Friday, September 14, 2018

Trudeau Government are Bloody Idiots on NAFTA

The title of this post is not mine but the title given to the above video by its creators Rebel Media when posting it on U-Tube, and I am not sure that that title truly reflects what is going on between Canada and the US on NAFTA.

Given the way negotiations are going, Canada may well fail to get a renewal of NAFTA with the United States. That, however, may be not because of the apparent stupidity of Canada's approach to the negotiations which, as the video shows, involves multiple insults directed at President Trump.

Rather, what we may be seeing is a deliberate trashing by Canada's of its chances of a NAFTA deal, the objective being to generate in Canada an anti-US and, in particular, an anti-Trump sentiment that would provide the basis for Trudeau's 2019 Canadian Federal Election campaign.

Then Trudeau, who has proved a weak prime minister, with a silly agenda, can pose as a strong man standing up to the seeming bully and blackguard Trump, rather than against the very moderate and reasonable seeming Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ambassador Craig Murray Probes the Alibi of Petrov and Bashirov, the Alleged (by Theresa May) Skripal/Novichok Poisoners

On reading the interview given by the Russians, Petrov and Bashirov, alleged by the British Government to have poisoned the Russian traitor, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, by painting the, as-developed-in-Russia, WMD, Novichok (allegedly seven times deadlier than Britain's own deadly nerve agent, VX), on the front door-knob of Sergei Skripal's house, I was far from convinced of the innocence of their weekend visit to Britain.

To be unconvinced of their innocence, is not of course, to be convinced of their guilt, but it does mean remaining open to the possibility that their visit at the time of the Skripal nerve agent poisonings was not coincidental (or perhaps we should say alleged Skripal nerve agent poisonings, since the resident in Emergency Medicine at the Salisbury hospital to which the Skripals were taken for treatment denied that anyone had been admitted to the hospital with symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning).

Likewise, Ambassador Craig Murray was, initially, far from convinced by their account of the innocence of Petrov and Bashirov. On reflection, however, he concluded, for reasons set forth in this blog post, that the story offered by the Russians, is in fact, entirely credible, and, in this, I think Murray's arguments are compelling.

The Russians, Murray concludes, could very well have been, as they claim, on a weekend break to see the sights in and around Salisbury, including the city's superb Norman cathedral, and the nearby ancient settlement of Old Sarum, but were prevented from making the two-mile expedition from Salisbury to Old Sarum by the unseasonable snowfall that shut-down public transport that weekend.

Thus, the story of the Skripal poisonings remains what it was at the outset: an allegation against Russia by the British Government unsupported by any convincing evidence made known to the public. Indeed, since the now reportedly recovered victims of the crime have been kept entirely from public view with the exception of one video-taped statement by Yulia Skripal, a statement that, as I have previously explained, could very well be entirely fake, it is open to question whether any crime against the Skripals actually occurred.

More certainly, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess of Amesbury, England were poisoned, with deadly effect in the case of Dawn Sturgess, by what the police report to be Novichok contained in a perfume spray bottle that Charlie Rowley scavenged from a litter bin in Salisbury. But how that connects with Russia, if indeed it does connect with Russia, has never been explained by British authorities.

It seems then, that the case against Russia consists in the following facts:

(1) The alleged victims of an (alleged) attack with the nerve agent, Novichok, were Russian.

(2) One of the alleged victims was a Russian spy turned traitor who, however, had been pardoned by the Russian state and released from Russian gaol some years ago under an international spy swap.

(3) The nerve agent by which the Russian victims were allegedly poisoned was developed in Uzbekistan, then a member of the Soviet Union, and is thus Russia-connected. The connection is essentially meaningless, however, since Novichok can be readily synthesized by any competent organic chemist, and has been synthesized in various countries, including, probably, the U.K.

(4) The Russians, Petrov and Bashirov, happened to be on a weekend visit to Salisbury, as tourists so they say with apparent plausibility (along with probably a number of other Russians), the weekend that the Skripals were poisoned.

(5) In May, two months after the Skripal poisonings (or rather we should say alleged poisonings), the police were reported, this month, (see the George Galloway video included in my earlier blog post, after 9 min and 12 seconds) to have investigated the London hotel room where Petrov and Bashirov apparently shared a bed on the night of March 3rd. There, the police report finding a trace of Novichok, yet despite the deadliness of this nerve agent, the police neither warned the hotel's proprietor of what they had found, nor instigated a chemical WMD clean-up at the hotel, and thus did nothing whatever to save from harm the many people who, since March 4th, have presumably slept in that Novichok-contaminated room.

The implication seems clear, the alleged Novichok contamination of the room of the "flea-pit" (George Galloway's description of the hotel) where the Russians stayed must have been so slight as to be (a) totally harmless, and (b) and to make its supposed identification questionable. Indeed, if Galloway's description of the hotel as a "flea-pit" is appropriate, it could well be that the organo-phosphorus compound found in the hotel room and claimed by the police to be Novichok was, in fact, a regular organo-phosphorus pesticide that is likely used on a regular basis in cheap London hotels catering to poorer people from around the world, many of them likely carrying with them fleas, bed bugs, and lice.

If there is other relevant evidence against Russia, the British Government has not revealed it, which suggests that the case against Russia has been fabricated as a justification for intensified Western economic sanctions against Russia, which provides both a military and, with its revival of Russian ethnic nationalism and Christianity, a cultural threat to the elites that rule the Western nations and seek to force the submission of the European peoples to global governance through the promotion of multi-culturalism and  mass replacement immigration.

Petrov and Bashirev might perhaps seek to reverse their present ill-fortune by suing Theresa May for defamation of character.

In response to the RT interview with the Petrov and Bashirov, Theresa May has stated through a spokesperson that:

[T]he suspects' comments [i.e., the comments of Petrov and Bashirov] were "an insult" and "deeply offensive."

Exactly how they were an insult, and deeply offensive, except inasmuch as that, if true, they implied that Theresa May is a big fat liar, was not explained by the Prime Minister's Spokesperson who went on to say:

"The lies and blatant fabrications in this interview given to a Russian state-sponsored TV station are an insult to the public's intelligence" and "More importantly they are deeply offensive to the victims and loved ones of this horrific attack," but again, no explanation is given as to how the claim of innocence when charged with murder can be considered offensive.

Furthermore, the prime minister's spokesperson told reporters that police had set out "very clearly" the evidence against the two suspects although, oddly enough, the public seems to have no idea what that evidence is, other than the claimed trace of Novichok in the London hotel room where Petrov and Bashirov are said to have stayed the night, a trace so insignificant that the police forgot to tell the hotel owner about it or do anything about a cleanup of the contaminated room. Indeed a trace so slight that the evidence that it actually was Novichok has never been made public.

