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Ukraine: Game Over or the Beginning of the Escalation?

As Brad Cabana, retired Canadian armed forces captain, explains, the Ukraine Government's genocidal assault on the Russian-speaking population of South-Eastern Ukraine is headed for total failure. By burning, shelling, strafing, bombing and lobbing ballistic missiles at civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, the US-installed, neo-Nazi-backed Kiev junta has irretrievably lost all respect and toleration in Russian-speaking South-Eastern Ukraine, where complete separation from Ukraine is now the only acceptable option. At the same time, the junta armed forces, sent to occupy and punish the formerly federalist, now separatist, people of Eastern Ukraine have been comprehensively defeated by the local self-defense militia with substantial Russian aid.

Dneiper dam, destroyed by retreating Soviet forces in 1941. Source
The struggle may long continue. Great disasters may yet be in store. The psychopathic warlord Kolomoisky may yet blow the Dnieper hydro-electric dam, releasing 33 billion tons of water to wash away whole towns and villages.

But whatever events intervene, the latest episode in the drive for US global hegemony through color revolutions, sabotage, bribery, assassination and collaboration with the scum of the earth seems likely to end in an epoch-making reverse. Russia has already reclaimed its ancient naval base of Crimea with a compelling democratic mandate. And when the dust settles in Ukraine, the US project to bring its first-strike-enabling anti-missile system to Russia's Ukraine border will prove a humiliating failure.

Unless, that is, the West raises the stakes by direct intervention on the side of the Kiev neo-Nazis, leading to an escalating proxy war between NATO and Russia. Then, anything may happen and we could all be dead by Christmas.

Of the alternative, US-NATO humiliation is much to be preferred. For the West, the embarrassment would not be a catastrophe. By revealing for all to see that the existing genocidal system of Western capitalism is not only evil but profoundly stupid, it may provide an opportunity, perhaps the only opportunity, to restore in the West the sovereign nation-state democracies that have been submerged by the US drive to establish an oligarchic system of control over an enslaved, miscegenated global proletariat that is to be bred, culled and brainwashed at will.

Vive le Novorossia libre.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why Most People don’t Know What They Think They Know About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

First, and this is the biggie, Russia has not invaded Ukraine (and here).

But then there are several other reasons. For example, most people think that Russia or the “pro-Russian” rebels of East Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 over the Donetsk battle zone. For some reason, this is supposed to clinch the argument for Russian invasion and, in general, for the utter evil of Vladimir Putin and the Russian people stupid enough to support him.

But the entire concept is incorrect.

First, because there are no  “pro-Russian” rebels. The civil war in Ukraine is being fought between US-installed Nazis in Kiev who launched a war of extermination against six million ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine, and the people of Eastern Ukraine opposed to being genocided by a murderous Ukrainian state controlled by oligarchs and criminals backed and financed by the forces of the New World Order; namely, Washington, Ottawa, London, NATO, the IMF, etc., etc.

Second, because there is no evidence that the downing of MH-17 had anything to do with Russia or those fighting for East Ukraine independence. This is clear from the determination of the Nazified Western states (i.e., Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia) who are conducting the technical investigation of the crash to prevent release of the results of their own investigation. The implication is clear, those results prove that MH-17 was shot down by Kiev forces or their Western backers, with the obvious intent of smearing the “pro-Russians” fighting for their lives in Eastern Ukraine with the crime of mass murder.

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Mike Whitney — Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine
Moscow has repeatedly called for an end to the violence and a resumption of negotiations, but each request has been rebuffed by Obama’s puppet in Kiev leading to another round of hostilities. Washington doesn’t want peace. Washington wants the same solution it imposed on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, that is, a chaotic failed state where ethnic and sectarian animosities are kept at a boiling point so forward-operating bases can be established without resistance, so resources can be extracted at will, and so a formally-independent nation can be reduced to a “permanent state of colonial dependency.” (Chomsky) That’s the basic gameplan wherever Washington goes. The same rule applies to Ukraine. The only choice the people have is to arm themselves and fight back. Which is what they’ve done.

Donetsk and Lugansk have formed militias and taken the war to the enemy. They’ve engaged Obama’s proxy-army on the battlefield and pounded it into mincemeat. That’s why Obama deployed his propagandists to lie about the fictitious “Russian invasion”. The administration needs a diversion because the Novorussia forces (aka-the “pro Russia separatists”) are kicking the holy crap out of Obama’s legions. ...
Chris Alexander, Canada's Minister of Immigration: proud to have Ukrainian Right Sector Nazis fundraising in Toronto

Russia demands publication of recordings from downed flight MH17

The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

I love how so many Americans think Ukraine is in (a) the United States (No wonder they want U.S. intervention), (b) Greenland, (c) Australia, or (d) Antarctica.

Where Americans place Ukraine. LOL. Source: WaPo.

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

B'nai Brith to Nominate Stephen Harper for Nobel Peace Prize — LOL

B’nai Brith Canada, an organization chiefly engaged in yelping about the horrifying incidence of anti-Semitism in Canada, will nominate Stephen Harper for the Nobel Peace Prize, a prize unconnected except in name with Alfred Nobel that is awarded by a corrupt committee of warmongering Norwegian MPs.

Harper, a fervent Russophobe who equates Canadian critics of the Israeli government with Hitlerite Nazis, seems an ideal candidate to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Peace Prize winner Barak O'Bomber, the worst American President ever, the man who destroyed Libya (with Harper's assistance) — then the most prosperous country in Africa, renewed the bombing of Iraq, and now with side-kicks Harper and Cameroon, seeks to launch WWIII.

Meantime, Canada plans to provide further military help to the Nazis of Kiev now being terrorized by the Russian speakers of their own South-Eastern provinces who they (the Nazis, that is, the folks we Canadians support) set out to exterminate. At the same time, the EU is looking to screw itself to spite the Russians by further sanctions on its own trade.

As someone several thousand years ago said, those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.


Militia commander: what is Novorossia fighting for

As his punitive forces retreat from Eastern Ukraine, President Porky talks of war on Russia

Ron Paul Inst
Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie
The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.

How do we know that this is a lie? Is it because we have heard nothing but lies about Russia from NATO, from US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, from assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, from Obama and his entire regime of pathological liars, and from the British, German, and French governments along with the BBC and the entirety of the Western media?

This, of course, is a good reason for knowing that the latest Western propaganda is a lie. Those who are pathological liars don’t suddenly start telling the truth.
Deep Resource:
Ukraine forces in mass retreat

Zero Hedge:
Famous last words? French President Says "There Is Risk Of War"

Looks like Von Rumpy and Borroso are gonna go down to some deep air-conditioned bunker in Brussels and lead the West into a war of mutual annihilation, although given the balance of nukes and land area, Europe's likely to be finish up more annihilated than Russia.

