Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Message to You From the United Church of Globalist Corporations

Having killed Christianity, the globalist elite have apparently determined that the role of the church is to become a corporate function. Hence Gillette, a company hitherto known chiefly for making razor blades and sundry related products, has launched an ad campaign against "toxic masculinity."

Now toxic masculinity, whatever that may be, like toxic feminism, or toxic anything else, is by definition toxic. But do you really want moral instruction from your supplier of razor blades? Or how about condemnation of white privilege on your breakfast cereal package, or advocacy of abortion with your laundry detergent?

Well whatever you want, that is what you are going to get, courtesy of the globalist corporate elite. True, the media have long doled moral direction, but at least they offered it, along with ads for razor blades, breakfast cereal and laundry detergent, with a degree of circumspection: a liberal commentator countered by a more conservative view, the globalist plug, offset by a more patriotic if not actually nationalistic comment.

But now it seems the media are too weak to provide the moral redirection the globalist elite require. Hence, Google will join FaceBook and others in cramming their interests, morals, whatever you want to call self-serving corporate propaganda, down your throat by giving the media an injection of cash for what will surely be globalist trash:

Report for America, an initiative of the GroundTruthProject, Google, and others, plans to place 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms over the next five years. Writing in CJR, the project’s co-founders argue that America needs “a dramatically new approach at the local level—grounded less in the traditional commercial model and more on a reawakened spirit of public service among reporters.

Steven Waldman and Charles M. Sennott say that they want to model their initiative on organizations like the Peace Corps and Teach for America, providing opportunities and support to emerging journalists while also helping newsrooms around the country do civically important reporting.
Meantime, Google will go on fiddling their search results and YouTube contents to shape your view of the World as the globalist elite desire: internal discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News reveals Google regularly intervenes in search results on its YouTube video platform – including a recent intervention that pushed pro-life videos out of the top ten search results for “abortion.”
Clearly corporations that can devote hundreds of millions to revising your opinions and moral convictions are too big for democracy and should be broken up. Hence, one reason for the drive to oust Trump: he could be crazy enough to act against the corporate monopolists who seek not only to rig the market against you, but to control your mind.

Robert Epstein, on how Google rigged the 2016 Presidential Election:

Breitbart: Agency that Made Gillette’s Woke, Anti-Man Ad Filled with Radical Feminists, Anti-Trumpers

Charles, Hugh Smith: A Manifesto for a 'Deplorable' Party

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Google Censorship: How Google Aims to Control Your Mind

Breitbart, January 16, 2019: In sworn testimony, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress last month that his company does not “manually intervene” on any particular search result. Yet an internal discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News reveals Google regularly intervenes in search results on its YouTube video platform – including a recent intervention that pushed pro-life videos out of the top ten search results for “abortion.”

The term “abortion” was added to a “blacklist” file for “controversial YouTube queries,” which contains a list of search terms that the company considers sensitive. According to the leak, these include some of these search terms related to: abortion, abortions, the Irish abortion referendum, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and anti-gun activist David Hogg.

The existence of the blacklist was revealed in an internal Google discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News by a source inside the company who wishes to remain anonymous. A partial list of blacklisted terms was also leaked to Breitbart by another Google source.

In the leaked discussion thread, a Google site reliability engineer hinted at the existence of more search blacklists, according to the source.

“We have tons of white- and blacklists that humans manually curate,” said the employee. “Hopefully this isn’t surprising or particularly controversial.”

Others were more concerned about the presence of the blacklist. According to the source, the software engineer who started the discussion called the manipulation of search results related to abortion a “smoking gun.”

The software engineer noted that the change had occurred following an inquiry from a left-wing Slate journalist about the prominence of pro-life videos on YouTube, and that pro-life videos were replaced with pro-abortion videos in the top ten results for the search terms following Google’s manual intervention.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Great Hypocrites, No. 79: George, No-Border-Wall, Soros's Border Wall

Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Raising Funds to Challenge Trump’s ‘Racist Wall’

James Delingpole: Making Britain the Land of the Living Dead

Breitbart, January 13, 2019: At dinner the other night, a QC friend of mine — I forget what the Q stands for but I know exactly why they’re all called Cs — tried explaining to me why Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ is actually a good deal for Britain.

So I asked him to explain to me what’s good about it.

He began by agreeing that the deal isn’t perfect but said that there’s got to be a bit of give and take on both sides. Then he conceded that of course “No deal” might have been better but because the government had made such poor preparations for such an eventuality over the last two and half years…

“Let me stop you right there, you despicable, fat, Establishment sell-out tosser…” I said.

This is the problem with every Remain argument I’ve ever heard. None of them can actually explain why Theresa May’s ‘deal’ — or any of the other fudges, cop-outs and surrenders being planned by the Remainers — in any way respects the wishes of the 17.4 million people who voted Brexit in 2016.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The IQ-ist Creed

Responding to a critical comment from a reader, Vox Day, aka Theodore Beale, wrote:

If you are a Gamma, or even have Gamma tendencies, you simply must learn to resist the urge to correct others, particularly those who are more intelligent than you are.

The implications being, first, that people of only moderate intelligence, i.e., IQ,* are essentially incapable of sound judgment on anything, and that certainly a person of IQ x cannot under any circumstances know better than a person with an IQ that is greater than x.

That, in a nutshell, is the IQ-ist creed. It is the notion that, based on a a 20-minute, paper and pencil test of verbal and numerical facility, everyone can be ranked in a linear hierarchy of intelligence. The IQ test thus provides the technocratic means to implement the Fascist leadership principle. Authority is exercised from the top down, rank being determined by IQ, without feedback or objection from the bottom up. 

There are, however, a few problems with this approach as the Axis powers discovered during WW2. Thus, for example, however intelligent the leadership may be, it may also be criminally insane, which means it has potentially bad consequences for everyone who accepts its commands. There will, of course, be bad consequences for those who refuse the leadership's commands however obviously insane, since the leadership principle requires unquestioning acceptance of the authority of the leadership (see boxed quote above). 