And while we are dealing with unsubstantiated claims, here's what seems like a hypothesis worthy of consideration that was offered by CalDre at Craig Murray's blog:
... Sergei was a triple agent and these two gents were his handlers, probably sent to pick up something. UK discovered he was a triple agent, and the planned drop, and “attacked” the Skripals, blaming his handlers, to kill two birds with one stone.
Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Owner of hotel where novichok spies stayed for two nights was only told by police about his killer guests YESTERDAY - and he still doesn't know which room they were in

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Theresa May's New Statement on Russia's Nerve Agent Attack in England's Green and Pleasant Land Drives Intelligence Irregulars to Renewed Effort on the Novichok File

Theresa May's latest Parliamentary statement concerning the depraved, hooliganist, gangsterism of Vlad the Poisoner Putin has given Internet sleuths and secret agents a second wind in their investigation of the alleged, bungled, Russian-state-authorized WMD attack on the now missing Russian traitor, Segei Skripal, in carried out in the heart of England's normally peaceful cathedral town of Salisbury.  

Recognizing the fertility of imagination and intellectual heft of many among this groups of investigators, not to mention the literally thousands of individuals who have commented on their work, suffice it here to provide links to the state of the investigation as viewed by among the best and brightest of the intelligence irregulars.

George Galloway:

RT: RT editor-in-chief’s exclusive interview with Skripal case suspects Petrov & Boshirov (TRANSCRIPT) 
Sky News: Salisbury novichok poisoning: Russian 'spies' filmed window shopping after attack
CBC: Putin says Russia identified suspects in Novichok poisoning
Strategic Culture Foundation: Britain Should Be in the Dock Over Skripal Saga, Not Russia
Rob Slane: Petrov, Boshirov and the Missing 42 Minutes
Craig Murray: Skripals – The Mystery Deepens
Digital Journal: U.K. authorities name suspects in the Skripal poisoning case
George Galloway: Salisbury is far from a Novichok Slam-Dunk
Moon of Alabama: The Strange Timestamp In The New Novichok 'Evidence' - UPDATED

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Why President Trump Will Never Reopen the 9/11 Investigation

Thierry Meyssan, a French journalist and political activist, founder of the Voltaire Network and author or the book: 9/11 The Big Lie, has issued an open letter to President Trump demanding that he reopen the 9/11 investigation. He writes:

Mister President,

The crimes of 11 September 2001 have never been judged in your country. I am writing to you as a French citizen, the first person to denounce the inconsistencies of the official version and to open the world to the debate and the search for the real perpetrators.

In a criminal court, as the jury, we have to determine whether the suspect presented to us is guilty or not, and eventually, to decide what punishment he should receive. When we suffered the events of 9/11, the Bush Junior administration told us that the guilty party was Al-Qaïda, and the punishment they should receive was the overthrow of those who had helped them – the Afghan Taliban, then the Iraqi régime of Saddam Hussein.

However, there is a weight of evidence which attests to the impossibility of this thesis. If we were members of a jury, we would have to declare objectively that the Taliban and the régime of Saddam Hussein were innocent of this crime. Of course, this alone would not enable us to name the real culprits, and we would thus be frustrated. But we could not conceive of condemning parties innocent of such a crime simply because we have not known how, or not been able, to find the guilty parties.

We all understood that certain senior personalities were lying when the Secretary of State for Justice and Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, revealed the names of the 19 presumed hijackers, because we already had in front of us the lists disclosed by the airline companies of all of the passengers embarked - lists on which none of the suspects were mentioned.

Read more
There is, however, not the slightest possibility that Trump will do anything to uncover the truth about 9/11 for the simple reason that Trump was a party to covering up the truth in the first place. Interviewed by a German TV reporter two days after 9/11, Trump clearly articulated the official cover story:

Why did the buildings come down?

It was the tremendous power, the tremendous heat... the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building. Sixteen hundred degrees temperature. I guess that's probably more than anything could take, no matter what.

What could have prevented such a disaster?

People were willing to die and willing to become Kami Kazis. There's very little you can do about it.*

How must the US respond?

 They have to find out who did it and they have to go after those people.

So there you have it. The full official narrative.
(1) Kami Kazis, you can't stop 'em.

(2) Jet fuel fires, bound to bring the buildings down, even though they were designed to withstand precisely that, an airliner strike and jet fuel fire.

(3) We gotta go to war with whoever they say did it. 
Trump is, was, and for decades past has been as much a creature of the so-called deep state as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Bushes. He`s just with a different faction, a faction that has split with the globalist Clinton faction. Trump, a military academy graduate, is the public face of a faction based in the military. It is because of his military backing that Trump has not been assassinated. If the Clinton camp were to murder Trump, the Trump faction would execute a military counter-coup and dispose of their opponents in the traditional military fashion with firing squads, or indefinite incarceration.

The military have put their man Trump in power because they know they cannot defeat or contain rival powers without rebuilding the industrial base upon which the ability to deliver overwhelming military force anywhere any time depends. That`s what Making America Great Again is about: it is about rebuilding both industrial capacity and public morale as the necessary foundations of continued global military domination.
* Especially when the Vice-President, Dick Cheney, acting for the President who on a childrens' story book reading trip, had ordered a NORAD stand down

Friday, August 31, 2018

Google: The Crooked Search Engine

See for yourself:

DuckDuckGo: Image search for "Idiot"

Bing: Image search for "Idiot"

Google: Image search for "Idiot"



Breitbart: Nolte: Google Tape Proves You Cannot Trust CNN, NYT, or Even Fox News

CanSpeccy: How the Shit CEO of Google, the Dirty Search Engine Company, Dicked Himself

Almost needless to say, a search for "CanSpeccy +James Damore" in Duck Duck Go brings up the above CanSpeccy article on the second line of the first page. The same search in Google yields a total two pages of results none of which include the linked article. So if you like wearing blinkers, go on using Google, as directed by a shit CEO.

For myself, I guess that means moving back to WordPress.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ambassador Craig Murray Examines the British Deep State's Connection with the Skripal Nerve Agent Poisonings

Craig Murray reminds me of Rex Stout's fat detective, Nero Wolf: he is very lazy and very bright, but when he exerts himself one is rewarded by a display of genuine intellectual heft. Murray's recent blog post, which focuses on the poisoning of Russian double-agent, Sergei Skripal (or was he a triple that the Brits had no further use for?) and his Daughter, Yulia, signals a surge of activity that should be worth watching.