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Center for Syncretic Studies:
Understanding the Astounding Novorossiyan Victories
What many do not understand is that Germany among others have already ruled out any NATO intervention, have ruled out further sanctions of any meaning, and has called for a ceasefire based upon the August 23rd positions, which essentially recognizes a Novorossiya with a united Lugansk and Donetsk.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ukraine: Nazi NATO Setting the Stage for a Proxy War on Russia

The US, in rapid economic and military decline relative to its rivals Russia and China, is intent on a war to smash the competition while the possibility of success remains. The principle of mutual assured nuclear destruction that for more than 70 years has kept the peace between the United States and Russia does not apply in wars between US and Russian proxies. The US thus aims to create the conditions for a proxy war in Ukraine, the ultimate objective of which is the humiliation of Putin, disintegration of the Russian Federation through foreign subversion, a new round of oligarchic looting, and expansion of NATO to China's border.

America's own representatives, the Kiev junta, have already been installed. But on the other side space must be created for the Russian proxy. A start was made by the declaration by former Ukraine PM and Presidential candidate Julia Tymoshenko of genocidal intent against the eight million Russians of South Eastern Ukraine, a provocation followed by the little-reported atrocities committed against unarmed opponents of the Kiev junta in Odessa and during the ongoing punitive assault on Donetsk, Lugansk and other towns of Eastern Ukraine, where the people were incited by the terrorists and neo-Nazis of Kiev to vote overwhelmingly for autonomy within a federated Ukraine.

Memorial to the Second Nazi War on Russia: Source.
The memorial to the First Nazi War on Russia. — same location.
In defending themselves from attack by both the regular Ukraine army and Kiev's punitive brigades of neo-Nazis and criminals, the people of Donetsk Republic have transformed a self-defense militia of a few dozen volunteers into a well-disciplined and battle hardened army that makes the plausible claim to have killed, captured or wounded over 35,000 junta forces. Now the army of the Donetsk Republic appears to be on a roll, encircling large junta troop formations and rapidly extending its area of control. It is quite possible, however, that Ukraine army forces are being deliberately sacrificed by the Ukrainian command in order to create a significant footprint for Russia's proxy.

If that is the case, a turning point can be expected quite soon, at which time the junta forces will be stiffened either by better leadership or, as necessary, through increased NATO support. Then it will be Russia's turn to provide further assistance to their representatives. From that point, the sky's the limit to possible escalation. With home-made nukes already in their possession, the Kiev junta may be the first government to nuke their own people. Most critical, would be the struggle for control of the air, with Russia's anti-aircraft missile systems pitted against the US Air Force that performed so admirably on 9/11.

As for the outcome, who knows? Or as Winston Churchill remarked:
Always remember, however sure you are that you could easily win, that there would not be a war if the other man did not think he also had a chance.
Can such a war be averted? Almost certainly not unless the United States is confronted by a rebellion within the NATO alliance. The European nations, with the exception of Poland, the Baltic crazies and the UK, obviously don't want a new European civil war. In particular, neither Germany nor Russia have any reason for war.  On the contrary, both countries are well aware that the combination of German capital and technology with Russian human and natural resources can forge a hugely prosperous central European partnership.

The risk of rebellion against America`s war plans is, however, not great. Ask the US to remove their military bases from your territory and your nuclear reactors may blow up, question 9-11 and your airliners may be shot out of the air or simply disappeared. In fact, show any inclination to refuse the leadership of the indispensable nation and pressures will be brought to bear, and your leadership bought, blackmailed or assassinated. Hence the grovelling sycophancy of Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott, and Friend-of-Israel Cameron to the US-Israeli warmonger alliance.

Across Europe, it is true, the people have begun to push back against US imperialism, with strong electoral support going to nationalist parties. It is questionable, however, what signficance these nationalist movements have. Most are probably already firmly under the control of national or foreign security services. Angela Merkel, it is true, has had the temerity to deny the indispensability of indispensable nation and to demand a solution to the US-manufactured Ukraine crisis that does not harm Russia, while Hungary has condemned EU sanctions on Russia as counterproductive, while demanding autonomy for ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine.

But meantime the propaganda for war intensifies. The New York Times, notable for telling the World of Saddam`s soon-to-be-proved-nonexistent, weapons of mass destruction, is now assuring the World that Russia has begun the invasion of Ukraine. This, surely, is the prelude to new and aggressive anti-Russian measures to be decided upon at this weekend`s NATO meeting in Britain. The possibility of Europe collectively telling the US of Aggression to, in the words of a great American imperialist, go fuck themselves thus seems negligible to non-existent.

Moon of Alabama:
Ukraine Lost A Battle - West Escalates With More Russia Sanctions

NATO's goal: an internal Slavic war, the final solution to the Russian question
We often quote the words of Zbignew Brzezinski: “deprived of the reunion with Ukraine, Russia is not destined to reclaim the status of a great power”. “Long Zbig” is wrong: Russia can reclaim that status without Ukraine, but it will be more difficult and take longer. The thing is, Brzezinski is not original; he repeats the words of a German General Paul Rohrbach, who stated, in the beginning of the XX century: “to diminish the threat of Russia to Europe, and especially to Germany, you must completely remove Ukrainian Russia from Muscovy Russia”. Please note that to a German General both – Ukraine and Muscovy – are Russia; and he speaks of creating an internal, Russian, split. He evokes the ideas of the German politicians of the last third of the XIX century, principally Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen, who not only insisted on the necessity of such a split, but defined the means.
Deep Resource:
SITREP Ukraine

Dmitry Orlov:
MSM Manufacturing Ukrainian Reality

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Putin: Everything U.S. Touches Turns Out Like Libya Or Iraq

Ukraine ambassador begs for troops to counter Russian invasion

Having so far failed in their genocidal war against the Russian speakers of East Ukraine, the Kiev Nazis expect the Nazi-lovers of Canada to finish the job. The Zionist warmonger Harper will probably go for it, since nothing much less than a World war is likely to save the psychopathic bastard at next year's election.

Putin calls on Novorossian militia to let blocked Kiev troops cross into Russia

Kiev Junta facing rebellion in own ranks

Tony Cartalucci:
US rationale for Syria intervention provides Russia ample justification to intervene in Ukraine

"Zero Proof" - The "Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine

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Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Launching Invasion, Then Promptly Retracts

Novorossiya Today:
Moscow accuses Budapest of supplying tanks to Ukraine
The better to frame the Russians as invaders?

Novorossiya Today:
Christof Lehmann: The Atlantic Axis and the Making of a War in Ukraine

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Former German Defense Secretary: Germans Are Fed Up With NATO Lies About Ukraine and Look Forward to Departure of NATO Chief, Fogher Rasmussen

Former German Defense Secretary, Willy Wimmer: "People here in Germany are fed up with NATO lies and  they are fed up with wars organized by the United States, here and there and everywhere."

