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Utoya, Norway - Breivik Atrocites: The police were running an exercise

Source: Aftonpost, August 26, 2011

Trente på Utøya-scenario 22. juli

 Norwegian to English translation

On July 22, only hours before Anders Behring Breivik began shooting children on Utøya, the police emergency squad concluded an exercise in which they enacted an almost identical scenario.


Four days in advance, and also the same Friday that the [Breivik] attacks were carried out, a trained police special unit carried out a terror attack exercise that corresponded almost exactly to the situation that hours later met the 22 police officers in the emergency squad on Utøya. 

Aftenposten has confirmed from key sources in the management of the Oslo police that the exercise was terminated at 1500 hours that same Friday. 

All officers from the emergency squad that participated in the government quarter of Oslo following the car bombing and later came ashore on Utøya and arrested Anders Behring Breivik had earlier that same day and in the previous days participated in training on a very similar scenario.

The training involved: a mobile terrorist attack in which one or more perpetrators only goal would be to shoot as many people as possible and then shoot the police when they arrive.

Police special unit trains continuously. But every quarter, they train to different types of scenarios. 
These are different scenarios police envisions might occur where the emergency squad must be inserted. There may be actions indoors, in cities or out in other environments. 

According to police, this is a scenario they train on several times a year and has trained for several years, especially after some events in other countries.

The similarity with what actually happened on Utøya, was mere coincidence, says a key police source, who declined to be quoted by name.

26 minutes
The car bombing in the government quarter of Oslo occurred only 26 minutes after the emergency exercise ended.

At 17.30 staff of the Oslo police were told a shooting at Utøya. 

The Emergency squad set out for the North Buskerud Police District, but at 18.02, six minutes before they arrived, they were advised to meet with local police at Storøya. 

Seven people from the emergency squad and three officers from Nordre Buskerud Police District climbed into a 4.9 meter long police dinghy, but the boat was so heavily loaded that it began taking on water. The police then transferred to a privately-owned boat and headed for Utøya.

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