Thursday, July 5, 2018

Genocide of the European Nations By Mass Immigration

Warning of the treasonous intent of European elites,  Brendan O'Neill writes:

It is becoming increasingly clear why immigration is so important to the EU elites: because they see the mass movement of people essentially as a weapon against national sovereignty. Their mass-migration project of recent years hasn’t been a humane endeavour to improve the lives of foreign peoples; it has been about further erasing borders, using migrant flows effectively as a tool to push the EU oligarchy’s post-nation agenda."

Um, yes, that's been obvious for years, as years ago we pointed out. If you destroy the fertility of a nation with a compulsory sex-ed program that teaches that the only sexual vice is reproduction, and then you bring in a lot of folks from elsewhere, you will inevitably destroy the sovereign democratic nation state. because you will have destroyed the people who made up the nation.

Until Trump, national genocide was the policy of just about every European-majority "nation," with the exception of Russia, which continues a desperate struggle to prevent a national population implosion.

Who is driving the destruction of the Western nations?

The Money Power, obviously, which is to say the global corporations that off-shored as many jobs as they could from the Western nations to the sweatshops and plantations of Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle-East, while at the same time promoting mass immigration to the West, thereby driving down wages and hence the cost of providing the goods and services that could not be off-shored.

The result?

A massive increase in wealth disparity between rich and poor throughout the West.

Who is fighting with such ruthless determination to destroy Trump?

The globalist money power, obviously: the people who reap the massive windfall profits that have been won by exporting vast chunks of Western economies to tyrannies such as those of China, Vietnam, while importing scab immigrant labor to destroy the living standards of the working people of the West.

Who allowed this genocidal crime?

The political puppets of the West, such as the trust-fund kid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, who rules what he calls the World's first post-national state.

How is the war on the Western nations and against Trump being waged?

As all genocides are waged: with racist hate speech.

In London, England, now a non-English majority city (like Birmingham, Britain's second city) a Muslim mayor of Pakistani origin approves a public insult to the visiting US President in the form of a Trump-like blimp clad in a diaper flying from London's Parliament Square.

Meantime the Guardian, which with the BBC is Britain's leading advocate of white genocide, smears those opposed to national self-destruction as far-right-wing racist, extremists.

How is it that the Western governments have been taken over by self-hating destroyers of their own people, leaders such as the former Communist Angela Merkel, the former Trotskyite, Tony Blair, the advocate of French "metissage," President Sarkozy, or England's silliest Prime Minister, Theresa May, who as Home Secretary advocated for Shariah courts in Britain?

Simple. Bribery.

Note to J.K. Rowling and the others for a diversity enriched Europe
Elected officials do not rule the Western democracies. The Money Power, the global corporations, the megabanks, a handful of plutocrats rule through the politicians they fund and to whom they provide after-office rewards (multi-million-dollar royalty payments for crap books no sane person would buy, corporate directorship, whatever, really, the scumbag politicians want)*.

Such payoffs are made with absolute reliability, not because the plutocratic elite are trustworthy or honorable, but to reassure the puppets in power now that they will get theirs: provided that they follow the script.

That's the reason for the particular hatred of Trump. He's always had whatever he wanted, women, planes, palaces, and he's still got a billion or two in hand, so the globalists have no handle on him.

* It's the same method that big Pharma uses to payoff corrupt scientists who approve their dodgy drugs.

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