Actually, most Germans are probably taken in by the lies of Der Spiegel and the rest of the warmongering Deutsche MSM. Still, more intelligent Germans no doubt see through the lies, as more honest German politicians acknowledge.

Meantime, China describes the United States as "a disgusting thief looking over his neighbors fence."

Which seems to resonate with Jesus' rebuke to the Pharisees:
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
Seems like a fair summing up of the US State Department spokeswomen, Hillary Klingon and Nobel Piss Prize winner O'Bomber.

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7,000 Trapped Ukrainian Forces; IMF to Fund Ukraine Wars?

Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/08/7000-trapped-ukrainian-forces-imf-to.html#Mcm1J7wYUDUgdThb.99 Tony Cartalucci:
Nazis Splitting With Kiev Regime?

Moon of Alabama:
Ukraine: Economy Declines, Merkel Sues For Peace

Mike Shedlock:
Rebels Launch Counteroffensive: 4,000 Ukrainian Forces Trapped; Federalism to Save Ukraine? 

Zero Hedge:
Russian Foreign Ministry Questions America's Competence to Address International Affairs

The trouble for America's leadership is they have become accustomed to bullshitting their own ill-educated and brainwashed populace that they mistake the lies for reality.

Ukraine rebels march POWs Through Streets of Donetsk on Independence Day

Bankrupt Ukies Plan on Pissing Away $3 billion to Upgrade Military Hardware
Stupidity rules: we gotta kill them Russkies.

DPR army encircles large Kiev military grouping

The headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th motor rifle brigades, 95th Ukrainian air mobile brigade, punitive battalions Aidar, Donbass and Shakhtersk were entrapped, the DPR army headquarters said citing reconnaissance data.

“Around five thousand servicemen with weapons and around 50 tanks, more than 200 combat armoured vehicles, about 50 multiple launch rocket systems Grad and Uragan, more than 100 artillery guns and mortars were blocked in the trap,” the army headquarters said.
Sheesh, no wonder the Ukies need new gear.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ukraine and the War for the World

The following comment by M.K. Ngoyo, which I have lifted directly from a discussion on the Saker's blog, provides a useful framework within which to understand the present struggle in Ukraine and the fundamental strengths and weakness of the US Empire and its adversaries.
Russia and China must realize the deadly seriousness of the trap that has been set for them in Ukraine.

The US has finally woken up to the massive blunder that they made at the end of the cold war. Believing thoroughly their own victory propaganda along with that nonsense by Francis Fukuyama about the end of history, they allowed, first, the rise of China and then the reemergence of Russia.

Well now the West is back, and they intend to finish the job. Once and for all. What the West is fighting for in Ukraine is the survival of its system of imperial domination of the world. Which is to say its fighting for the source of its wealth, its way of life, its very identity, as established over the last 500 years. In this struggle there will be no compromise. All such moves will be illusory. Russia may expect and ask for quarter, but no quarter will be given.

In the long term and strategically speaking, the real challenge to the West is not really Russia. It is China. But to defeat China, the West must first defeat Russia.

The West's strategy for defeating China is to control its air supply. Its access to resources and markets around the world. Once this choke-hold is established, then pressure can be applied or relaxed as needed to bring China to its knees or harness it as a work horse for the West.

However, the imperial hand will never fully encircle China's neck so long as Russia is a powerful and independent state, capable of acting in its own best interests. The West may chase China out of Africa, Latin America, South Asia etc but a free Russia will always be capable of supplying China will all raw materials as well as access to markets.

Therefore, the road to defeating China goes right through Moscow. Like it as not the West must tread this path, and they know this. The West must defeat Russia if it is to survive as global master.

But they don't have to defeat Russia militarily. I believe what they want is the "Yeltsinization" of Russia. They just need to break Russia's will to resist, bring it under their remote control and they will be able to complete their grip on China.

The strategy is simple, embroil Russia in a series of permanent crises on its border. Both without and within the Russian border. They don't need to take control of Ukraine, they just need to threaten that, chronically and credibly.

After Ukraine the member of the Customs Union can expect their own Maidans. They may as well start preparing now. The other 'stans in central Asia may also expect Maidans.

Russia exhausted by an endless succession of crises within its sphere of influence will be brought to heel and turned against China.

The only hope that I see for Russia and China is the quality of their current leadership.

The political leadership of both China and Russia is of a very high calibre as compared to what is to be found in the US and other Western countries. I believe they can escape the trap that has been laid for them, but it won't be easy.

Putin, above all, must step up to the challenge of global leadership. The world is waiting for this, indeed crying silently for it.

This is no time to focus on domestic Russian concerns. Putin must challenge the West on its own domestic situation, corruption and soulless culture. Putin must seize the leadership of the West's, dispossessed and disillusioned.

Strategic Culture Foundation:
Ukraine Adopts New Law to Commit Suicide

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Provocation as a Policy Tool of the West

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The significance of the Russian decision to move the humanitarian convoy into Novorussia

Serbia Nixes Russian Sanctions


Interview with Segei Glaziev

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US Wants to Escalate the Fighting in Ukraine

Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Counterattack by Pro-Russia Rebels

Moon of Alabama:
Ukraine Accuses Putin Of "Smuggling Humanitarian Aid"

Those evil Russkies.

Obama v. Putin – A Tale of a Posturing President

Strategfic Culture Foundation:
Ukraine Adopts New Law to Commit Economic Suicide

MH17 Downing: CIA Analysts Won’t Support White House Claims of Russian Culpability

Zero Hedge:
Pentagon Demands Russia Remove Convoy "Immediately" As NYT Reports Russians Firing Artillery In Ukraine

Deep Resource:
Will the Ukrainian Civil War Spill Over From Donbass?

Deep Resource:
Secret MH17 Deal?

Deep Resource:
Der Spiegel Is Worried
Thanks to the relentless campaign of several weeks against Russia and president Putin in particular (“Putin’s Missile”), based on zero evidence, an avalanche of economic sanctions was initiated by the media, resulting in billions of damage for industry, trade and agriculture. Now if it should turn out that it was Kiev who shot down MH17 (as is almost certainly the case), why should the tax-payer bleed for this and not the media, who were responsible for the damage? Perhaps that it is about time for the disadvantaged parties to initiate law suits against the media.
Ria Novosti:
Putin to Merkel: Russia Not to Allow Further Delay in Aid Delivery to East Ukraine

Ria Novosti:
By Blocking UN Resolution, US Shows That It Seeks Ukrainian Conflict Escalation – Moscow

Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Counterattack by Pro-Russia Rebels

The Saker:
The significance of the Russian decision to move the humanitarian convoy into Novorussia

The Saker:
Russian Foreign Ministry Statement On The Start Of The Delivery Of Humanitarian Relief Aid To Southeastern Ukraine

Dmitri Orlov:
Permission to Steal Everything

Boris Kagarlitsky:
Eastern Ukraine People’s Republics Between Militias and Oligarchs

83 out of 4'700 Ukraine Fighters ask, why they were sent «into certain death»

Why isn't Ukraine a cause for Hollywood celebrities?


