean, we're talking money here, aren't we?  That's how business school profs. define social class, isn't it? So, then, there'll always be some folks in the middle of the income distribution, won't there? Which means that if some people in the middle rise in relative income, some other people are going to take their place in the middle. Which is to say that the middle class ain't goin' no place, neither up nor down.

But what has actually happened to the incomes of those in the middle?

Well according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, during the 30 years to 2009, the mean income of the middle 60% of the US population rose 26%, which was less than that of the bottom 20% at 35%, and of the 80th to the 99th percentile at 50%, and of the top one percent at 133%. So the evidence is conclusive: the middle-class in American have been financially downward mobile for thirty years or more. That is true both in relative terms and in real, inflation-adjusted money.

And between January 2009 and June 20012, so the Wall Street Journal reports, median US household income adjusted for inflation fell by $4,019 — hardly evidence of the flight of the middle class into the socio-economic empyrean.

But Carpe Diem goes further. Wal-Mart, declares Mark Perry: deserves the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for improving the lives of millions of low-income consumers globally.

Yeah well, as the greatest purveyor of the products of sweatshop labor, painting Wal-Mart as the savior of America's working poor seems a stretch.

But if the argument is that Wal-Mart has enriched tens or hundreds of millions of Asian sweatshop employees, then, yeah, Mark Perry may have a case.

But nowhere, naturally, do globalists like to acknowledge globalization's dirty secret, which is that its profitability depends largely on global wage arbitrage, which is to say the export of the capital and technology accumulated in the West through the sweat of generations to the low-wage economies of the world, this being greatly to the detriment of the majority of working people in the West.

But, hey, maybe I'm just slow to see a joke.

So yeah, sure, if Barack O'Bomber of Tripoli, Kissinger of Cambodia, and that old terrorist Menachem Begin of the King David Hotel Massacre got the Nobel Piss Prize, why not the biggest bloodsucking American corporation of them all.

Let's see, a one-million -dollar prize means about one thirtieth of a cent per share. Not much, it's true. Still, when you're as tightfisted as the owners of Wal-Mart, every one thirtieth of a cent surely counts.


Jon Rappoport: The State of the Union speech Obama won’t give

Canspeccy: The 2014 Average Income of the 81 Million Lowest Paid Half of American Workers: $12,681

CanSpeccy: How globalization destroys Western prosperity

David Ricardo (1772-1823)
 CanSpeccy: Exporting the economy 
Ricardo was explicit ...that international free trade is beneficial to all parties only if capital is immobile, since exporting capital, one of the factors of production, will inevitably lower the productivity and hence reduce the prosperity of the population.

Consistent with these ideas, enlightened national governments endeavored to restrict capital outflow, promote workforce education and training, and in the Western World, limit mass immigration from the developing World since that diluted the capital stock of the nation on a per capita basis, reduced the per capita availability of land and infrastructure, and lowered average workforce skills and education -- aside from its potential for destroying the nation through population replacement and reproductive competition.
CanSpeccy: Why even balanced trade between the West and Rest threatens your job

CanSpeccy: Why China Booms While America Slumps
So why have the benefits of foreign trade that David Ricardo predicted [under the very different conditions of 200 years ago] not materialize?

First, because an important assumption underlying Ricardo's theory of comparative advantage no longer applies.
Experience... shews, that the fancied or real insecurity of capital, when not under the immediate control of its owner, together with the natural disinclination which every man has to quit the country of his birth and connexions, and intrust himself with all his habits fixed, to a strange government and new laws, checks the emigration of capital. These feelings, which I should be sorry to see weakened, induce most men of property to be satisfied with a low rate of profits in their own country, rather than seek a more advantageous employment for their wealth in foreign nations.
Today, there is no need for the investor or capitalist to "quit the country of his birth and connexions" in order to exploit cheap foreign labor.

The executive jet, the Internet, the enormous size and hence political clout of the multi-national corporate and financial entities and the international acceptance of a single set of rules governing world trade make it a safe and simple matter to invest almost anywhere in the world.

For this reason, if no other, foreign trade need not, as Ricardo believed, necessarily benefit all parties to the transaction.

When capital is exported from a high-wage nation to a low-wage nation, the investment per capita and hence the productivity of labor in the former declines and the investment per capita and hence productivity of labor in the latter increases, with a consequent decrease in wages in the former and an increase in wages in the latter.

CanSpeccy: The Globalist Lies of the New York Times: No. 47 — Trashing Trump With Free Trade Bunk

CanSpeccy: Third World Wages Coming to a Factory or Workshop Near You

CanSpeccy: How globalization is destroying the livlihood of Western youth

CanSpeccy: Barbgate: How Western elites opened the gates and what to do about it

CanSpeccy: Ending the Hegemony of Liberal Economic Ideas and Western Economic Stagnation

CanSpeccy: The Second Great Depression and The Cause That None Dare Name

CanSpeccy: USA Boom or Bust: The Next Decade

First published 7/25/2013