Murray begins his post by reference to a Freedom of Information request submitted to the BBC, the British state's official propaganda outlet:

On 8 July 2018 a lady named Kirsty Eccles asked what, in its enormous ramifications, historians may one day see as the most important Freedom of Information request ever made. The rest of this post requires extremely close and careful reading, and some thought, for you to understand that claim.
Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,
1: Why did BBC Newsnight correspondent Mark Urban keep secret from the licence payers that he had been having meetings with Sergei Skripal only last summer.
2: When did the BBC know this?
3: Please provide me with copies of all correspondence between yourselves and Mark Urban on the subject of Sergei Skripal.
Yours faithfully,
Kirsty Eccles
The ramifications of this little request ... cut right to the heart of the ramping up of the new Cold War, of the BBC’s propaganda collusion with the security services to that end, and to the concoction of fraudulent evidence in the Steele “dirty dossier”.

A challenge, that is, to the British Government's claim to democratic legitimacy and one that Murray himself has pursued with an unanswered request for information from BBC news editor, Mark Urban.

What next, I have no idea, but Murray ends his piece with the words of the Scottish/American, naval commander, John Paul Jones:

“We have not yet begun to fight.”

And for those unfamiliar with the words of John Paul Jones, here's an outline of the kind of fight Murray is talking about:

At the outbreak of hostilities with the British in 1776, Captain John Paul Jones, in command of the Providence, wrecked the enemy fishing industry in Nova Scotia and captured sixteen prize British vessels. In 1777 and 1778 he captained the Ranger and raided along the English coast, bringing the war home to King George and his subjects. In recognition of his feats, the Continental Navy put him in command of five American and French warships, including his flagship, the Bonhomme Richard. Commodore Jones led his tiny squadron on raids of the Scottish coast, disrupting commerce, capturing numerous merchant ships, and making an aggravating nuisance of himself to the Crown and Royal Navy.

John Paul Jones later engaged in one of the bloodiest naval engagements of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Flamborough Head, off the northern coast of England. At dawn on September 23, 1779, his four-ship squadron spotted what they believed to be a 41-ship convoy, guarded by the 44-gun Royal Navy frigate, Serapis, and the sloop-of-war HMS Countess of Scarborough. One of his squadron, the warship Alliance, captained by a Frenchman, refused to obey Commodore Jones' orders to engage the enemy.

He attacked the Serapis, but two of his heavy 18-pound cannon burst in the opening salvo, seriously damaging the Bonhomme Richard and killing many sailors. John Paul abandoned the use of his heavy cannon, believing them to be too dangerous. The Serapis pounded and raked his ship with her heavy cannon. Severely mauled and outgunned, his ship on fire and sinking, John Paul had few options. The British commander issued a taunting demand for John Paul to surrender. His lieutenant recorded his historic words of defiance,

"I have not yet begun to fight!"

John Paul knew that his only hope was to attack and board his enemy, so he swung his burning vessel around to ram the British warship. They came alongside and bound the ships together with grappling hooks. To John Paul's astonishment, the Alliance showed up two hours after the fight began and poured cannon fire into both ships.

In bloody hand-to-hand combat, his crew fought the British sailors with hand grenades, musket fire and sabers-and overcame them. The British commander was forced to surrender the Serapis to the Americans. Jones' crew tried desperately to save the Bonhomme Richard but the damage was too great and the vessel was lost. John Paul crossed over to the Serapis and took command of one of the greatest naval prizes of the war.

Source: American Thinker

So stay tuned. The fight over the fraudulence of the May government's Russian WMD attack narrative may yet have spectacular consequences.

Craig Murray: Imagine if the BBC Were Honest

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Skripal Poisonings: The Ducks That Didn't Die

Rob Slane continues to dog the lying British state on its phony investigation of the alleged WMD nerve agent poisoning of Russian traitor Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, midst England's green and pleasant land.

In the fifth, and most recent, of ten planned blog posts on holes in the official narrative of the Salisbury poisonings Slane raises the issue of the dead ducks, or rather their absence.

Well, actually, Slane says nothing much of the ducks, but speaks rather of the duck feeders, a bunch of boys who received duck-bread from the nerve-agent contaminated hands of the Skripals:

After parking the car, at 1:40 pm, the two of them [the Skripals] were seen near the Avon Playground, in The Maltings, feeding ducks with some local boys. This was at 1:45pm and has been confirmed to me by one of the boys’ mothers, who was shown the CCTV footage by the police, which she said was really clear. She also confirmed to me that Mr. Skripal was wearing jeans and a leather jacket, and that Yulia Skripal had a red bag.

The Metropolitan Police apparently don’t think the duck feeding incident important enough to include in their timeline, and so after the parking of the car, we are treated to the vague statement that, “at some time after this, they go to the Bishops Mill Pub.”

But it is incredibly important, for the following reason: it totally, completely and comprehensively debunks the idea that Mr Skripal was poisoned at his home, after his hand came into contact with a deadly nerve agent on the handle of his front door. Why?

What's more, none of the ducks died, so far as we know, and we would surely have known of it if there had been a die off of ducks fed by the Skripals, further evidence of Russia's totally evil contempt not only for the British state, but the whole living world.

And if you think it far-fetched to suppose that by handing them duck bread the Skripals could have unintentionally poisoned the boys in the park, think again, for as Rob Slane elaborates:

... Zizzis [the restaurant where the Skripals had lunch] has remained shut since the incident, because it was apparently contaminated, and the table that the Skripals ate their meal at “had to be destroyed” because of the apparently high concentration of nerve agent there. Likewise, The Mill [the pub to which the Skripals repaired for an after-lunch tipple] has been closed ever since. And of course the bench [where the Skripals were found apparently incapacitated by Novichoks] too had to be destroyed, since it was apparently contaminated.

But these were all places visited by the Skripals AFTER the feeding of the ducks.

And so we are asked to believe the following preposterous notion: That Sergei and Yulia Skripal’s hands were contaminated with “military grade nerve agent” at the door of Mr. Skripal’s house, so much so that certain places they visited on that afternoon had to undergo months of decontamination, and certain items they touched had to be destroyed.
But if the Skripals were so contaminated with a deadly nerve agent that giving duck bread to the boys in the park should have poisoned them, what about the ducks that eat the bread that the Skripals gave to the boys in the park. Obviously they would have died. Right? Um, yes, well apparently, not. 

Well done Rob. Keep at it. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Why Both Liberals and Conservatives Hate Trump and How Their Antagonism Hurts Canadians

Everyone hates Trump: Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives. Paul Ryan, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May. They hate Trump because he is the enemy of the elite factions, aka, the Deep States, that rule the Western nations.

The Deep State despises the people, who they see as cattle to be controlled and exploited. The Deep State  rules not in the interests of the people, but to serve as  agents of the global Money Power.

Thus, as Justin Trudeau declared to the New York Times, the Canadian nation is defunct.

 ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’... There are shared values* [which are] what make us the first postnational state.’’ Justin Trudeau — New York Times.