There are other problems with the Fascistic notion that those of high IQ are inevitably right in any dispute with those of lower IQ, the first being that that notion is obviously false. Smart people make errors of judgement all the time; know little in relation to the sum total of human knowledge; and are far from consistently honest. Furthermore, when smart people make mistakes, tell lies, or go bonkers, it may require no exceptional intellectual power to recognize the fact. Therefore, the notion that a person of ordinary intellect cannot criticize someone eligible for membership in Mensa, the club for people of high IQ, is absurd. 

One could go on. For example, Mensa members tend to have an abnormally high incidence of mental illness, suggesting that high IQ and good judgement are not necessarily well correlated. Then there is the fact that IQ measures none of what are, in the common acceptation of the term, considered to be facets of intelligence: judgment, for instance, wisdom, wit, sense, insight, intuition, giftedness or talent. This alone should make one wary of any scheme for ranking all humanity on a single scale of intelligence. To do so would almost certainly have prevented the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach, van Gogh, or Richard Feynman pursuing the careers in which they were able to demonstrate at least a modicum of real talent, i.e., intelligence, undemonstrable by means of an IQ test. 

*Vox Day apparently holds to the IQ-ist notion that a 20-minute paper and pencil test of verbal and numerical facility provides a comprehensive measure of intelligence.

Western Civilization: The Final Chapter?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Headlines That Tell the Whole Story: No. 79

The Dems don’t want Trump to have a win on his signature policy [of building a wall], because they figure that will cement his re-election. Everything else is noise

In the unlikely event you see any point in reading the story, here's a link.

And here's another one:

French Green Party Founder Says Europeans Must Have Less Children to Make Way For Muslim Migrants

The call for European genocide is becoming deafening. Not just the loonie US Dems. and Justin Trudeau's state broadcaster the CBC, but now the Euro Greens too.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Quote of the Day, No. 79: The Problem with Krauthammer's Fundamental Law

Here's a post by the Maverick Philosopher with which it seems hard to disagree.

Krauthammer's Fundamental Law

Here is Krauthammer's Fundamental Law:
To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.
It's cute and clever, a nice piece of journalese, but not quite right, although it gets at part of the truth.

Krauthammer's 'law' conversationally implies that conservatives do not think that contemporary liberals or leftists are evil. But surely many of us do. Leftists routinely slander us with such epithets as: sexist, racist, white supremacist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, and so on. This is morally vicious behavior and to that extent evil. My view is that many if not most so-called liberals are not good people. You are not a good person, for example, if you routinely dismiss legitimate concerns for the rule of law in the matter of immigration by accusing conservatives of having an irrational fear of foreigners. That is a vicious refusal to take conservatives seriously as rational beings and address their arguments.

A second problem with Krauthammer's 'law' is that intelligent conservatives do not think of most liberals as stupid but as having the wrong values, or, when they have some of the right values, not prioritizing them correctly. Generally speaking, political differences reflect differences in values and principles, not differences in intelligence or 'information.'

There is one point, however, that I would question.

The MP states:
Leftists routinely slander us with such epithets as: sexist, racist, white supremacist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, and so on. This is morally vicious behavior and to that extent evil.
But is this morally vicious, or is it simply evidence of an incapacity to think? Indeed, is it not the case that through the program of PC indoctrination led by schools, universities, legislators and media, the heirs to Western civilization are no longer, in a civilizational sense, Westerners or even civilized.

Having lost the essential ingredient of Western civilization, namely, the capacity for rational thought, we have largely substituted memes for arguments. That is not morally vicious, it is merely pathetic. We have become like a band of chattering monkeys, capable of settling a dispute only by the verbal equivalent of throwing shit.*

And if that is the case, then disaster surely looms, for a people unable to think, cannot long survive.

* This may well be unfair to monkeys.

The Suicide of the West, No. 93.

Daily Mail: Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit needed to maintain the population in every single US state
Fertility rates for white women were down in every US state in 2017 - below the rate needed for the population to replace itself, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.

However, among black and Hispanic women, fertility rates were up in 12 and 29 states, respectively.

When researchers looked at fertility rates for women of all age groups and races, they found that the nationwide rate was 16 percent lower than what is considered the level for a population to replace itself.

Experts say this is likely due to the fact that the large proportion of native-born women are having fewer children than before, while the much smaller proportion of immigrant-born women are having more children.

The story is the same for Europe but worse. Worse for the European race, that is. The Germans, the Italians, the Hungarians and sundry other Europeans fuck to hardly any productive effect, poor brainwashed, politically correct, self-genociding dupes. 

But, hey, we gotta have more girls' education, more girls in our front line fighting forces, more girl fire fighters, more girls running the big corporations and sitting on executive boards, more rights for queers, more transgenders, this last to be achieved, as necessary, by surgical and chemical means. The fact is, unless guys start having babies it's game over the Euros 'cos girls are just too busy doing the big jobs that white guys no longer have any right to hold.

And more children? Oh God no! Humans are a plague on the planet, at least white humans, you know, the privileged race. No, Whitey is slated for extermination. What do you think sex "ed." is all about other than to exterminate the white nations of the world. Meantime, no African nation is so stupid as to indulge in such self-destructive bollocks, they just go on multiplying, doubling their population every 30 years. 

Not for white genocide? But that's what the media you absorb every day have been telling you for years. You know, the trusted names, Time Magazine, the Economist (LOL), the BBCMacleans, the Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, the Gruniard.

And it's what the school your kid goes to, assuming you have a kid, teaches: whitey is a disease on the face of the planet and must be eliminated by mass immigration, racial mixing and lethal propaganda. Diversity is good, except the white part of it, obviously. For whitey metissage is an obligation.

Same for Western civilization: it's gotta go. Christianity is the root of all evil, together with every other manifestation of Western culture: Shakespeare to be removed from the Eng. Lit. curriculum, Kipling a despicable racist never to be mentioned in polite society, Jane Austin to be removed from public libraries.

Either the Western nations get rid of the Treason class: the Mays, the Merkels, the Microns, the Clintons, the Obamas, and Justin, Canada-is-not-a -nation, Trudeau, or they die.

