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Cecil Rhodes' secret society for Anglo-Saxon global empire and Alex Jones--Master of Misdirection

Anyone viewing Alex Jones' video on Cecil Rhodes' secret society for world empire, is in danger of swallowing an unhealthy dose of misinformation.
The Colossus of Rhodes

To the sound of imperial marching music, the vid begins with the words:
Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) was a key figure in the aims of the British Empire
Yeah, well literacy aint a strong point over at

But, yes, as the video conveys with a handful of visuals, Rhodes was an unscrupulous money-making animal, who played a key role in shaping British policy in southern Africa.

But he did not scheme alone.
Joe Chamberlain
British Colonial Secretary 1895-1903

It was the imperialist politician, Joe Chamberlain, British Colonial Secretary ( father of the better know Chamberlain of appeasement fame), whose complicity was essential to the instigation of the Boer war, a war that led to the consolidation of South Africa under British rule.

But, the informs us:
Cecil Rhodes along with other British elites would have greater aims -- that of World Federation
Yikes, how terrrifically original of them. Or as Zbigniev Bzrezinski put it in the first sentence of his tract on geopolitics The Grand Chessboard, "Hegemony is as old as mankind."

But now the music changes to a minor key and an ominously repetitious spooky theme, as the text on screen informs us that Rhodes set up a secret society to pursue his goals.
A select few, including Lord Milner, William Stead and Lord Rothschild were in on the plan.
Warning folks -- conspiracy.
The group that gave birth to South Africa would now shape the entire World.
 Ha! A bold statement of what has not been demonstrated.

The next image:
Bill Clinton
Rhodes Scholar, 1968
Now, there's the evidence. Clinton went to Oxford, had his brains washed by those devious Brits, and, hey, the Brits are still running the World.


But there's more:
Secretly, Rhodes also established the Round Table Group that pulled its select initiates from Oxford and Cambridge institutions

Actually, Rhodes did nothing of the kind. The organization of the Round Table Group was the work of Alfred Milner and associates in the period 1909-1913, years after Rhodes' death. The Round Table magazine, founded in 1910, was largely funded by Sir Abe Bailey. Rhodes money may have been used by the Round Table group, but not through the provisions of his will or via the Rhodes Trust, which established that devious scheme for the Rhodes Scholarships, which would bring students from around the World to study at Oxford University.

Rhodes, we are told, wished to:
federate the English-speaking peoples and to bring all the habitable portions of the world under their control
John Ruskin (1819-1900)

An understandable notion when Britain already ruled one quarter of the World's population, and dominated the world both financially and militarily. And it was an idea inspired by Rhodes Oxford mentor, John Ruskin, who, in a lecture that Rhodes transcribed by hand in its entirety, included the following admonition:
You, the undergraduates are] the possessors of a magnificent tradition of education, beauty, rule of law, freedom, decency and self-discipline but... this tradition [can] not be saved, and does not deserve to be saved, unless it can be extended to the lower classes in England itself and to the non-English masses throughout the world. If this precious tradition is not extended to these two great majorities, the minority of upper-class Englishmen will ultimately be submerged by these majorities and the tradition lost. To prevent this, the tradition must be extended to the masses and to the empire.
Rhodes, the JonesReport asserts, in his third will:
Left his fortune in the hands of Lord Rothschild--an instrumental partner in the quest to expand the British Empire. 
What the JonesReport does not mention is that Rhodes' third will became null and void as it was succeeded by other wills. The final will said nothing whatever about any endeavor to promote the expansion of the British Empire.

Then after more scary music in a minor key and the display of the Rothschild family escutcheon, the soundtrack reverts to drums and imperial marching music and a list of obscure Brits (Philip Kerr, Lionel Curtis, Steven Cox, David Evans -- you ever heard of 'em?) who sought to create a federation of English-speaking nations - -an idea that was firmly and promptly rejected by the newly independent dominions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and an idea that was surely not even mooted in India.

Ah, but (as the soundtrack returns to a repetitious motif in a minor key), these people are unknown because they were more effective
directing policy in the shadows
...through splinter groups like the Royal Institute on International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
In fact, there is no firm evidence that these organizations were funded by Rhodes. Certainly his final will made no such provision. Moreover, the CFR has no direct connection with the British RIIA and was funded by JP Morgan, a fact that reflects the intention of the British Rhodes-Milner Group which, after WW1, believed that their project for global governance could only be effected by the United States, and they sought, therefore, to encourage Americans to undertake that mission as their own.