*Such values to be dictated by the elite by means of school and media brainwashing, social media and search engine censorship, and by legal enforcement of political correctness through pseudo human rights tribunals, and other mechanisms of fake social justice. 
Trump is a throwback. He is a King and Country ruler. The King protects the People, the People defend the King. Thus were nations long ruled by wise monarchs, Elizabeth I of England, for example, and later by aristocratic elites, as in the early days of Britain's parliamentary democracy.

To the globalist, Treason-Party elites that run the Western nations, nothing more catastrophic that the election of President Donald Trump can be conceived. What use to the International Money Power is a US Congressman if Trump can just slap a 25% tariff on any imported good he chooses, steel, machinery, computers and car parts, shirts and shoes and a thousand other things? Such actions disrupt the profitable employment of trillions invested in a world headed for global governance and the unrestricted international movement of capital, technology, goods and labor. What use are contribution to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation, or the appointment of former Canadian Prime Ministers to the boards of international companies if the Government of Canada caves to the Trump agenda?

For the Canadian people, however, what is bad for the elite in the Trump agenda is clearly good for them. Were Canada to seek a place within the American trade ring-fence, investment would boom as it is already booming in the US, labor markets would become tight, wages would rise. Inflation would pickup, as would interest rates, and Canada's grotesquely inflated housing market would slump. Houses would then be cheap again, young people would form households earlier, the national fertility rate would, heaven forbid, rise, and the need for mass replacement immigration would subside, as the  globalist-battered Canadian nation revived.


IWB: Schweizer Exposes More Joe Biden Corruption — It’s ‘Going to be a Central Issue’ in 2020. “Corruption is being globalized.”

Sunday, August 26, 2018

People Smell: Get Used to It

Anatoly Karlin, speaking of the trouble with Russians, writes:

Walk into any crowd of decent size in Moscow or (probably) any other Russian city in the summer and you’ll get the distinct impression that most people haven’t yet heard of deodorant.
What he seems unaware of is that if you walked into any crowd of any size in any place prior to around 1950, you’d have got the distinct impression that most people hadn’t heard of deodorant.
And the thing is, that the cleanness that is possible only for very rich Americans and a few others, is really the anomaly. People, like all animals, smell. I distinctly recall the smell of people when I was a child in late 1940′s Britain. Then, nine out of ten houses had no indoor toilet, let alone a bathroom. If people bathed at all, and many did not, they did so in a tin tub before the kitchen stove, usually no more than once a week.
And the thing was, that the smell of people was then just a natural thing, something rarely to be remarked upon, and not necessarily unpleasant either. In fact, the general failure of America marriage, and the failure of white Americans to achieve anywhere near a replacement fertility rate, may well be due chiefly to a combination of deodorants and the pill, which prevent women signalling sexual receptivity by smell. 
On the basis of deodorant use alone, one may expect, therefore, that the Russians may have more luck restoring their fertility to the replacement rate or better, than those so very clean Euro-Americans. 
In fact, the problem for many people today is that they wash so much that their natural skin flora is disrupted, which can result in colonization by particularly odious bacteria, which create an effluvium worse than that of the totally unwashed unless copiously treated with antibiotic deodorants and synthetic aromatics.
In any case, if you live with the unwashed for long enough you will likely get used to the smell a human crowd, which in time will seem as natural as the smell of the cow barn or chicken run.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fixing the Mental Decline of the Western Nations

The IQ's of the people of the Western nations are falling, and have been for some time. Why exactly that is so remains to be determined. It is a fact, however, that those of low income and thus, in general, of lower intelligence, have more children than those of high income, which suggests that dysgenic breeding has played an important role in the dimming of the Western mind. If, therefore, a reversal in the trend in Western intelligence is to be achieved, many of the necessary means are apparent.

For example, every child should be DNA-typed at birth and matched to the father who will be required either to provide financial support for the child or make a choice between sterilization or debtors’ jail. To induce compliance, women failing to identify the father should be denied all welfare benefits.

Equally tough measures can be envisaged and would have to be employed to restrain the fertility of indigent women.

At the opposite end of the social spectrum, tax measures could be used to raise fertility. Massive child-related tax rebates on incomes of both parents — delivered in cash to the mother, would provide, in part, the financial security that women with the ability to pursue a successful career need if they are to devote more time to child raising, in a world of no-fault divorce.

Then, of course, there’s the moron culture, political correctness, and crap schools which damage the brains of everyone. How to fix those problems, goodness knows. But perhaps if we can first up the intelligence of the whole population by adopting an intelligent breeding strategy, we’ll be able to figure out a solution for the culture too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Jordan Peterson: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech

In warning us of the tyrannical intentions of those who seek to control free speech, Jordan Peterson has contributed to public understanding of the dangerous course on which the likes of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal/PC community seek to drive us.

The Intolerance of a Liberal: Trudeau Meets a Quebec Nationalist:


Katie Hopkins: Do not let this great country of America, becom like the United Kingdom

Friday, August 17, 2018

Destruction of the West: A Guide For Immigrants

Man is a territorial animal. So just because you live in what President Trump might call a shit-house country it does not mean that people in more fortunate places want you to come and join them. On the contrary, they' know you're a high risk for  fleas, lice, drugs and crime, that you likely have a minimal education, a low IQ and if admitted to their midst will soon be a burden on the taxpayer as a recipient of welfare, healthcare, and free schooling for your kids.

How then to proceed? There are basically three ways to invade another country for the purpose of settlement:

First, is the imperial approach as employed by those with the means from the time of Babylon and Ur, to that of the British conquests of Mashonaland and Matabeleland, better known today as Zimbabwe. In concept, the approach is straight forward: just smash your way in with swords drawn or Maxim guns blazing and set up a government. As for the locals, they may be put to death in the Israelite manner:

Joshua Chapter 11:
10: And Joshua turned back at that time, and took Hazor, and smote its king with the sword; for Hazor formerly was the head of all those kingdoms.
11: And they put to the sword all who were in it, utterly destroying them; there was none left that breathed, and he burned Hazor with fire.
12: And all the cities of those kings, and all their kings, Joshua took, and smote them with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying them, as Moses the servant of the LORD had commanded.
13: But none of the cities that stood on mounds did Israel burn, except Hazor only; that Joshua burned.
14: And all the spoil of these cities and the cattle, the people of Israel took for their booty; but every man they smote with the edge of the sword, until they had destroyed them, and they did not leave any that breathed.

Or the natives of the occupied land may be be sold into slavery or otherwise reduced to servitude, as in England following the invasions of, first, the Romans, then the Anglo-Saxons, and last, until the post World War II era, the Normans under the rule of King William I.

Second, is to form an alliance with the Treason Party of the targeted nation: as did, for example, the Vikings who allied with English barons seeking to wrest power from Alfred the Great (868–899), who at one point was driven to take refuge in the swamps of Someset until able to organize a resistance that restored his authority. Alfred then created the English Navy the first task of which was to intercept Viking long ships before they made landfall.