Vive les gilets jaunes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My Plan To Destroy America

The following remarks have been attributed to Dick Lamm, former governor of Colorado, 1975-1987:

1. We must first make America a bilingual/bicultural country. History shows ... that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. …

Scholar Seymour Martin Lipset put it this way: “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy.”

2. I would then invent ‘multiculturalism” and encourage immigrants to maintain their own culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal ... there are no cultural differences that are important ... and the black and Hispanic dropout rate is only due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out-of-bounds.

3. We can make the United States a “Hispanic Quebec” without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: “… the apparent success of our own multiethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethno-centrically and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.”

Hillary Backs Trump 100 Percent on Securing the Border

Monday, January 7, 2019

Italian Deputy PM Calls French President Micron a "Lab Mouse"

"ITALY’S Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has accused French President Emmanuel Macron of keeping the power from the people and in the hands of the elite, less than 24 hours after he said the young centrist was to blame for the “yellow vest” protests that have unnerved Paris.

The young centrist is struggling to curb a wave of violent protests that have rocked his administration to its core, and forced him to scrap a planned carbon tax and up salaries. Mr Salvini, head of the far-right League party, has repeatedly locked horns with Mr Macron over immigration policy, and has jumped on the anti-government protests rattling France as proof the French leader is out-of-touch and arrogant. He said in Rome yesterday: “The ‘yellow vest’ crisis shows that the French have finally understood that their president, Emmanuel Macron, is nothing but a ‘laboratory mouse’ elected to keep the [elitist] political system in place."

In a thinly veiled reference to his conservative ally Marine Le Pen’s defeat to Mr Macron in France’s 2017 presidential election, he added: “That Macron was a lab-made product invented to block change just as it was looming in the horizon now strikes me as obvious."

Mr Salvini further twisted the knife, mocking Mr Macron’s efforts to position himself as the de facto head of Europe. He said: “Let me remind you that until a few months ago, Macron was seen as the champion of the new Europe by all of Italy’s leftists.

He was Europe’s new genius, Europe’s new saviour… But they had it all wrong, again."

The Express
Thanks to Vox Pop for the link

Sozhenitsyn's Prediction of Western Social Disintegration

“The defense of individual rights has reached such extremes as to make society as a whole defenseless... Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Harvard University Commencement Address, 1978

Russians gloat as America self-destructs as Sozhenitsyn predicted.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Quotes of the Day, No. 79: James Delingpole on Michael Gove and Other Thereason May Brexit Sellouts

"never forget that whatever gibberish comes out of the mouths of our MPs – even ones we once thought we could rely on, like Brexiteer-turned-Mayite-sell-out Michael Gove – is just the delusional ramblings of a cowardly, self-serving, career-safe, unprincipled, spineless governing elite long, long past its sell-by date."

James Delingpole

"The Chinese may well have discovered the dark side of the Moon, and the Germans a third gender, but there is no end to the dangers discovered by those who would like to stop Brexit. Their latest blag is the repetition of the term ‘forty per cent’. It offers some relief from the mathematically dyslexic 48% of two years ago, but as always it is being used as a rhythmic (perhaps even algorithmic) chant designed to terrify the the commercially gullible among us. The Sky anchor today had a field day with it, but was unfortunate enough to find himself tackling a smiley but no-nonsense Tory lady MP who made him appear to be a moron – which he probably is.

A: But Michael Gove says we may face tariffs of 40%.

TL: Michael is a great friend but he is quite wrong about this, bec….

A: Yes, but 40%.

TL: I cannot imagine the German car industry wanting to face retaliatory tariffs of 40%, given…

A: “Yes but under WTO rules we could have 40% slapped on our exports.”

TL: Australia has been trading under WTO rules now since 1977 and it doesn’t face 40% tariffs from anyone….

A: But 40% is allowable under WTO rules.

TL: It is frowned upon by WTO rules. We have an enormous trade with the United States, and we do not face any 40% tariffs except those set in retaliation against the European Union…..which we are leaving….

A: Yes but 40% would….

TL: Look, trade is a two-way thing….Ireland wants to buy our beef and we want to buy their Guinness…..

A: So why did Michael Gove….

TL: I am not Michael’s keeper, but Michael is a huge supporter of the Prime Minister’s exit deal, and as such I would expect him to support her arguments."

John Ward

MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven

By Eric Zuesse

Strategic Culture Foundation, December 31, 2018: Finally, a clear and convincing — and unrefuted — case can now be presented to the public, as to precisely whom the guilty party was, that downed the MH17 Malaysian airliner over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, and why it was done. The complete case, which will be fully documented here, displays unequivocally who needed the MH17 murders (of 298 persons) to be perpetrated. This mass-murder was done for one leader’s very pressing obsession. For him, it simply had to be done, and done at that precise time.

The full MH17 case will be presented here, to be judged by the public, because no court of law which possesses the power to bring this (or even any) case on the MH17 murders, is willing to do so, and because the evidence in this 17 July 2014 case has become overwhelming, and is unrefuted. This evidence is accepted by both sides. But it still remains effectively hidden from the publics in the United States and its allied countries. (The present news-report, which is the first ever to present this entire case, is submitted to all news-media in English-speaking countries, so that any of them that wishes to provide its audience access to this uncontested and conclusive evidence in the MH17 case can do so, by publishing this article. Any of them that won’t, don’t want their audience to have access to the conclusive evidence in this case, because this article is being made available to all of them to publish, free of charge; so, there is no other reason not to publish it.)

The complete evidence will be described, and all of the conclusive evidence is linked-to, proving who perpetrated, and who demanded, the shoot-down on 17 July 2014 of the Malaysian airliner MH17.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Jade Rabbit Begins Exploration of the Moon's "Dark" Side

China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover: I'd say it looks more like a duck than a rabbit. Source

Darwinism in the Service of White Genocide

Vox Day has an excellent post showing the humbug of the globalist shills for open borders. He writes:

It's strange that scientists expect people to be concerned about the threat invasive species pose to the native squirrel population, but not the native human population.
Meet 9 Creepy Species That Pose Greatest Threat to Europe

Scientists have identified 66 species of plants and animals that pose the greatest threat to biodiversity and ecosystems. These species, entering and falling into new territories, displace the local flora and fauna.