Asia Times:
Sanctions rebound to hit Europeans

Foreign Affairs:
John Mearsheimer — Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

Moon of Alabama:
Ukraine: West Point Graduate Dies in Botched Attack

Deep Resource:
Hungary Supports Russia, Kicked Out IMF and Eyes Western Ukraine

Deep Resource:
Karel van Wolferen on the Atlanticist Faith
...In much of the European Union the general understanding of global reality since the horrible fate of the people on board the Malaysian Airliner comes from mainstream newspapers and TV which have copied the approach of Anglo-American mainstream media, and have presented ‘news’ in which insinuation and vilification substitute for proper reporting. Respected publications, like the Financial Times or the once respected NRC Handelsblad of the Netherlands for which I worked sixteen years as East Asia Correspondent, not only joined in with this corrupted journalism but helped guide it to mad conclusions. The punditry and editorials that have grown out of this have gone further than anything among earlier examples of sustained media hysteria stoked for political purposes that I can remember. The most flagrant example I have come across, an anti-Putin leader in the (July 26) Economist Magazine, had the tone of Shakespeare’s Henry V exhorting his troops before the battle of Agincourt as he invaded France. ...
The Real State of the Ukrainian Fratricidal War

Zero Hedge:
Ukraine’s Next Crisis? Economic Disaster

Global Research:
Ukraine's Anti-Nazi Resistance

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Canada We're All Nazi-lovers Now

Stephen Harper has made no secret of his complete devotion to the genocidal, Russophobic neo-Nazi-backed Kiev junta and has incurred huge costs to Canada as a consequence: two hundred and twenty million dollars in cash; sanctions on Russian firms prompting retaliatory Russian sanctions costing Canadian pork producers alone the loss of over half a billion dollars in sales; millions for the supply of "non-kinetic" military aid to the genocidists of Kiev, plus the cost of sending Canadian armed forces personnel and fighter jets to Romania  and Poland.

Neo-Nazis of the Ukrainian Azov battalion. Source
Canada's Liberal Party is just as fervent in support of Ukraine's Russophobic Nazis. As Ukrainian-Canadian liberal MP Chrystia Freeland told the Globe and Mail “it’s really important for me personally as a Ukrainian-Canadian” that Canada take "a very strong line in support of Ukraine" and she added, “for us as a party, we think Canada is stronger in supporting Ukraine if we don’t play politics with this issue," which is to say Liberals are right there with Stephen Harper in support of the Banderites marching off to kill Ukrainian citizens of Russian ethnicity in East Ukraine under the wolfsangel banner as deployed by German Nazis during WWII.

With Justin Trudeau, it appears to be a case of like father like son, for there seems to have been no dictator that père, Pierre Trudeau, did not like. Fidel Castro he loved, Mao Tse Tung he adulated, and during WWII he so admired Hitler that he rode a motorcycle around Montreal wearing a helmet decorated with a swastika.

As for the NDP, Canada's official opposition party, does anyone have the slightest idea what leader Thomas Mulcair thinks about the war in Ukraine, Canadian sanctions on Russia, Canadian war planes in Romania, troops in Poland and with "non-kinetic" military aid to the Nazi-backed Kiev junta? Certainly a Google search reveals nothing.

Even Green Party leader Elizabeth May has had nothing to say about the war in Ukraine, which suggests that we can say that, in Canada, we're all Nazi-lovers now.


The Saker:

Situation report, August 26
... Partisan activities are increasing in frequency and force in the Kharkov and Slavyansk areas to the point Kharkov is building defenses facing Novorossiya. Of particular interest was the capture two weeks ago of an entire Kamaz load of Javelin antitank missiles. These missiles were offloaded from the 'Canadian' air force planes that brought 'non lethal' aid to the Uke army according to eye witnesses. The Javelin is not listed in the TOE (Table of Organization and Equipment) of the armed forces of Canada, although I have few doubts that that oversight will be rectified within minutes of this report being read in The West.

...Every day and every night the bombardment [of Novorossiya] continues. Civilian areas are mainly the targets. The destruction has been carefully planned and executed. The damage is in the many billions of euros and will take years to repair. The loss of life and injuries to the innocent civilians well exceeds 5,000 since the beginning of the war in April. The time for negotiations with Ukeland are long gone. The war will end when every single occupier of Novorossiya land from Ukeland is either ejected, in a POW camp or dead.

U-Tube (Via the Saker):
The Defence Ilovaisk – Report by Ikorpus – ENG SUBS

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WW4: America's Neville Chamberlain Strategy — Set the Nazis Against the Russkies Then Stand Aside and Watch the Mutual Annihilation

Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister universally reviled for his policy of appeasing Hitler, aimed not to appease Hitler, but to bring about the mutual destruction of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.* It was to this end that he compelled Czechoslovakia to cede to Germany the Sudentenland thereby opening the way for Hitler's subsequent invasion of the rest of the Czechoslovakia. Thus it was, also, that Chamberlain made no effort to meet Britain's commitment to the security of Poland when it was jointly invaded by Russia and Germany. Chamberlain's sole objective was to bring Russia and Germany face to face and wait for the hoped for war of mutual destruction.

Today, the Anglo-American strategy is the same. It is to raise a mighty Nazi army in Ukraine against Russia, backed by the American puppet regimes in Western Europe. Here, Putin adviser Sergei Glaziev, spells it out, how the prelude to WW4 is unfolding:

In this statement, Glaziev gives a broader account of his view of the geopolitical state of the World:

These are not the rantings of some unknown Internet commentator or no known influence in the world. These are the considered views of a close adviser to the leader of the World's only nation with the capacity to reduce the United States (and Western Europe) to radioactive ash.

* Chamberlain's strategy of turning Germany eastwards to destroy Soviet Union

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why the billionaires want to wipe you and the rest of the proletarian scum from the face of the Earth

Until the industrial revolution, every pair of hands was capable of work of value more or less equal to, or greater than, the cost of their maintenance. Thus population was of value to the elite and the wealthiest countries were those that supported the greatest populations.

Today, in the West, most people are redundant, not in theory, but in fact. Half the US population receives some form of welfare, workforce participation is declining, young people continue their "education" into their twenties and even thirties, becoming increasing ill-informed with every additional year of state-controlled, politically correct indoctrination in all matters from sex to climate change. In the meantime, computerization and robotization continually reduce the value of a pair of hands.