Today the treason party is the globalist Money Power. The Money Power seeks the destruction of the democratic nation state, which is the chief obstacle to its goal of global governance. To this end, the Money Power works with the poor and down-trodden of the world in the name of socialism to smash down the borders of the Western states. Hence the cry of the fascistic Antifa crowd funded by the Jewish war-time Nazi collaborator, George Soros:

"No border, no wall, no USA at all!" The Soros Funded left-wing anarchist group Antifa chanted 'death to America' during another violent protest in Washington, DC, on Sunday.

In shocking video captured by Breitbart journalist Ian Mason, Antifa members along with open borders activists can be seen marching down the streets demanding an end to the United States.

“No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa and open borders activists chanted as they marched in Washington D.C.

Third: is to proceed the legal way, in accordance with the laws of the nation to which you wish to be joined. This, of course takes time, perhaps many years to go through the legal process, and the effort is by no means guaranteed of success. You may be found unsuitable for lack of in-demand professional or technical qualifications, linguistic skills, or perhaps racial requirements, for example, descent from an ex-patriot of the country to which you seek entry.

Should you succeed in achieving legal admission to the country of your choice, and should you then learn the language of the country and respect the customs of the people, you will in time be accepted as a fellow citizen and you, or at least your posterity, will become one with the nation.

But if your attempt at legal migration fails, you could always work to defeat the Treason Party of your own country. In so doing you may hope to make life better there not only for yourself, but for all those of your kith and kin.

Immigration by the third route is, obviously, the only way that sane people in any country will tolerate immigration, which on an large scale has the potential to destroy the welfare of the native group through mass competition for jobs and housing, and by the destruction of the indigenous gene pool and cultural traditions. Indeed, wherever such damage to native groups is evident, as it is currently throughout the Western world, one can be sure that the Treason Party is successfully at work. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

FaceBookZoo: How the Tech Giants Are Destroying the Galaxy

Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant is ‘killing the internet’
A new anti-Facebook blog, giving small and mid-sized publishers a place to vent their frustrations over the tech giant's censorship policies and algorithms hiding their content, has gone live despite legal threats.

FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the company's censorship policy, as well as outline how its "ever-changing algorithms" have drastically affected their livelihoods in favor of shareholder profit.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Bashing the Burqa: Boris Johnson Speaks for England

James Delingpole:
[I]n positioning himself as a gently mocking opponent of the burqa, Boris has done his political cause no disservice: at little personal cost and with zero effort he has suddenly established himself as Britain’s Voice of Common Sense — the politician who says what everyone is thinking.
But the real winning move for Boris is the one that all his opponents have been making.
... Every time an Islamist pressure group shrieks “Islamophobia” (while remaining strangely unmoved by: terrorism; rape gangs; FGM; no-go zones; honour killings)…
Every time another SJW “explains” on Twitter how only Muslims can joke about burqas and that for everyone else the entire religion is off limits…
Every time another Remoaner Conservative demands that Boris should apologise — or be disciplined, or resign for saying something that the vast majority of British people agree with…
Every time the BBC runs yet another story giving just one side of the argument — the anti-Boris, anti-Brexit, pro-Islamist side, obvs…
…the majority of people in Britain just shake their heads and go: “This is why I voted Brexit.”
And it makes them more determined than ever to make sure that Brexit happens.
Full article: Here

Understanding "the Right to Chose"

Via: The Maverick Philosopher

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Europe's Dying People

Click for a larger image. Source

The people of Europe's are dying.
There is not a European nation with a total fertility rate at, or in excess of, the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman. Moreover, in all European-majority countries, the total fertility rate among Europeans is less than that of the population as a whole, with the fertility of immigrants, taken together, being greater than the European rate, in some cases massively so.
In Britain, for example, while white British women have a fertility rate of barely two-thirds the replacement rate, the rate for immigrants from Libya is over 5.5.

Such number indicate that the European nations are committing suicide to make way for people from what are, for the most part, vastly larger and more populous countries than their own. To all of Britain's last half dozen or so governments, and presumably the governments of most other European majority states, the death of the nation must be regarded as a good thing. That is why we designate the likes of May, Merkel, and Micron members of the Treason Party. Either the people kick the traitors out, or the traitors will destroy the people.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

FarceBook: The Stupid Face of Tyranny

Today, Facebook suspended the Natural News account after it posted a quote by Mohandas Gandhi, leader of India's independence movement and an advocate of non-violent protest. Here's the quote:

Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.

Mohandas Gandhi, Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth, page 446.

Inflammatory, eh!

These techies really are geniuses — at getting money, that is. Otherwise, LOL.

Well, actually, it's not funny. They seem to have the mentality of the Gestapo. 

As Natural News commented:

This historical quote was apparently too much for Facebook's censors to bear. They suspended our account and gave us a "final warning" that one more violation of their so-called "community guidelines" would result in our account being permanently deactivated.

They then demanded we send them a color copy of a "government issued identification" in order to reactivate our account. ...

The tyrannical mentality of Zucks and co. becomes evident when one realizes that Ghandi's statement about the British disarming Indians reflected Ghandi's belief, shared by the US Congress which passed the Second Amendment to the Constitution,* in the right of a free people to deploy violence in defense against an oppressive government. Thus, in his Doctrine of the Sword, Ghandi wrote:

I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence. Thus when my eldest son asked me what he should have done, had he been present when I was almost fatally assaulted in 1908, whether he should have run away and seen me killed or whether he should have used his physical force which he could and wanted to use, and defended me, I told him that it was his duty to defend me even by using violence. ...
* The Second Amendment to the US Constitution states that: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That India was not a "free State", was of course, the reason the Brits denied Indians the right to bear arms. Likewise, today, Ameria is not a free state, hence application of the First Amendment to the US constitution, recognizing the right of free speech is ignored with impunity by the techie tyrants.


Breitbart: Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why Did It Take the Geniuses of Tech Until Now to Discover That Alex Jones of Infowars Is Full of Crap

Here's what we wrote seven years ago:

If you thought Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was a historian, think again.

In this video, Tarpley and Alex Jones compete to spout the most rubbish about the British Parliamentary system of government.

That was two years ago. Since then, they have learned nothing as this discussion arising out of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton demonstrates.

According to these geniuses, Britain and 15 other countries nominally headed by Britain's constitutional monarch are, in reality as well as in name, largely ruled by the octogenarian great grandmother, Elizabeth Windsor, who Tarpley decribes as a degenerate, psychopathic, genocidal Nazi maniac.

Astounding. They cannot really be that stupid can they? But if not, what propaganda interest do they serve?