Scientists considered eight species to be the most dangerous, another 40 to be high-risk, and 18 others to be medium-risk.

Species considered by the team of researchers included plants, terrestrial invertebrates and some marine and freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates.
This is just additional evidence that even those who affect to believe in evolution by natural selection don't really believe in it.

But I fear, indeed I have no doubt, that far from failing to understand the implications of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, the globalist cucks have instigated the migrant invasion of the European homelands to achieve white genocide.

How the Banks Rob Your Savings of Value by Printing Money and Creating the Inflation that Drives Up Housing Costs that Force Millions Into Debt Slavery

The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations. 

Thomas Jefferson
Banks create money out of thin air by creating loans.

You get a mortgage for, say, half a million, and the bank adds $500,000.00 to the balance in your account. Where'd that money come from? Nowhere. The bank just created it with a book-keeping entry, and now it's charging you interest on the strength of that book-keeping entry. Let the banks keep creating their own money and soon you've got real inflation.

From the graph below, you can see that the Canadian money supply has grown at the rate of around 7.5% a year for the last 30 years. The Canadian economy, however, has grown at the rate of only around 2.5% a year. So monetary inflation has exceeded economic growth by about 5% a year, meaning, very roughly and ignoring many complications, that what cost a dollar in 1990 will cost around four dollars today.

Image Source

Good business, banking, innit. Create money at no cost and lend it to the suckers at interest. The suckers spend the money, thereby driving up prices, which creates the need for more borrowing, so more money creation and ever bigger bank profits.

Muslim Congresswoman who called Trump "the Motherfucker" is no MILF

Just hours after being sworn in, Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib promised to go after President Trump, telling a group of left-wing supporters at a rally held by MoveOn near Capitol Hill, she would help Democrats “impeach the motherfucker.”



Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Why the Diversity Cucks and Death-to-the-Nation Globalists Are Headed for the Trash Heap of History

As Thereason May, the fake Brexiteer, and leading British war criminal, Phony Blair, strive to keep Britain chained to the Yellow-Vest-infested European Disunion, Theodore Beale explains why it's game over for the diversity cucks and globalist con-men.

Once you figure out that the other side really, genuinely, and truly wants to destroy your religion and your race, only the suicidal and the delusional will persist in trying to "come together" and seek to "discuss our differences". You can brag about being anti-racist, apolitical, post-ideological, colorblind, or even apathetic all you like, but once it finally registers that the other side is literally hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone you value, it's no longer possible to continue lying to yourself.

I saw this in a microcosm in my interview with Bleeding Cool editor-in-chief Mark Siefert. He simply could not, and would not, believe what I was telling him about the SJWs in comics. He insisted that there must be a place at the table for everyone, that it didn't have to be war to the knife. I assured him that he was wrong, and that the SJWs could not be reasoned with, and the next day, he discovered the truth when he was ejected from his position by the very SJWs he'd been defending as reasonable the day before.

The cuckspace is shrinking. The middle ground is rapidly vanishing and nothing is going to bring it back. There is nothing to bring it back, because diversity is, quite literally, disintegration. It won't be long before those who believed they were morally superior for denouncing nationalists as fascists and Nazis will be crying for those nationalists to save them... if they are not proclaiming themselves to have been nationalists all along.

The real lesson of the Spanish Civil War is this: you will not save your nation without fighting for it.

Wikipedia, Trikipedia: The Great Misinfopedia

What Wikipedia doesn't tell you:

On the downing of Malaysia Airways Flight MH17:

Wikipedia's account
Another account that Wikipedia doesn't mention

Or on 9/11:

Wikipedia's account
The Account by Architechts and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Transgender Rights = Civil Rights for Mental Illness

Monday, December 31, 2018

Proof That the Lunatics Have Taken Over the Insane Asylum, aka the American University

The University of Michigan Has At Least 82 Full-Time Diversity Officers at a Total Annual Payroll Cost of $10.6M.



The Return of Louis XVI: Emmanuel Macron, Roi de L’Ancien Regime

Martin Sieff

Strategic Culture Foundation, December 29, 2018: It is easy to imagine ridiculous young President Emmanuel Macron of France as his fellow-free trading liberal King Louis XVI. Macron’s extraordinary pretensions to “dignity” and being a “king” far from elevating him have stripped him of all the bogus credibility that the corrupt, servile and stupid mainstream media of Europe and the United States tried to give him.

Far from raising the embattled Fifth Republic to new heights of achievement and success, it is already clear that Le Jeune Macron is destroying it. The contrast with the founder of the Republic, the great and truly regal Charles de Gaulle could not be greater.

Read more

Friday, December 28, 2018

Once You Let the Alien In, He'll Seek to Take Control

Thereason May's Home Secretary, the Muslim, Savid Javid, son of Pakistani immigrants, and a man with a good chance of becoming Britain's next Prime Minister, makes it clear that Brexit does not mean and end to the open door for Muslims settlers in Britain, even though, according to former Prime Minister David Cameron, the reason the Brits voted for Brexit was to end mass immigration.

And here's the "Justice Minister" in the government of former Treason Party Prime Minister Tony Bliar demanding a Muslim Prime Minister for Britain.

Meantime, Angela Merkel, the former East German Communist, declares that the nation states must give up their sovereignty, meaning that Europe must open its border and be inundated by immigration without end.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

European Union Idiocy: EU Parliament urges MEPs to say "Humanity" not "Mankind"

Officials and members in the parliament have been sent guidebooks on using gender-neutral language in all of their official EU-related work and communications, the Telegraph reported on Thursday. Under the new guidelines, European lawmakers will be strongly encouraged to say “chair” instead of “chairman”, “artificial” instead of “man-made”, and “humanity” instead of “mankind.”RT

1. human beings considered collectively; the human race.

1. the human race; human beings collectively.

Both words include the three letter word "man" both refer to the same thing, the huMAN species.

But according to "officials and member so the EU Parliament," to speak of "humMANity" is OK, but to speak of MANkind is to use vile sexist language. Is that stupid, or what?