As for the RIIA, it staggers on, like so many foundations, interest groups and think tanks, long since its useful life ended.

Known in Canada for more than half a Century as the Canadian International Council, it continues earnestly to discuss such vital topics as Canada's legacy in Afghanistan, Is Canada's international liberalism dead? and What role will the Great Lakes play in Canada's economic future.

Our local chapter of the CIC recently hosted The Honorable Flora MacDonald who addressed members on the following important matter: “UPDATE ON DEVELOPMENT IN BAMIYAN PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN.”

Yes, a formidable and dangerous organization indeed, illustrated in the video by shots of Lord Alfred Milner's Germanic mustache.

Then the image of Iain Curtis alongside the covers of the books he wrote: World War, Its Cause and Cure and the Capital Question of China -- a dangerous conspirator, obviously.

Curtis it was, the vid informs us, who hit upon the evil scheme of changing the name of the British Empire to The British Commonwealth of Nations. What is more, this monster, plotting secretly for global Anglo-Saxon hegemony, is exposed by the of having:
decided that India must be given complete self-government.
LOL, indeed.

What this absurd video confirms is that Alex Jones is a liar and an Anglophobe.

He is also a master of misdirection. The narrative of Carroll Quigley's book, The Anglo-American Establishment, an account of the lives and work of those connected with Cecil Rhodes' secret society from which this video draws its information, ends in 1949 by which time Quigley considered the project, as a British undertaking, entirely defunct.

Quigley supported the aims of the Round Table Group, not because they promoted Anglo-Saxon world domination, but because they conformed with the ideals of 19th century liberalism: the liberalism that fought for the abolition of the slave trade, the abolition of slavery, and the spread of democracy and enlightenment, as exemplified by the plan for  the education of the Indian elite in preparation for independence, which was set forth in the famous memorandum on Indian Education by the great liberal historian, Thomas Macaulay. Cecil Rhodes, in short, wished to perpetuate and extend Western civilization.

Rhodes' scheme for the creation, under Anglo-Saxon leadership, of a World federation of democratic states, where the rule of law and the fruits of Western civilization would be enjoyed by all kinds and ranks of men, made sense at the time it was conceived. Then, Britain ruled a quarter of the World's population, and was by far the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.

But Britain has long since given place to America as the dominant World power and Anglo-Saxon domination of America is a thing of the distant past.

Today, America's elite takes its guidance on international affairs from an East European aristocrat, Zbigniev Bzrezinski, a German Jew, Henry Kissinger, and a mongrel elite of native born Jews and and other non Anglo-Saxon ethnics including the African-American Barak Obama.

One group that appears to have slight influence is the old WASP establishment, which is likely too squeamish about torture, trashing the constitution or following the Hitlerian policy of unbridled military aggression.

But blaming the US project for global hegemony, now under the direction of a group of Zionists, both Jewish and gentile, on the Brits is a neat piece of misdirection if you can get away with it.

Revised July 30, 2011

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  1. Excellent description of the video and the music.

    "One group with virtually not influence at all is the old WASP elite," Not influence most likely should have been no influence.

    I am surprised that his followers have not left any comments defending the king of misdirection.

    When I live in Austin in the mid 90's I got a copy of PANAMA DECEPTION from Alex Jones. So I have one nice thing to say about him.

    Low Plains Perspective

  2. Anon, Thanks for pointing out the typo -- now corrected.

  3. "Today, America's elite takes its guidance on international affairs from an East European aristocrat, Zbigniev Bzrezinski, a German Jew, Henry Kissinger, and a mongrel elite of native born Jews and and other non Anglo-Saxon ethnics including the African-American Barak Obama."

    Don't forget Panetta and Petraeus - both Catholics!

    1. Burt neither Panetta nor Patraeus is an Anglo-Saxson ethnic or a geopolitical strategist.

  4. Warning folks -- conspiracy.
    The group that gave birth to South Africa would now shape the entire World.
    Ha! A bold statement of what has not been demonstrated.

    Yes.. they have.. and this is true... do not listen to alex jones, do your own research...
    and it will become clear.... you need study, Rhodes, 2, The tsar , 3, WW1 and WW2, and you need study the Balfour declaration, and all involved in that. and you need consider the cold war, the Japanese / Russia war. you need study the Federal reserve, and you need read a few books..
    there is a twist, the milner group all got cheated.. they were fools, with just 1 exception..