For the record (from Wikipedia):
In Britain, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 led to a constitutional monarchy restricted by laws such as the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701, although limits on the power of the monarch ('A Limited Monarchy') are much older than that (see Magna Carta). Today the monarchy in Britain is politically neutral and by convention the role is largely ceremonial.[1] No person may accept significant public office without swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen.
The claim agreed upon by these wackos that the Queen dissolves Parliament at will, chooses the Prime Minister, sets the Government's agenda by the "Queen's speech," declares war or made the decision to evict the residents of the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia to make way for an American air base is a farrago of nonsense or simply a collection of preposterous lies.
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Source: CanSpeccy, Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley: Propagating Looney Lies About the British Monarch

Also in 2011 we pointed out another load of garbage from Jones in a piece entitled:

Cecil Rhodes' secret society for Anglo-Saxon global empire and Alex Jones--Master of Misdirection

That the tech media companies, Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify took until now to figure out that Alex Jones is fake news, suggests that the geniuses of tech are not quite as as bright as they seem to think their fabulous wealth implies. That they acted against the lying loose wheel Jones only in concert, suggests that they don't have much in the way of guts either. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Abolish the Income Tax

Among nations of hunters, there is hardly any property. People usually have nothing to gain from injuring others, and there is little need for any formal administration of justice. But where property exists, things are otherwise. There are potential gains from theft. The avarice and ambition of the rich, or the desire for ease and enjoyment among the poor, can lead to private property being invaded. ...  It is only under the shelter of the civil magistrate that the owner of that valuable property, which is acquired by the labour of many years, or perhaps of many successive generations, can sleep a single night in security.

Adam Smith: The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

In Canada the rich have done well in recent years. The total wealth of the top 20% of the population exceeds $8 trillion, or more than $1.3 million per person, versus an average net worth of about $7,000 for the remaining 80% the population.

Why then should the 80% pay Federal tax on income in excess of a starvation wages of just over $11 thousand, to provide security for the 20%, with an average of 185 times as much wealth as they themselves possess?

Not only are ordinary working Canadians taxed on ridiculously small amounts of income, but they are subject to multiple other imposts from provincial income and sales taxes, the Federal GST, UI payments, and multiple hidden taxes and duties such as the gas tax, and taxes passed on to them in the price of goods and services that they purchase, including import duties, business licenses many other government imposed charges.

It is time to redress the balance between the rich beneficiaries of police and military protection from both domestic and foreign thieves and predators, and the poor who mostly respect the rights of the wealthy while themselves subsisting on, and possessing, very little. 

To start with, then, let's abolish the income tax, source of half the Federal Government's revenue. True rich people pay most of it, but by deferral of capital gains tax, tax shelters, offshoring of revenue to the Bahamas, Panama, or other tax havens, the rich usually pay rather trivial amounts of income tax relative to their total income.

To compensate for the lost revenue, the first thing the Federal Government can do is cut spending, including spending on programs to help poor people who, having been freed of the income tax, won't now be quite so poor. But assuming that pissing away about half the wealth of the country on mindless bureaucracy and the destruction of national resources such as the Atlantic cod fishery,  and the Pacific Salmon fishery is what governments in Canada are irrevocably committed to doing, then an alternative to the income tax as a source of revenue will be required. 

The best solution would be to jack up the GST from the current 5% to around 20%, which is less by a substantial margin than the sales tax, or VAT, levied in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and Croatia where the rate is 25% or more.

True, the GST is a burden on poor people. But it can be refunded in full to the 80% based on their tax returns. The GST would then serve as a consumption tax on rich people. The rich would be able to avoid the GST by spending less, but in so doing they would contribute to the development of the economy by investing their saved income in productive ways that will, in general, be beneficial to all. 

In addition, if a shortfall of revenue remains, the gap should be filled by a yearly capital tax of one  percent on all  wealth in excess of, say, $10 million. Such a tax, which would affect only the O.01%, would bring in not much less than $80 billion, which would be more than enough to cover any gap that might otherwise exist in the Federal Budget. 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Why is Trump fighting the trade war?

Writing at the American Thinker, Greg Richards asks:

Why is Trump fighting the trade war?

Critics of Trump's trade policies think everything is okay if we don't do anything. The chart at the right shows that everything is not okay if we don't do anything.

Here's why:

This is a chart of capital spending in the U.S. from 1968 through to the present. It is a straightforward presentation of monthly data from the Commerce Department. There is nothing clever, nothing tricky about this presentation or about the time frame chosen. The Commerce Department started this series in 1968. It superseded another series on capital spending.

Why is this chart important?

It is a death sentence for America.
Why so? Here's the explanation that no university-trained economist can understand because they've never read David Ricardo, they just accepted the lies their professors taught them*. 

... Economists think mercantilism can never work, thus Trump attacking it as practiced by China is a fool's errand or worse. This is based on the early 19th-century Theory of Comparative Advantage developed by David Ricardo. It states that among trading parties, even if one party's production costs are greater in all goods than the other party's, the first party should focus on those goods where it has a comparative advantage – i.e., where its own cost of production is lower. If the two countries then trade, both will improve their welfare. If, under these conditions, a country practices mercantilism, it impoverishes itself. This is a substantial insight.
But it depends on a key assumption: that capital is fixed. Ricardo's example was that the British should raise sheep and the French should make wine, and they should trade these goods with each other. The example was based on climate, the ultimate in fixed capital.

With capital mobile, as it is now, mercantilism works. By forcing a trading partner to move its assets, technology, know-how, intellectual property, and R&D to the mercantilist country in order to participate in its market, a country can build itself up at the expense of its trading partner. Following its accession to the WTO, China has been strip-mining the U.S. economy of high value-added industries and high-wage jobs by doing this.

*And why did their professors teach them lies?

For the reason that the late, great Canadian economist, John Kenneth Galbraith explained: because all universities are controlled by very rich people or their puppets and very rich people are globalists, intent on moving their capital (including technology) from the rich countries, where wages are high, to poor countries, where wages are low, thereby increasing the return to capital. That means impoverishing the people of the rich countries who lose their source of wealth, namely, their jobs.

Do today's teachers of economics deliberately lie? Probably not. Today, no one seems to read original sources. The required qualification for a university teaching job is not knowledge, wisdom or the ability to think, but proof of having received a requisite number of hours of instruction in approved courses, all taught, not from original sources, but from textbooks created by publishing giants owned by globalist corporations with no interest in promoting understanding of the economic consequences of globalization among those who are its victims.

Read entire article at the American Thinker

Thanks to Vox Pop for the reference

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hungary's Victor Orban States the Conditions for National Survival

Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, has enunciated the principles on which he believes the survival of the Eastern European nations depends. Stated in general terms these principles are a precondition to the survival of every nation:

... every  country has the right to defend its ... culture, and to reject the ideology of multiculturalism.