Actually it is quite correct to refer to humanity or mankind by the monsyllabic word "man". Man is the common name for the human species or Homo sapiens, which includes both males and females (Oops, what's the EU gonna do about that horrible sexist word feMALE?).

"HOMO," the genus to which the species man belongs, is the Latin word for "MAN," while "SAPIENS," the specific name assigned to the human species under the Linnaean system of classification is the Latin word for "WISE." Evidently the huMAN species was badly mislabelled by Carl Linnaeus, since far from being wise, we are clearly idiots, or at any rate led by idiots.

In fact, only a dim-witted and ignorant feminist cuck like Justin Trudeau could fail to see that the word MANkind refers to all huMANity:

which tells you how desperately Britain needs to get the Hell out the EU, and how urgently Canada needs a new Prime Minister.

Otherwise, Canadians are gonna have to start saying huPEOPLEity for huMANity and fePERSON for feMALE and woPERSON for woMAN, like the idiots they would be if the voted Trudeau into power again in 2019. And watch out with feperSON and woperSON, which under the tyrrany of idiot PC-dom will have to be replaced by feperDAUGHTER and woperDAUGHTER.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Crapademia, No. 79: The Higher Education System That Rates All Students Above Average

British university degree exam results are ranked on a six-point scale: First, Upper Second, Lower Second, Third, Pass and Fail. In my day, first class degrees were somewhat rare. In my class of over 100, just one first class degree was awarded (mine — to take this opportunity to boast of the fact, albeit anonymously). Of upper seconds, I recall only a couple. So the lower three grades accounted for well over 90% of the class (good folks, incidentally, one of whom was recently awarded a knighthood by her Majesty the Queen). Today, apparently, things are different, with 78% of British university students graduating with a first or upper second class degree.

What makes this vast improvement in university grades over a period of 50 years particularly remarkable is that, over that period of time, the proportion of the school-leaving population receiving a university education has increased from two or three percent to probably more than half today. In other words, the majority of students, including a substantial number who must as a matter of logical necessity be of below average academic ability, are being graduated by the British universities as scholars of high academic standing. How can that be possible? It is an obvious absurdity beyond the comprehension, apparently, of our academic elite.

Apparently, some universities in Britain have attempted to deal with grade inflation by creating a new grade above First Class, namely First Class Starred. But why only one star? Why not have five classes denoted by one to five stars, while dropping the traditional classification with its weird segregation of the second class into uppers and lowers, thereby, presumably, to save the lowers from the humiliation of being classified as Third Class, while allowing those of the fourth class to pass for Third Class, and those of the Fifth Class to pass as having, well, just passed.

Whether new nomenclature would put an end to ludicrous grade inflation is open to question. However, it would certainly seem better to graduate with a single star than a mere pass, while two stars seems very promising compared with "a Third."


CanSpeccy: The Rot at the Head of the University

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

UK Ambassador Craig Murray: British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

His crackpot opinions and obsessions aside, Craig Murray is among the most perceptive and well-informed critics of the deeply corrupt British state. In this piece he documents the fraudulence of Britain's supposedly democratic government, which deploys the security services to corrupt the so-called free press, thereby subjecting a supposedly free people to the will of the state.

Richard Feynman on Quantum Mechanics: Don't Even Try to Understand It

Gender Studies Versus Quantum Physics

Hearing Richard Feynman talking of quantum physics, I am reminded of his view that university degrees in some of the softer disciplines offered at the university, Home Economics for example, might not be fully equivalent in difficulty of attainment to degrees in, say mathematics or physics.

Today, most universities seem to have phased out Home Ec., but with the rise of Womens' Studies, Gender Studies and other "Studies" programs, universities now seem to offer even more soft options than in Feynman's day. That some of these programs are entirely vacuous is rather clearly demonstrated by this report on what passes for scholarship at the mushier edge of the academic community.


For those interested in deciding for themselves the validity of present-day academic research in the "gender studies" field, here's a link to one such contribution, as it happens a spoof paper, that was accepted and published in a peer-reviewed journal published by Springer, an old-established publisher of scholarly journals.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Another European Treason Party Leader Bites the Dust

Dispute over migration brings down Belgian government
Belgium’s liberal prime minister Charles Michel has resigned in the wake of a bitter falling out with his erstwhile Flemish coalition partner. ... The [Flemish NVA] party objected to Mr Michel’s support for what it claimed was a legally binding UN compact on migration, which was approved at a summit of 180 states in Marrakesh last Monday. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is a first attempt at the UN to agree a common global approach to migration but was seen by populists as too sympathetic to migrants.

Bart de Wever, leader of the NVA and the mayor of Antwerp, attacked the compact which he claimed, although non-binding, “will serve as an argument in court”.

The NVA ... argued that the compact would undermine the government’s tough stance against illegal migrants.
The Irish Times
Naturally the UN wants open borders world-wide. Open borders will destroy the nation state and lead to the creation of a world empire under the control of the corrupt bureaucratic idiots who run the UN.

Fortunately, it ain't gonna happen. 

The more loudly the UN and it's Treason Party allies in the Western nations agitate for the Western nations to open their borders the poverty-stricken masses without, the more aware the people have become of the traitors within their ranks who smear opponents of national destruction as racist. 

What the gilets jaunes of France, the Flemish nationalists of Belgium, the Build-the-Wall Trumpsters, and indeed the great majority in every Western nation now see is that they have been targeted by the UN and their globalist allies for genocide both as racial groups and as distinct cultural entities with a unique history and religious tradition.  

What the people of the world's poorest nations need to demand is not that they be allowed to enter and impoverish the rich countries, but that their own lands, which possess vast natural resources be properly governed. Why, for example, should 400 million Latin Americans be granted the unrestricted freedom to migrate to North America when they have a continent of their own no more densely populated than North America and with natural wealth that is at least comparable. Ditto Africa, a continent of vast natural riches, three times the size of China with only two-thirds of China's population.

What's needed is not to diversify the successful countries with countless millions from failed states, but for the failed states to pay attention to the way the Western nations got rich, which was primarily through adherence to the rule of law, democracy, and market capitalism. The Latin American, African and Muslim states should boot their corrupt oligarchs and dictators and give the Western approach to government a try.