The off-shoring of millions of jobs from the West to the Rest, though it lowered real household income in the West, likely delayed the advance of automation, since it is tougher to build a robot that cost-effectively replaces an Asian paid 50 cents an hour, than to build one that replaces an American paid the minimum hourly wage of ten dollars or so.

But as the following video makes clear, the drive to create an automated economy, not just in manufacturing, transportation and low-level office work, but in the professions and creative occupations too, is proceeding relentlessly.

Hence the war on the nation state, a fundamentally democratic form of government that by definition must serve the interests of the people and thus do what is necessary to provide for them a means of subsistence and a basis for self-respect. Hence also the war on the Russian Federation where:
  • the GDP has tripled in the last fifteen years and the standard of living, if still modest, has vastly increased.
  • the thousand-year-old Russian commitment to the Orthodox Christian faith has been reaffirmed: a faith that holds each person, high or low, to be a child of God, created in God's image, and capable of the highest moral worth. 
  • where the ethnic and cultural heritage of the nation is protected by the state.
In all these respects, Russia and other genuine nation-state hold-outs are the great impediment to the dream of the globalist billionaire elite. That dream is to destroy the mass of humanity, now seen as useless eaters  made moronic by a globalized culture that grants greater legal protection to pornographers than to advocates of Christian faith, that destroys national traditions in the name of multi-culturalism, and that aims at the destruction of the ancient races of mankind through mass migration justified in the name diversity.

Few people in the West understand what is happening to them. They tolerate or chauvinistically applaud the Anglo-American drive for world hegemony, including the war on Russia, while failing to realize that their own ruling class has sold out — has been bought by the plutocratic elite, the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterists, the Davos crowd, the bankers and corporations that finance the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House, and that they are of no concern to anyone in government except as a potential cause of dissidence or revolt, against which governments continually prepare themselves, reading people's mail, destroying ancient liberties and accumulating means to crush civil unrest.


The Saker:
Poor Bastards: The real State of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO (with English subtitles)

Russia to ask UN to make MH17 crash investigation report

Countries for and Against Russia in Ukraine:

For: Green. Against: Red, including stupid Dutch who lost 194 citizens to Porky's MH 17 false flag. Source.  

Anna News (via The Saker):
Ukrainian Nazis destroy water supply in genocidal assault on Lugansk

Merkel and Germany back Nazi genocide in Ukraine with sanctions

West Ukraine rebellion against the oligarchs

Joe Quin:
What world do you live in? Putin, East Ukraine and the Old World Order
Most people in the West, including those who are relatively well-informed about the geo-political context, see Putin as a 'dictator', a cold-eyed ex-FSB agent who is running Russia with an iron fist. There is only one reason why anyone can have ever formed this opinion: they are massively ignorant of how the world works. Putin is ex-FSB, and it is he, along with the upper echelons of Russian intelligence, that runs Russia. This is seen as 'anti-democratic' in the West and in those Russian minds infected by Western 'values' and propaganda. Yet US and British intelligence (among others) have been running not only the USA and UK for decades, but, indirectly, much of the rest of the world also.

Read More
The Saker:
Ukraine MP: Today, in our government are the murderers

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ukraine President's Fantasy of Russian Military Intervention?

Beginning with the US-instigated, neo-nazi-backed coup d'état in Kyiv, every effort seems to have been made by the agents of empire to provoke Russian intervention in Ukraine where NATO can get to work killing Russians without immediate risk of nuclear retaliation.

But so far, things haven't worked out quite as intended. Russia declined to mobilize forces to eliminate the nazi/oligarch monstrosity in Kyiv, but quietly retook possession of her ancient naval base of Crimea in accordance with an overwhelming democratic mandate from the largely Russian population of the peninsula.

As a further provocation, the fascists of Kiev sent a band of psychopaths to Odessa to commit an atrocity against citizens restive at the undemocratic turn of events in Kyiv. But Russia failed to invoke the Empire's principle of "R2P," which is to say the right to bomb the hell out of any country where the government has engaged, or is said to have engaged, in killing its own people.

At the same time, the Kyiv junta was itself faced by a provocation from its own people, namely, a referendum in Donbass in which more than 80% voted for autonomy within a federal Ukrainian state. In response, the Kyiv fascists sent an army of 70,000 regular troops, conscripts and nazi volunteers marching beneath their Wolfsangel banner, to bomb, shell and bayonet the "subhuman," "terrorist" Russian-speaking civilians of Lugansk, Donestsk and surrounding Donbass communities.

But again, Russia failed to intervene directly or even indirectly so far as could be convincingly demonstrated by the imperialist media. Thus, the Russophobes in Kyiv, Russia's ancient capital, committed a new atrocity: they shot down a civilian airliner killing all 298 innocent civilians on board, while faking evidence to show that the crime had been committed by the Eastern dissidents with direct Russian assistance.

Even the CIA found that hard to stomach and directly refuted Imperial Warmonger in Chief, President Obama, by pointing out that there was no direct Russian involvement in the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17. The Russians went further, revealing that a Ukrainian air-force fighter jet was within air-to-air missile range of the downed airliner at the time of the crash. Moreover, Russia pointed out that the Ukrainian proof of "rebel" responsibility was fabricated and place on YouTube the day before the crash.

So, what to do? Apparently, with the aid of the Guardian, Britain's wholly Zionist/Chatham House controlled news outlet, announce a Russian military incursion into Ukraine, an announcement shortly to be followed by President Porky's triumphant claim that Ukraine had destroyed the Russian force. But now the question arises, did the Russian incursion actually occur, or was it a total fabrication?

The Russians deny any incursion by their forces, and on the face of it, the Ukrainian claim is inherently difficult to believe, quite apart from the total untrustworthyness of the source. If Russia decided to intervene militarily in Donbass, would they not deploy something more significant than a dozen trucks, easily destroyed by Ukrainian artillery, of which an abundance has been moved to the Donbass for the purpose of killing Ukrainians in their own homes. But to find out, we will have to await further developments.

Meantime, the Ukie fascist friends of the Western empire, are deploying white phosphorus against the "subhumans" of Donbass: maybe that will move the Russians to embark on a military intervention on humanitarian grounds. If they do, it will be denounced in the West as an imperialistic adventure that must be repulsed with the full force at NATO's disposal.


Deep Resource
Ukraine's Right Sector Fascists Threaten to March on Kiev

Professors' Blog:
What the great General Pyrrhus of Epirus, and the amateur General Pyrrhoshenko of Ukraine have in common

Ria Novosti:
Ukrainian Servicemen Switch to Militia Side - Donetsk Prime Minister

Dmitry Orlov:
Permission to Steal Everything
...First they (the Kiev Junta) asked that the convoy pass through Kharkov instead of rolling straight toward Donetsk, making for a big detour. Then they demanded that the goods be offloaded at the border and loaded onto Ukrainian trucks, but they couldn't come up with enough trucks. Then they demanded that the Russian trucks cary Ukrainian license plates and that each truck carry a Ukrainian representative. Next it will be something else.