... every country has the right to defend the traditional family model, and is entitled to assert that every child has the right to a mother and a father.

... every country has the right to defend the strategic economic sectors and markets which are of crucial [national] importance.

... every country has the right to defend its borders, and it has the right to reject immigration.
Opinion polls leave no doubt that the great majority in every European country support these principles.

Yet the majority of Western states, including those headed by the three M's, the childless May, Merkel and former Rothschild banker, Micron, pursue the globalist agenda for cultural and racial genocide of the European nations through the suppression of native fertility, mass replacement immigration, multiculturalism, destruction of family values, and the export of jobs to the lowest-wage jurisdictions.

Will Soros, the Koch Brothers and the rest of the globalist Money Power reduce mankind to a mongrelized mass in a post-democratic world with a degraded culture arising as a byproduct of the commercial system? Or is Orban's Hungary the starting place for the anti-globalist rebellion?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Not all university professors are scoundrels or morons

Not all university professors are scoundrels or morons. Here's one who's not:

A FaceBook post by NYU professor Michael Rectenwald:

We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution — with the power of the corporate mass media, corporate social media, the academy, most of corporate America, the deep state, the shadow government, and most of the legal apparatuses behind it.

Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty monsters are ravaging our cultural legacies as well as our contemporary arts and letters.

Our entire culture is under siege and undergoing an utter and relentless social justice dismantling.

Leftist totalitarianism is running amok. We’re on the precipice of completely losing our culture, the benefits of western civilization, and the entire legacy of western civilizational history.

A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.
Also, by Michael Rectenwald:

Why Political Correctness Is Incorrect

And about Michael Rectenwald:


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

White Racism Bad: Black Racism Good?

Beside a few thousand hunter gatherer Bushmen (Khoisan), the Europeans were the first South Africans, settling there long before the African tribes, including the Zulus and Xhosas, that migrated to the territory from the North. 

The first European settlers [arrived] in South Africa in 1488... This ethnic group has a Dutch, French, German, and English ancestors. Around 61% of them are called Afrikaners and speak Afrikaans, which has its roots in the Dutch language. Another 36% speak English. They account for just over 8% of the entire South African population. (Source: World Atlas)

When the early Portuguese sailors (cf. Vasco Da Gama and Bartholomew Dias) rounded the Cape of Good Hope in the 15th century very few Bantu speakers were found there. The predominant indigenous population around the Cape was made up of Khoisan peoples. Following the establishment of the Dutch Cape Colony [in 1652], European settlers began arriving in Southern Africa in substantial numbers. Around 1770 Trekboers from the Cape encountered Bantu speakers around the Great Fish River and frictions arose between the two groups. (Source: Wikipedia)
But the time of the white South African farmer is apparently up. For years, white farmers in South Africa have faced a high risk of violent crime and murder:

Activists say South African authorities are tacitly approving attacks on the country’s white farmers, with one being murdered every five days, and the police turning a blind eye to the violence.

The white nationalist lobbying group AfriForum says that ... there have been 109 recorded attacks so far in 2018 and 15 farm murders, meaning that this year, one white farmer has been killed every five days. (Source: Newsweek)
Now the ethnic cleansing of white South African farmers has  become the object of constitutional "reform." According to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa:

the ruling African National Congress must initiate a parliamentary process to enshrine in the
constitution a proposed amendment, paving the way for land grabs without compensation.

Ramaphosa, who vowed to return the lands owned by the white farmers since the 1600s to the country's black population after he assumed office in February this year, said on Tuesday that the ANC would introduce a constitutional amendment in parliament. 
Few in Europe seems to care, although the Aussies are admitting white farmers from South Africa, as are the Russians. 

Following Australia’s offer of fast tracking visas for White South African farmers in April, Russia has now agreed to take 15,000 Boers. The decision by the Russian government to allow the immigration follows the well documented troubles in South Africa, where White farmers are being attacked or killed in an attempt by the ANC to reclaim land. In Australia, The Boers are already making a successful home for themselves in and around Perth. (Source: Defend Europa)
Meantime, it is reported that:

... the Khoisan, or Kung, people of South Africa, the true original inhabitants, demand that, before expropriating land from white South Africans, the government hand title to all land back to them. (Source: Sunday Times)
How soon, one wonders, before the poverty-stricken, knife-wielding, acid throwing "refugees," from Africa, Asia and the Middle East that have become the majority in the great, formerly European cities of New York, London, Paris, Birmingham, Franckfurt am Main, etc., will demand, through the ballot box, constitutional "reform" to dispossess what remains of the indigenous white population of their property. In this, the settlers will be assisted by the billionaire representatives of the Money Power,  including the Koch Brothers:

Pro-mass immigration GOP mega-donor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening to support Democrats who push for open borders and multinational free trade in the upcoming midterm elections.

During a conference with millionaire and billionaire donors, officials with the Kochs’ network of organizations said that they would gladly put funding in the pockets of Democrats so long as they support aspects of their agenda, which include promoting mass immigration and job-killing free trade deals..(Source: Breitbart)
And George Soros:

... billionaire George Soros wants the European Union to deal with the continent’s refugee crisis by maintaining an open borders policy... (Source: Daily Caller)

Daily Caller: NY Times Latest Editorial Hire Tweeted: “Dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants", etc.

You're Either With the People or You're With Globalist Money Power

Would you be proud to be a Canadian, a,, resident, of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls "the world's first post-national state"? Or do you believe that Canadians should care first for their own people and the preservation of their traditional culture and morality, not the profitability of global capital?

The following from an article in First Things, by Matthew Schmitz, draws attention to the way in which the world of capital and its lackeys strive to shape cultural norms to their own purpose.

These are the culture war’s true battle lines. On one side are well-scrubbed members of the managerial class who believe that any constraint on the free movement of labor, goods, and capital is a violation of “global values.” They are fully committed to the central project of neoliberalism: the insulation of markets from democratic pressure. They also wish to protect desire from any legal, cultural, or moral restraint. On the other side are unwashed people of varying political stripes who intuit that economic life should be subject to political authority, which today rests in the nation. They believe in moral norms and national boundaries.

Christians need to practice cultural realpolitik. No explanation of the meaning of marriage, however ­rigorously argued or scrupulously secular, can overcome the power of a managerial elite that is wholly opposed to the kind of society for which Christians hope. Refusal to see this has been fatal to the traditionalists’ cause. While ­arguing against liberal social changes, they have cheered economic policies that harm their natural allies and aid their opponents. They have handed a shovel to their own gravedigger.