Is Trudeau next?

Globalist Elite to EuroAmerican White Trash

What this guy is not saying is:

(1) Migrants take below-minimum-wage jobs in the cash (untaxed) economy, which means bigger profits for son-of-a-bitch employers like me.

(2) In a World of seven billion mostly very poor people, there's a potential immigrant better qualified for almost every job in the UK, Canada and the rest of the developed world than the existing job holder — including mister Fat-Cat Son-of-a-Bitch himself.

(3) I don't give a shit about destroying the European peoples, as racial and cultural entities, I just want cheap labor, so fuck off you anti-immigrant racist.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Theresa May Got One Thing Right: Tony Blair Is An Interferring Jackass

In an astonishing broadside, [Theresa May] lashed out at her predecessor’s treacherous trip to meet EU chiefs in Brussels while Brexit talks were taking place.

“For Tony Blair to go to Brussels and seek to undermine our negotiations by advocating for a second referendum is an insult to the office he once held and the British people he once served.

“We cannot, as he would, abdicate responsibility for this decision. Parliament has a democratic duty to deliver what the British people voted for.”

May also "reminded Blair that it was his own open-door immigration policy which spurred millions of Britons to vote to leave the European Union." However, those for Brexit should never for a moment forget that May, hereself, is a Remainer and hence no opponent of of the EU's own open-door immigration policy, a policy now driving the EU into a state of internal strife and disintegration.

And writing in today's Daily Mail, former Finance Minister Lord Nigel Lawson writes of Blair:

A recent poll showed that only two per cent of the British population have a 'very favourable' opinion of Mr Blair.

It is the sort of approval rating a mass-murderer might be expected to get — which happens to be how many members of his own party describe him, in the wake of the Iraq war.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Paris is Burning Down

Trump blames the Yellow Jacket riots in France on the Paris Agreement to Combat Climate Change, an international agreement mandating massive public expenditures to combat what are alleged to be climate-changing emissions of carbon dioxide.

But French generals beg to differ as to the cause of France's civil unrest, warning Macron that signing the UN Pact on Migration will be an act of treason.

Specifically, the generals state:
By deciding alone to sign this pact, you would add an additional reason for revolt to the anger of an already battered people. You would be guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation.
What next? Will the generals place the traitor under arrest?

Meantime, the French police union has declared its solidarity with the gilets jaunes.

It's difficult to see how France can avoid a new revolution unless Macron, the former Rothschild banker and globalist stooge, is ousted without further delay.

As to the rest of the gang of globalist traitors, Merkel is heading out the door, Thereason May is on the ropes, and Trudeau's perpetual asininity will surely terminate his disaster- and humiliation-strewn reign when Canada votes next year.

But nationalists would be foolish to claim victory any time soon. All political parties in the West have been co-opted by the globalist Money Power, so whoever replaces the current batch of traitors is unlikely to undertake any meaningful change of direction unless subject to continual challenge.

Otherwise, the destruction of the Western nations as  cultural and racial entities will continue, with programs of suppressed reproduction combined with mass replacement immigration. Thus, in Canada, Trudeau, via the Canadian state broadcaster, the CBC, advocates for further reduction in the fertility of the already reproductively dysfunctional Canadian population, while calling for ever more rapid immigration. And in Britain, non-European immigration this year has reached a peak not seen since the days of the Traitor Tony Blair whose government accelerated non-European immigration to, so they said privately,  "rub the noses of the Right in multiculturalism," which is just another way of saying to destroy the British people and erase their cultural and religious traditions.

Meantime in South Africa the Rise of Good Racism:

If you don't believe our rulers support white genocide, just listen to the silence from May, Merkel, Micron and Trudeau among others about the call for white genocide in South Africa.


Daily Star: Yellow Vests in London

Scott Adams challenges Google to show that they have not maliciously, and criminally, targeted his reputation for destruction

The evidence: This Google image search "for Scott Adams". Donald Trump might issue the same challenge: see this Google image search for "idiot".

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Google uses location data that puts entire ZIP codes in politically biased 'filter bubbles'

DuckDuckGo — a privacy-focused search engine company that competes with Google Search— released a study last week that claims Google is inadvertently introducing bias into its results.

"Google's collection and use of personal data, including location, which is then used to filter specific search results, is having an effect akin to the effects of a political bias," DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg told Business Insider on Tuesday.

The company's study found participants saw vast differences in search results when searching for the same keywords (like "gun control" or "immigration") from different locations across the country.

Full story

Why Islam Should Be Banned in the Western World

The Freedom and Direct Democracy party of the Czech Republic has called for a complete ban on Islam.

Speaking in the Czech Parliament, party member, Jiri Kobza, stated that Islam is a colonizing ideology that promotes violence and hatred.

That is the case. Muslims in Europe are settlers and colonizers who work with traitors in government such as Tony Blair, whose "Justice Minister" called for a British parliament solely of Muslims, Theresa May, an advocate for Sharia courts in Britain, and Justin Trudeau, a warm advocate for Canada's Islamists, including ISIS Jihadis.

Islam is not merely a religion. It is a political system that is incompatible with free society. As Winston Churchill stated:
The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

“Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.
The spread of Islam to the Western nations represents and existential threat to free society and should be resisted by all means.


The European Court of Human Rights ruled that criticism of Muhammad constitutes incitement to hatred

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Five Lies Sundar Pichai, the Shit CEO of Google Just Told

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified on Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee. Despite testifying under oath, Pichai’s statements were riddled with demonstrable falsehoods — here are some of Pichai’s biggest whoppers.
1. The Google CEO leads the company “without political bias”
2. Google did not try and turn out Latino voters in key states
3. Users can opt out of Google’s invasive tracking services
4. Google does not discriminate against competitors
5. Google has diverse perspectives


Ding-Dong, the Witch Isn't Dead. May Lives to Ruin Brexit

By James Delingpole

Against all reason, Theresa May – the worst Prime Minister in British history – has yet again survived an attempt to boot her out of office.

This has nothing to do with her merits: she has none.