You may be confused at what might be behind all of these fairly ridiculous conditions and stalling tactics, so let me explain. The Ukrainians are doing their best to figure out how they can steal the goods from the convoy.
The Professors' Blog:
Real Number of Casualties in Poroshenko’s Army

The Saker:
The "destroyed Russian armor column": Poroshenko vs Carl Sagan

Early education in Ukraine
The Russians are our neighbors. We must learn to hate them and grow up to kill them for our very rich American friends, and our own oligarchs.

The Saker:
Ukie Punitive Mission in the East: All Fucked Up

Ria Novosti:
France Calls on Ukraine for Restraint in Its Operations Against Self-Defense Forces
Not that he's accusing them of, um, you know, killing their own people or anything.

Thierry Meyssan:
...the United States accused Russia of destroying Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the Donbass, killing 298 people. On this basis, purely arbitrary, they forced the Europeans to enter into economic war against Russia.
Yahooo News:
Washington backs Kiev's lies about a Russian armed incursion into Ukraine, without actually saying so
Another masterful demonstration of Washington's peerless skill in the deployment of lies as instruments of global ownership of everything for a few very rich people.

Washington Has Placed The World On The Road To War — Paul Craig Roberts

Pepe Escobar:
MH370 and MH17 — Vanishing point…
Follow the engine wreckage. Follow the cockpit wreckage. Follow the motive. One cannot even imagine the tectonic geopolitical plates clashing were the Kiev regime to be deemed responsible. It would be the vanishing point for the whole – warped – notion of the Empire of Chaos’s “indispensable” exceptionalism.
The Millenium Report:
Russia Sanctions Blowback: Finland’s Largest Dairy Lays Off 800, Spain Seeks EU Aid, Poland Complains To WTO

Zero Hedge:
Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic Urge End To Russian Sanctions
Trade sanctions were imposed on Russia at the urging of the Empire of Lies, aka Obamastan, on the pretext that Vladimir Putin cold-bloodedly murdered the 298 souls aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17. Now that it is known that the destruction of MH-17 had nothing to do with Russia or the Russian-speaking Federalist rebels in Eastern Ukraine but was almost certainly an act of mass murder by America's fascist puppets in Kiev, the Europeans look like what they actually are, dupes of the O'Bomber—Fogher Rassmussen lie machines and their oligarch-owned media accomplices. Moreover, they look like really stupid dupes, since the counter sanctions imposed by Russia cause more pain to the EU, both economically and politically, than Europe's sanctions cause Russia. In fact, the Russian economy will likely come out stronger as a result of the reciprocal sanctions, since they will stimulate Russian agriculture, particularly the horticultural sector, while strengthening economic ties with the BRICS nations.

So much for the EU's grovelling submission to the United States of Aggression.

Robert Parry:
Washington’s Spear In The Donbas: Neo-Nazi Militia Waving SS Flag In Assault On Slavic “Untermenschen”

John Pilger:
The return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s war on Palestine, Ukraine and the truth

Oriental Review:
Dutch Professor apologizing for MH17 tragedy media coverage in the Netherlands
Dear Mr. President Putin,

Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country.

We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. ... Read more
NY Times
Lugansk: A Ukraine City Under Siege, ‘Just Terrified of the Bombing’

Karel van Wolferen:
The Ukraine, Corrupted Journalism, and the Atlanticist Faith

Ron Unz:
American Pravda: Who Shot Down Flight MH17 in Ukraine?

Zero Hedge:
Did Ukraine Attack Its Own Tanks? White House "Can't Confirm Russian Convoy Was Destroyed By Kiev"
The leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic has dismissed the Ukrainian government's statement on destroying a convoy of what appeared to be Russian armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine.

"We haven't received any armored vehicles from Russia. No Russian units, including Russian armored vehicles, have crossed the border. Hence, no Russian armored vehicles could have been destroyed," DPR First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin told Interfax on Friday evening.

Purgin claimed that, on the contrary, the militias destroyed about 100 Ukrainian armored vehicles.

"A lot of Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed today, 7 at one place, 12 at another. And the same all over the DPR territory. A total of about 100 of them," Purgin said.
Russian Defense Ministry denies reports military column crossed into Ukraine

The Wire:
Ukraine Attacks Russian Convoy in Russia, Russians say

Moon of Alabama
The Mysterious Destroyed "Russian Armored Vehicles"

Zero Hedge:
Someone Is Lying: Russia Defense Ministry Says There Was No Military Column In East Ukraine

Tony Cartalucci:
Russian Tanks in Ukraine? Consider the Source

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Harper Government backs Ukraine's Nazi Junta in Crushing Separtists: Quebec Separatists Take Note

Canadian transport delivering "non-kinetic" aid to Nazi forces in E. Ukraine
The Harper government is airlifting shipments of "non-kinetic military equipment" to Ukraine. This is justified as assistance against Russian aggression, but in fact, is military assistance in crushing the Russian-speaking and majority Russian ethnic population of East Ukraine, which sought autonomy within a Federal Ukraine rather than submit to direct rule by genocidal Russophobic Nazi-backed nutters in Kyiv such as Julia Tymoshenko, one of Ukraine's Russophobic billionaires for genocide.

Québecers for a Québec Libre, should take note. Stephen Harper backs the Nazi way with Ukrainians for self-rule, from which suggests that that is the way he'd  deal with Québecers should they ever vote for independence.

Ukrainian Nazis: recipients of Canadian "non-kinetic" military aid. Source
All Canadians for a free and democratic society should take note. Harper, who smears as Nazi, anyone who criticizes the Government of Israel, is in fact an advocate of genocide in Palestine, and a supporter of the ongoing genocide in Ukraine, which has driven 700,000 civilians to seek refuge across the border in Russia, and many thousands more to leave their homes for other parts of Ukraine.


Poles whimper to the WTO: Russia won't buy our apples just because we're killing Russians in Ukraine

Globe and Mail:
Why is Canada sending fighter jets to Poland?
To help Poles kill Russians, obviously.

Global Research:
Polish Death Squads Fighting in Ukraine. CIA Covert Operation?