Progressives now stand with global capital, as the Pride Parade so clearly shows. Christians in turn should stand with the working class, which is more religious, more diverse, and more patriotic than the managerial elite. Only by reducing inequality and restraining corporations can Christians avoid being buried. Only by challenging the ideology of free markets and open borders can they advance their view of the common good. The struggle between woke capital and the working class will determine the outcome of the culture war.
 Thanks to the Maverick Philosopher for the link.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Quote of the Decade:

Bernie Sanders,
July 28, 2015

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was interviewed by Ezra Klein of Vox, and Klein asked Sanders about "open borders."

Open borders" is a Koch brothers proposal — a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. It would make everybody in America poorer - you're doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that. (Source)
Mass replacement immigration to the European nations is an open borders policy implemented by globalist stooges and traitors across the West, including the three M's, May, Merkel and Micron, plus Trudeau and Obama.


Breitbart: Midterms: Billionaire Koch Brothers Threaten to Support Democrats Pushing Open Borders, Free Trade

Friday, July 27, 2018

Britain's Novichok Poisonings: An Opportunistic Anti-Russian Propaganda Operation?

What follows is a hypothesis to explain the reported Novichok poisonings of the Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia, and the Amesbury couple, Charlie Rowley and the late Dawn Sturgess.

In formulating this hypothesis I have drawn on information and ideas provided by some of those commenting on Ambassador Craig Murrray's blog, and on what is known of the physiological action of nerve agents and opiates.

In considering this hypothesis, readers should be aware that what I am proposing is stark contradiction of the May Government's position and the  claims attributed by British media to police and Security Service sources. However, such police and Security Services statements quoted thus far have a high degree of deniability in the event that evidence to emerge in the future renders the narrative they promote inoperative, to use the immortal terminology of Richard Nixon's press secretary, Ron Ziegler.

Thus for example, on July 19, the Guardian reported the Press Association "quoting a source with knowledge of the Skripal case as saying:"

Investigators believe they have identified the suspected perpetrators of the novichok attack through CCTV and have cross-checked this with records of people who entered the country around that time. They [the investigators] are sure they [the suspects] are Russian.
So if you find compelling the Guardian's report of the Press Association quoting what someone said to have knowledge of the case is said to have said, then read no further. 

Equally, you may find reassuring the July 20, report in the Telegraph that: 

Russian agents responsible for the Novichok poisonings in Salisbury sent a coded message to Moscow which included the phrase, "The package has been delivered"
That no indication is provided as to how it was determined either that the senders of the message were "Russian agents responsible for the Novichok poisonings in Salisbury" or that the wording "the package has been received" had anything to do with the use of a chemical weapon of mass destruction in Salisbury, England (rather than, say, the delivery of a pair of pants from the dry cleaners), may for some detract from the force of the Telegraph's story. Also questionable, is the provenance of the information, the attribution being simply to:

A British intelligence listening station based in Cyprus, [that] allegedly picked up [the] message shortly after former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, were attacked in March.
Alleged by whom, we are not to be informed. 

So, yes, why not consider an alternative account. 

In the immediate aftermath of the Skripal poisonings, the British media speculated on the possibility of fentanyl as the poison, on the assumption that the Skripals were opioid drug users poisoned by heroin cut with fentanyl. Thus the Telegraph reported on March 6:

Early reports suggested that colonel Skripal and the unnamed woman may have been exposed to the synthetic drug, Fentanyl, which is up to 10,000 times more powerful than heroin and has been linked to scores of deaths in the UK.

Which is consistent with the March 16, letter to the Times from Salisbury Trust Hospital's consultant in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stephen Davies, who wrote:

“Sir, Further to your report (“Poison Exposure Leaves Almost 40 Needing Treatment”, Mar 14), may I clarify that no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning in Salisbury and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning... Source

Which suggests an interpretation of the CCTV images below, which, according to the Guardian, shows: "two people walking near the spot where a former Russian spy and his daughter were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury." 

Who are those two people? The Amesbury poisoning victims, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess? So it has been suggested.

And what about the red bag, the blonde woman is carrying? Is it the red bag found beside the bench where the Skripals were stricken?

Could the bag have delivered the poison?

In 2015, Charlie Rowley was jailed for eight weeks for:

... possession of eleven wraps of heroin and theft of £1,700 from Matthew Rowley. He was already serving a suspended sentence for driving while banned... Source

So was Charlie supplying heroin to Sergei Skripal? And if so, was the drug cut with fentanyl, creating a combination that has proved deadly to tens of thousands?

And if that's what happened, is it not possible that Charlie and his partner Dawn Sturgess, known drug users, fell victim to the same potentially lethal drug cocktail?

But if so, whence the Novichok?

One explanation, which I outlined here, is that both the Skripals, and Rowley and Burgess were not poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok but treated with Novichok as an antidote to poisoning with an the opioid respiratory inhibitor, fentanyl. 

At lethal concentrations, nerve poisons such as BZ, botulinum toxin (the latter much more poisonous that Novichok), or fentanyl inhibit the release of acetyl choline at the neuromuscular junction, resulting in respiratory arrest and death by suffocation.

The organo-phosphorus nerve agents, of which Novichok is one, have the opposite effect: they inhibit the activity of the enzyme acetyl choline esterase, thereby preventing breakdown of acetyl choline released at the neuromuscular junction. The result is convulsive muscular contraction causing death due to asphyxiation. Novichok thus has potential to serve as an antidote to fentanyl. 

Was Novichok administered to the Skripals, and to Rowley and Burgess as  an antidote to fentanyl poisoning? 

That we do not know. But we do know that staff at Britain's chemical and biological weapons research establishment at Porton Down, just a few miles from where both alleged Novichok poisonings occured, were consulted on treatment of the Skripals

What advice did they give? 

There appears to be no public information on that. But since fentanyl poisoning can be deadly, why would they not have proposed an organophosphorus nerve agent, such as Novichok as an antidote, even if such treatment was untested and potentially harmful?

Splendidly, from the point of view of those seeking to demonize Putin's Russia, use of Novichok as an antidote to whatever the victims were poisoned with, whether it be botulinum toxin in a seafood salad lunch, a dose of BZ administered by means unknown, or fentanyl-laced heroin, it provided a basis for accusing Russia of an atrocity on British soil.

The evidence? Why the name of the poison, of course. Novichok. With a name like that, it's got to be from Putin's Russia. 

But on what evidence was use of Novichok claimed? 

Well none at all really, except the word of Porton Down, and, in the case of the Skripals, the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare, which had samples of blood from the Skripals analyzed and found them to contain Novichok. 

And that, according to the above hypothesis, Porton Down would have known without need of testing, since they themselves had supplied the Novichok and supervised its use under the carefully controlled, and therefore relatively safe, conditions of the Salisbury Trust Hospital. 

Perhaps Theresa May's or her subordinates will someday offer more conclusive evidence of Russian responsibility for the Novichok "poisonings," but don't hold your breath.