It is entirely due to the short-termism, cowardice and depressing lack of soundness among all those Conservative MPs who voted to keep her in office – despite being perfectly aware (as who can not be?) that she is a lame duck Prime Minister causing little but harm and embarrassment to her party, her electorate and her country.

All day in the run up to the vote, May’s MPs have been dressing up their pusillanimity and self-serving weaselry as a mix of pragmatism, patriotism and high principle.

Read more

Trump Prepares for 2020


Global Warming humbugs with private jets

The DCNF asked 31 businesses, foundations and individuals agitating for climate action if they’d support banning private jets.

Most companies and individuals the DCNF reached out to did not respond, including Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies that often tout their “green image.” Not even former Vice President Al Gore, the father of climate activism, responded to TheDCNF’s question.

In fact, all but two of the 26 corporations were silent when asked by TheDCNF if they would support a ban on private jets to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with what the United Nations says is needed to meet the Paris accord.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

My "12 Rules for Life": No. 2, SHOW LEADERSHIP — MANAGE YOURSELF

 Anyone who has had the task of reviewing applications for entry-level non-managerial employment will be aware of how many inexperienced people boast of their leadership skills. Moreover, anyone experienced in dealing with those newly recruited to the world of employment will likely have come across the novice intent on assuming direction of the operation within days of joining the team. An example that comes to mind is America's latest political sensation, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, already, it seems, running for President.

Such naive eagerness to lead is generally unappreciated by those with actual responsibility for the smooth operation of an administrative process or the turning of a profit. Rather, what is most valued is intelligent self-regulation to fulfill the objectives laid down by those with actual responsibility for end results. Thus, the leadership skill most appreciated by management is the capacity for leadership of an army of one, namely oneself.

Self-regulation is not a simple matter. Hard work is, well, hard. The temptation to break for a snack,  to check the Internet, or to engage co-workers in chat is at times all but irresistible. Moreover, to work effectively, one must be adequately prepared, both physically and mentally. That means no late nights or heavy drinking from Sunday to Thursday. It also means thinking in advance of how best to tackle the work ahead.

How, then, given the sensations, emotions and rationalizations that flood the mind, is one to achieve consistent self-mastery? To that question, one might expect psychology to have an answer, which indeed it does, although not necessarily the correct one. Indeed, psychology has, during the modern era, taken three shots at defining the springs of human action, the first two unquestionable duds. First, was the Freudian unconscious mind, now correctly written off as a farrago of fantastic nonsense. Then there was the much more scientific-seeming theory known as behaviorism, that held human action to be the product of reflexes induced by specific experiential regimes.

Monday, December 10, 2018

My "12 Rules for Life," No. 1: CUT OUT SUGAR

A hundred years ago, Americans consumed an average of ten pounds of sugar a year. Today they consume an average of one hundred and ten pounds, or 50 kilograms, of sugar a year. That is close to 100% of the healthy weight of a a woman of average height, and provides about one third of the calories required to meet the needs of most North American adults.

What is the result of making sugar the largest single component of the diet? An epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and general disability, including a lack of both physical fitness and mental sharpness. Yes, it's a fact, diabetes lowers your IQ. Rome it has been suggested fell because of lead in the water. The Western World is surely headed for demise because of surfeit of sugar.

Cutting sugar from your diet is not easy. First, because sugar is addictive. Second, because sugar is added to almost every kind of processed food you can buy, which makes it difficult to eliminate from your diet even if you try. There are two compelling reasons why sugar is in almost every processed food item: because, first, as an addictive substance, it tends to hook you on whatever branded product to which it is added; and second, it is one of the cheapest food commodities there is, and thus ideal for bulking up more expensive ingredients.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Vivre Les Gilets Jaunes: Or How the Plebs Are Turning on the Globalist Elites

For years we have lived in a climate of ‘You can’t say that’. You can’t criticise mass immigration — that’s xenophobia. You can’t oppose the EU — that’s Europhobia. You can’t raise concerns about radical Islam — that’s Islamophobia. You can’t agitate against climate-change policy — that’s climate-change denialism, on a par with Holocaust denialism, and anyone who dares to bristle against eco-orthodoxy deserves to be cast out of polite society. And yet now, in this populist moment, people are daring to say precisely these unsayable things. They’re standing up to the EU. They’re demanding that immigration become a democratic concern rather than something worked out for us by unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. And now they’re even grating against the hitherto unquestionable religious-style diktat that we must all drive less, shop less and do less in order to ‘save the planet’.

Instead of the confident leader, lecturing and preening on the global stage, [Macron] is barricaded in his palace, a sort of latter-day Marie Antoinette. French people can’t afford diesel? Let them buy Teslas.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

CBC Warns Trudeau He Risks Yellow Jacket Rebellion with His Contempt for the Canadian Nation

Amazingly, even the hyper-Liberal Canadian state broadcaster, the CBC, grasps that Justin Trudeau's globalist contempt for what he considers the passé Canadian nation, invites rebellion. Thus in an article illustrated with images of yellow-vested French rioters, they write:

In an astonishing statement to the New York Times in 2015, Justin Trudeau declared, "There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,'' and consequently that "makes us the first post-national state."

... One only has to look to recent events in France and the European project, in general, with Brexit a clue as to why nations are no longer keen on abandoning their autonomy for the lofty ambitions of leaders on the world stage.

... Brian Mulroney, one of our nation's elder statesmen, recently offered Trudeau some wisdom: It's the job of the Canadian prime minister to look after Canada first and the rest of the world next.

Deep State Treason

By James Howard Kunstler

... the Obama White House, along with CIA director John Brennan, and Director of National intel James Clapper, used the FBI and the DOJ (with support from the nation’s two leading newspapers), and help from Britain’s MI6 intel shop, to run illegal operations against Mr. Trump during the 2016 election, and then persisted in acts to delegitimize him after Jan 20, 2017.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Germany: The Face of the New Genocide

Anetta Kahane is a former secret police informer for the Communist 
Government of East Germany. She now heads Germany's cyber spy 
force charged with rooting out Nazi's, as identified by such signs as
athletic sons. 
Anetta Kahane (Right), a one time informer for the Communist Government of East Germany, now heads Mutti Merkel's cyber spies, tasked with rooting out Nazis.