Eric Zuesse
Why I Quit the [U.S.] Democratic Party Yesterday
I left the Democratic Party yesterday, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime
Mike Shedlock:
European Sanction Solidarity Goes Up in Flames: Slovakia "We Can’t Sacrifice Our Interests in the Name of Some Duel"

Mike Shedlock: 
Finland President Heads to Russia to Meet Putin; Phone Rings in Switzerland Over Cheese

Deep Resource: 
Reasons Why It Was Kiev Who Shot Down MH17

Deep Resource:
Hackers Learned Who Shot Down MH17 In Ukraine

Pavel Dimetriev:
Novorossiya: Element of Contemporary Geopolitical Pattern
All the attempts «to appease» the West by refusing to support those who fight in Novorossiya are illusory and pernicious. The anti-Russian sanctions, the licentious campaign against Russian President Putin show that Washington has already made all the calculations to assess the advantages of striking Russia from the springboard in Ukraine as the US-inspired changes are taking place in the east of Europe. The Americans perceive the fight for Ukraine as part of a broader plan to topple the Russia’s leadership. Then the overseas masters of «the Grand Chessboard» games will move further…
Or, as we said in February: Ukraine: Just One Step in the Assimilation of Eurasia by the New World Order

Tony Cartalucci:
Ukraine: This Time, West Sides With Nazis

Bloodiest Days of Ukraine’s Ethnic Cleansing Expected to Begin Now
Don't worry folks, these are just terrorists the Nazis are going after with Canadian assistance. You know, people who oppose their own genocide.

Tony Cartalucci:
NATO Baiting Russia into War
...While the NYT attempts to cast as ambiguous a light as possible upon the connections Azov has with Nazism, the Azov Battalion does not simply fly a "neo-Nazi symbol resembling a Swastika as its flag," the symbol is in fact the Wolfsangel used by Adolf Hitler's various SS military divisions during World War II and is as good as saluting Hitler himself to affirm allegiance to his toxic ideology and to celebrate the Nazis' numerous, notorious atrocities.
Mike Shedlock: 
800 Finnish Dairy Workers Furloughed Due to Russia Sanctions, Others Fired; Brussels to Buy Fruit with Public Money

Eric Margolis:
What If There's a Real War in Ukraine?

Kiev fails to break Militia’s Donetsk defense. Ukrainian Officer: “I have never experienced such shame”

Global Research:
Pre-Trial Detention, Torture and Human Rights Violations in Ukraine — just following America's lead

The Saker:
Poland to USA: Hey, you started this stupid sanctions game. Well now it's time for you buy our apples
I'd always thought the Poles were quite intelligent people. You know, Nicolaus Capernicus, Frederic Chipin, Joseph Conrad, Marie Curie, etc., etc. But really, they should have got the American apple contract before they started agitating for war with their Russian buyers. As it is, if Russian tanks start rolling West, Poland will have more important things to to ask the American than to buy their apples.

Zero Hedge:
Video Of The Russian "Humanitarian Convoy" About To Enter Ukraine

William Pfaff:
America Started This Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine throws neo-Nazis into the war on civilians of Novorossiya
But these are good Nazis. They want to genocide Russians

OpEd News:
Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

Former US intelligence personnel challenge Obama to present evidence of Russian complicity in MH17 crash

Zero Hedge:
Putin Defies Western Warning, Will Send "Aid Convoy" To East Ukraine

Caleb Maupin: 
Russia Is Pushing Back

Mike Shedlock:
US Produces Evidence Rebels Shot Down MH17

This is how the US deals with evidence of its own war crimes: make a joke of them. A war crimes trial followed by hangings would be more suitable.

The Saker:
Neither the worst, nor the best, but time is running out for Novorussia
...civilians are paying a horrible price for the junta's lack of real military success, and this kind of horror will continue for as long as the West will fully back Poroshenko's war. The Ukies have shelled random buildings, kindergartens, churches and even hospitals. Sadly, this is par for the course, this is what the USA did in Serbia and Montenegro, this is what the Israelis did to Lebanon in 2006 and this is what they are doing to Gaza now. Still, terrible as these atrocities are, we should not mistake them for some kind of junta military success, quite to the contrary.
Deep Resource:
William Pfaff: How the US has buggered-up in Ukraine, without Americans having a clue

Occidental Observer:
The Rise and Demise of the EU: A Short History of A Big Failure

Deep Resource:
Reasons Why It Was Kiev Who Shot Down MH17

Niles Williamson:
Assault on Donetsk Risks War with Russia

Arab World 360:
NYT Discovers Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

Sanctions: Russia food ban a ‘nightmare’ for French farmers

Sanctions: Hundreds of trucks carrying Dutch-grown fruit and vegetables turned back at Russian border

Zero Hedge:
Ukraine Fighting Rages On As Russia Calls For Another Ceasefire: Ukraine Demands Total Surrender

Ron Paul:
US 'likely hiding truth' on downed Malaysian Flight MH17

Deep Resource:
Der Spiegel Backs Down on MH17

Deep Resource:
Uneasy Ukrainian Ambassador Questioned by Malaysians

Who is hit hardest by Russia's trade ban?
Russia is in talks with Latin American countries on how to fill this hole with meat from Brazil and cheese from New Zealand.
New Zealand has been able to resist the pressure to back the Western oligarch's war on Russia. So why hasn't Canada's imperial arse-lick Harper? Who knows, bribery? blackmail? the promise of lucrative employment after office? But in any case it's costing Canada's pork producers over half a billion in sales over the next twelve months. That's in addition to the promised $220 million in cash.

Zero Hedge:
How Putin's Advisor Sees The Ukraine Crisis Playing Out

The Saker:
August 10th tatical, strategic and political SITREP by Juan
The first official 'non lethal' equipment shipment from 'Canada' has arrived in Kharkov via Nato air transport on 09.08.2014. Another shipment is scheduled for shortly after 12:00 on 10.08.2014. It is confirmed that there are Nato troops on the ground in Kharkov to assist in the unloading of the cargoes and the training involved with the new equipment and to guard the area in aerodrome proper. Note. To train Uke soldiers in the sophisticated night vision and other electronic equipment will take a month or more of intensive work.
So there's your Canadian taxpayer funded assistance to the Ukrainian Nazi junta. It's "non-kinetic" but it'll help kill separtists nevertheless.

Eric Zuesse:

New Straits Times:
Missile, Canon Brought Down MH17

NY Times:
Blast in Ukraine’s Capital Stirs Fears of New Conflict

Mike Shedlock:
War Fever And Washington’s Trumped-Up Confrontation With Putin Over The Ukraine

New Straits Times:
MH17: Pockmarks look like from very, very heavy machine gun fire, says first OSCE monitor on-scene

The Saker:

Novorossiya Situation Report August 8

Ria Novosti:
Maidan Protestors Oppose War on East Ukraine and Continued Useless, Corrupt Government
Wait till the winter. They'll be burning car tires then to keep warm.

