Wednesday, July 4, 2018

More Skripal Tripal

The poisoning of a middle-aged couple at Amesbury, a small town in the vicinity of Britain's biological and chemical weapons research establishment at Porton Down, has been declared by local police a "Major Incident."

Since the poisoning of former Russian spy and traitor, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, occurred in nearby Salisbury, the search is on for a link between the two "incidents." Craig Murray provides a useful synopsis of the story so far, and suggests that the latest poisonings could be a synthetic event designed to maintain the hate-Russia frenzy that was generated by the politicians and media as a consequence of the Skripal poisonings.

In that connection, there is the following comment on Murray's post, by the cryptically named "Bob," which provides good reason to believe that evidence of the poisoning of the Skripals was entirely fake:

@ Bob:

If it weren’t for Freya Church, an eyewitness of the couple on the bench, saying the

people in this video were “100% Definitely” the people she saw on the bench, you might assume the pair in the video were prime suspects. The red bag (carried by the person in the video), [which was later] witnessed at the scene [of the poisoning] is the clue.

But the official narrative is that this pair were not the Skripals, so we have to consider two things 1) What actually happened to the Skripals? And why no further police interest in this pair?

Only two eyewitness reports have been made public of the physical characteristics of the female on the bench:

1) Freya Church, “100% Definitely” the same couple [as seen in the video], and

2) Olly Field, who described the woman as a “blonde bird”. No witness described the female on the bench as having reddish brown hair.

The Russian speaking female witnessed in Zizzis (police have said this was Yulia) was described by a witness as having reddish-brown hair. Yulia was caught on CCTV in a Moscow airport the day before, and she can clearly be seen as having reddish brown hair.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that the couple on the bench were not the Skripals.

And the police know this.

Why else would they only show interest in the CCTV capture above from the dozens of other individuals caught by the Snap Fitness camera (and Jenny’s Restaurant camera next door)?

Because no one else was of interest, no one that could have been the Skripals, and no one that could have poisoned them.

Yet 4 months on in this fast moving probe, the police pretend to be looking for suspects and still come up with ludicrous fantasy theories.

Don’t get me wrong I feel a bit sorry for these dimwits trying to sell this horses bottom of a conspiracy, but they don’t have to, they could say no I’m not playing this stupid game any more and resign, but they don’t and [so] the police become more ridiculous each day.

To recap:

The couple on the bench were not the Skripals.

The couple on the bench were not poisoned by a Novichok Nerve Agent.

The Skripals were in [the restaurant] Zizzis c 3:30pm (Sergei in an emotional state) but didn’t make it as far as the bench.

This is consistent with our own conclusion that the Skripals were not poisoned and that Yulia Skripal's statement following her supposed release from hospital was fake, based on an old video of a younger and slimmer Yulia, over which a contrived statement was lip-synched, while the apparent tracheotomy scar was added by photo-manipulation. 

What this seems to show is that the British intelligence services are so dumb they cannot fake in a convincing way even a simple poisoning, a fact consistent with the finding that the IQ of the Western nations is now in rapid decline, a decline that will surely be accelerated as the public are exposed to increasing quantities of horse manure such as the Skripal poisonings and the Sandy Hook School Massacre

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