Frau Merkel, like Kahane, is a former East German citizen and Communist who served as secretary for "Agitation and Propaganda" in the youth wing of the East German Academy of Sciences.

Apparently, Kahane's agency is able to identify Nazis by noting such things as who sends their daughters to school with braided hair or who have athletic sons.

Kahane, so Breitbart reports, is "a fanatic supporter of open borders and has declared it vital that the European Union change its immigration policy so as to eventually make natives of the continent a minority."

Time for the Germans, what's left of them, to get a few million of those gilets jaunes.

Theresa May's Theresonous Brexit Deal

This "deal" will cost the British taxpayer £60 billion; require that the British still comply with EU rules without having any say in what those will be, and worst of all, it permits the British to leave the EU only if the EU agrees. It commits the British effectively to subjugation by the EU in perpetuity, with no recourse should the British change their mind. It is a prison. It is also the first step of the EU toward its dream of global governance: unaccountable, untransparent, unelected by the public, and with no way out. David Brown, Gatestone Institute
What's the alternative? No deal, obviously. Without a "deal," the UK's membership of the EU will lapse on March 29, 2019, without, according to the House of Lords, any legal obligation for the UK to make any payment to the EU. After that, the UK should just trade with the EU on a tit-for-tat basis. The EU with an $11 billion trade surplus with the UK is not going to screw its own exporters by putting tariffs on British Biscuits and Whiskey if that means equal tariffs on German cars and French wine.

As for Ireland, yes there'll have to be a border between North and South to protect the UK from uncontrolled migration, unless of course, the Irish decide to exit the EU and enter into a migration control agreement with the UK. This the Brits should encourage, for example by offering to pay 90% or more of the cost of a bridge between Ireland and Britain, thereby making it possible to drive all the way from Dublin, via the Channel Tunnel, to Paris, Berlin and Beijing.

Maybe the Irish would even consider a highly devolved political union with the UK to create an independent Federation of the British Isles: a federation to preserve and perpetuate the languages and cultures of the ancient nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales — a friend-of-all-the-World, without entangling alliances, a danger to none but those who would harm her, for which purpose Britain's independent nuclear deterrent would be retained pending a safer means to insure national security.


Mish: UK Debates the Meaning of "Temporary" as Legal Review Reviews Permanent Trap

Vox Pop: parliament betrays the British people

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

We've Called Theresa May Thereason May for Some Time. Here's the Proof She's a Traitor

The May Government was found in contempt of Parliament for failing to reveal to Parliament the advice it had received on May's Brexit "deal" with the EU. Thus compelled, the government released a portion, though not all, of the advice it had received on May's Brexit deal. From what has been released it is apparent, as related in this Spectator blog post, that the "deal" is an absolute betrayal of the public who voted to leave the European Union.
1. This is not the full legal advice on the May’s deal. It is a very selective piece of advice solely on the Protocol, art. 184 and 5. So no other issues are considered. Parliament asked for the full legal advice on the deal, not just part of the deal. Where is it?

2. May’s deal envisages the UK being in backstop indefinitely. It is staggering that she sought to conceal this advice from MPs or the public. “The Protocol is intended to subsist even when negotiations have clearly broken down…. despite statements in the Protocol that it is not intended to be permanent, and the clear intention of the parties that it should be replaced by alternative, permanent arrangements, in international law the Protocol would endure indefinitely. It is May’s duty to inform parliament in unambiguous terms. How can she claim to have fulfilled this duty? (Para. 16)

3. The backstop is not an insurance. It is the expected destination. Remember when we were told that the backstop is “just an insurance”, that it was unlikely that we’d need it? The legal advice makes clear that the backstop is both likely and in full contemplation of the parties (Para. 5). So everyone knows we are likely to go in. It is wholly wrong to for the government to pretend otherwise.

4. May says that promising to negotiate ‘in good faith’ will result in a future deal. The legal advice accepts that this phrase is meaningless. Her deal places the EU under no obligation at all. “All they [the EU] would have to do to show good faith would be to consider the UK’s proposals, even if they ultimately rejected them. This could go on repeatedly without such conduct giving rise to “bad faith” or failure to use best endeavours.”

5. The UK will never be able to leave the Customs Union without the EU’s agreement. May’s deal “does not provide for a mechanism that is likely to enable the UK lawfully to exit the UK wide customs union without a subsequent agreement.” And as for the time limit? Forget it. “This remains the case even if parties are still negotiating many years later, and even if the parties believe that talks have clearly broken down and there is no prospect of a future relationship agreement. The resolution of such a stalemate would have to be political.”

6. May’s deal may violate EU law. Under Article 50, the mechanisms that EU member states are allowed to leave, a transition agreement cannot be open-ended because that means it is not temporary. So this dodgy backstop might be illegal under EU law. “There may be, therefore, some doubt as to whether the proposed Protocol is consistent with EU law, and that uncertainly will increase the longer it subsists.”

7. The EU may have the power to tap the UK for even more money given the expense of the ties that will still bind us. “The legal and administrative arrangements required to underpin the Protocol would be enormously complex, particularly in the light of proposed GB / NI flexibilities and will require considerable resources. These are not something to which the Commission will readily commit in the long term.”

8. The UK has no proper legal protection so is being asked to ‘trust’ the EU. “Given the lack of any effective means of termination” to the backstop, “the UK may have to trust in seeking a satisfactory outcome from negotiations.”

9. The ‘arbitration panel’ is useless in practice (Paras. 25 to 28) certainly when it comes to deciding if the UK can ever escape. “ it is extremely difficult to see how a five member arbitral panel made up of lawyers who were independent of the parties would be prepared to make a judgment as political as whether the Protocol is no longer necessary.

10. There is no legal protection for the UK: a solution to this (if it comes) would have to be political. But if we sign May’s deal, we are in a legally binding treaty – the EU now refuses to bend or change rules for us. It has refused every day of the negotiation. There is no basis to conclude the EU will change once we are controlled by them in the backstop.
Such is the swindling shyster who today rules as Britain's Prime Minister. Time for someone to command her, in the name of God, to go.