Robert Parry:
Was Putin Targeted for Mid-Air Assassination?
... the idea of assassinating the Russian president by shooting down his plane – even if the attack were carried out by hardliners without the approval of top officials – could have provoked a major international crisis. Nuclear-armed Russia would have almost surely retaliated against Ukraine, possibly with a full-scale invasion which could have escalated into a dangerous military confrontation with the United States.
Which is to say bringing about precisely the head-on confrontation with Russia that the United States, under the guidance of O'Bozo's brain, the mad, wrinkled, Russophobic Pole, Zbiggschnozziewz Brzezzzzzzinskiizzzzi, is intent on creating.

The Saker:
August 8, Novorossiya Situation Report

The Saker:
Who is Mr. Putin?

Strategic Culture Foundation:
Burden of Rescuing Ukraine: Price for West to Pay

TO Star:
Canadian military aid adds more fuel to Ukraine crisis: Walkom

Mike Whitney: Pushing Ukraine to the Brink

New Straits Times:
US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft
Which is why the folks analyzing the black boxes in the UK won't be releasing the cockpit voice recordings any time soon.

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17
Which is one thing you'll never read about in the Toronto Globe and Mail or the National Putz.

Investment Watch:
Why Have So Many Ukrainians Fled to Russia?
Duh. They fled because they fear for their lives. Not only is their own government shelling and bombing civilian targets, but the leadership in Kyiv includes Nazis such as Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko who was recorded saying of the East Ukrainian Russians:
It’s about time we grab our guns and go kill those damn Russians together with their leader; and nuke 8 million Russians who are now exiles in Ukraine.
But don't worry. Canada's rushing to help the Kiev junta ensure that the people of East Ukraine receive no assistance from Russia. Which raises the question: has Canada gone Nazi too, or is it just the imperial arse-lick, Stephen Harper?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dumb Sanctions on Russia

In his latest Web post, Paul Craig Roberts urges Russia to retaliate against EU-imposed economic sanctions by cutting off the supply of Russian oil and gas upon which Europe depends to satisfy about one third of its total energy needs. Putin, says Roberts, "would not have to turn off the energy supply for very long before Europe tells Washington good-bye and comes to terms with Russia."

Well maybe.

But more likely, in view of the massive economic damage caused by turning off the gas, European states would deem the continuation of Putin`s rule in Moscow intolerable and would be amenable to any actions Washington might propose, even  including all out war, in order to topple Putin and institute a government in Moscow subordinate to Western interests as viewed by Washington.

Moreover, such an outcome is clearly the objective of Washington`s gross provocation of Russia, first, in installing a Nazi-backed regime of mad-dog Russophobes in Kyiv, then by supporting and aiding the Kyiv junta in killing its own citizens in Eastern Ukraine, and then by falsely accusing Russia of complicity in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Fligh MH17, a crime almost certainly attributable to America`s Nazi puppets in Kyiv, most likely with advice and assistance by the large CIA contingent in Kyiv.

Now if Putin can be induced by US-EU sanctions to finally lose his cool and abruptly escalate the conflict with Europe by attacking the very basis of its economic existence, the American objective will be won. Europe will be galvanized to act in any way necessary, up to and including outright warfare, as Washington`s tool in destroying Russian independence. From this, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Paul Craig Roberts is either a man of remarkably poor judgement or he is phony dissident acting as an agent of Washington`s NeoCon imperialists.

There is, however, little chance that Putin will escalate the conflict by cutting Europe`s energy supply, which would be tantamount to an act of war, and one guaranteed to destroy for all time Russia`s credibility as reliable trade partner.

Rather, Russia has reacted, and will continue to react, to US and European sanctions by implementing proportionate retaliatory measures that will tend to strengthen Russia`s agricultural, financial and technology industries, without justifying escalation of the conflict.

This does not mean, however, that Russia will be able to avoid military action in Ukraine indefinitely. The criminal violence of the Kyiv regime directed at those in Eastern Ukraine with the temerity to seek a measure of autonomy has created a humanitarian catastrophe, to which Russia, unlike Canada, Australia and the EU states, will not turn a blind eye.

Apparently the US cannot wait for Russia to cut of the gas to Europe and is now urging its Nazi friends in Kyiv to cut the trans-Ukrainian gas lines, thereby delivering the deathblow to the EU economy, that Russia will not.

So how will Germany and the rest of the EU react. Will they, like a wounded snake, lash out wildly at the Russians as the US no doubt hopes and intends, or will they reconsider their attitude with their Nazi Ukrainian neighbor and their American occupiers.


Mike Shedlock:
War With Russia: A Small Price to Pay to Preserve the Illusions of Brainwashed Americans

Tony Catalucci:
Dumb blonde Ausi foreign minister tries sticking blame for MH-17 on Russia without bothering with the questions of means, motive or actual evidence

Asia Times:
NATO is desperate for war

Real News Network:
730,000 Ukrainian refugees in Russia

The publisher of Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading financial newspaper:
The West on the wrong path

Zero Hedge:
Ukraine Prepares To Impose Russian Gas Transit Ban, Commit Economic Suicide

The Saker:
The wave pain for the EU is now slowly turning into a tsunami of mutually reinforcing problems

The Saker:

You wanna be Uncle Sam's bitch? Pay the price!

Ria Novosti:
Porky Ends MH17 Crash Zone Ceasefire: Move along, nothing to see here

Ria Novosti: 

NATO Chief Threatens Russia With More Sanctions Over Ukraine
Who is this Anders Fogh Rasmussen? Who asked him to speak for Canadians? Let's hear no more from this Fogher.

Zero Hedge:
Canada Joins Forces With Genocidal Nazis in Ukraine

Zero Hedge: 
Meanwhile, Kiev Is Burning Again

Maidan Unrest Back to Life as Activists Clash With Police on Central Kiev Square

Oriental Review:
Ukrainians stand up against junta

Oriental Review:
Ukraine’s Dystopian Descent into Military Dictatorship
The Ukrainian state continues its slow-motion collapse, this time with Poroshenko seeking to deal a death blow to the last remnants of the Rada. He has accused “half of the Verkhovna Rada” of being “a ‘fifth column’ which is controlled from abroad, whole factions” after they did not pass a bill labelling Lugansk and Donetsk’s governments as terrorist organizations. Such an action would have granted pseudo-legitimacy to the US in doing the same, with the ultimate intent of connecting supposed Russian support of these entities with “state sponsor of terrorism” status. By his threatening words, Poroshenko is purposely trying to rile up nationalist voters and intimidate any remaining pragmatic politicians in his quest for near-total control over the state, just as an oligarch holds absolute power of his company. Concurrent with this, the West is wholeheartedly supporting Ukraine’s military, although that institution is on the brink of self-implosion as well. The unstable result of these two trends is the dystopian descent of Ukraine towards military dictatorship, all with the enthusiastic backing of the West in its latest anti-Russian crusade. ...