    1. So who do you believe was the sole exception?

  5. you pour scorn on alex jones.. hes not a perfect person, but he does have a good heart.
    he may not be 100 correct but hes not far off the mark.
    the milner group were cheated.. with 1 exception... ( 1 person )... a new plan was made, bigger than their plan, that is working. it is and always was more than just an idea.
    to understand this study, ww1, ww2, russia/ japanese war, lenin, 1917 ..Bolsheviks, study the federal reserve and all the banks. take a look at what happened after ww2 finished, with 72 interventions, by the USA in other countries, to change the head of state. look at people like Henry paulson, Harriman, rockefeller, bushes, ford motor .. standard oil, GE, j p morgan,
    here are just a few clues... alex is not so far off the mark.... the corporation do rule people like obama, who rules the corporation ??? look and find out

    1. While we are reading, or in some cases re-reading, the entire history of the modern world as you demand, give us a clue. Who, in your belief, rules the corporations?

  6. i am sorry. i did not think the first post went... so i wrote it again...
    you say entire history... yes.. it really is.. i have been studying this for 2 years now...
    i decided to look into why did the 2007 banking crisis begin and why i was not getting any interest on my saving.. now i learn a new history of this world...
    i have told a few people about this study and most think i an crazy... they would not accept that a government, their government would lie and cheat them. they will not accept the media is just a propaganda machine and people like edward snowden should never have told the people what he said, people like john pilger are wrong to and people like henry Makow phD
    read Lord Milner's second war. John P Cafferky. i just finished and recommend
    as for who ...rules the corporations, the owner rules them...

    1. John P Cafferky offers a bizarre approach to historical research.

      The historical record, he tells us, has been edited by conspirators to conceal their role in the unfolding of history. This, he says, can be detected because "one can show incoherence between historical accounts and actual events."

      So either all supposedly competent historians are in fact in on the conspiracy or none of them are capable of presenting a valid account of "actual events" based on whatever evidence exists of those "actual events." This seems like pure paranoid conspiracy theory.

      In any case, the idea that Sir Edward Grey orchestrated WW1 to further the interests of the British Empire seems improbable, since WW1 effectively ended the British Empire.

      Although Britain was technically the victor, she achieved victory only through American intervention in a war that consumed all of the wealth accumulated by Britain since the industrial revolution.

  7. Might one suggest that, rather than splitting hairs over who did what, one looks at how world events have moved forward since 1945 - or since the illegally constituted Fed in 1913 (and IRS) if one prefers.
    Given the enormous wealth in the world, given the actual existence of free energy since the 20s/30s (Tesla), given the profusion of speeches from shill politicians on how they will make a better world for us all if we vote for them, given also in spite of these things, the fact that the planet is in such a bad way - one can only reasonably reach a working conclusion suggesting that certain groups have an agenda at odds with the general sense that most of the rest of us have about "progress" - to whit, to enjoy a peaceful, productive life on a beautiful, interesting planet and to be able to discover where that experience might lead.
    Evidently there are psychopaths in numerous positions of power.
    Equally evidently they have commissioned, coerced and bribed individuals and institutions to serve their purposes of manipulation and control.
    Money is one avenue; media is another. - Control of money flow effectively controls what people do; control of media effectively controls peoples' thoughts.
    Fear of course, controls peoples' attention - hence the need for the "background terror" meme.
    If I were going to control the world, this is the way I would do it - through these avenues.
    It is not "rocket science". It is obviously happening now.
    Rather than all the mental masturbation on the intricacies of detail (bullshit baffles brains) might we not more usefully move things on to a position of identification and removal of those numerous individuals and groups whose negative, deceitful and murderous actions have been and still are a bain on humankind?

    1. might we not more usefully move things on to a position of identification and removal of those numerous individuals and groups whose negative, deceitful and murderous actions have been and still are a bain on humankind?

      LOL. The powers that be are the powers that be because they have the power. They do not take kindly to those with a notion to depose them.

      As for "the fact that the planet is in such a bad way," the planet, or at least the people, are in much better shape than 100 years ago. Life expectancy has risen from 32 years to 67 as diseases such as smallpox have been eradicated or controlled, population has doubled, redoubled and is about to double again, while pollution of air and water throughout much of the world has actually greatly diminished.