Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Treason Party President Obama Goes Abroad to Attack the President Elect

Daily Mail: ‘Trump tapped into troubling strain of rhetoric to win U.S. election’: Barack Obama attacks the President-elect on the first day of his final foreign tour where he was met by SCOWLING Greek guards.

But what was it that Hillary, the Democrats-for-the-dismantling-of-America, and the departing president found so troubling about the Trump campaign?

Defense of the Constitutional right to bear arms?

The plan to enforce immigration law?

Concern for the mass influx of  unvetted Syrian refugees?

Opposition to partial birth abortion, which is to say the cutting of an infant's spinal cord and the syphoning out of its brains as it emerges from the birth canal, followed by the sale of its body parts to the highest bidder?

Um, well let's just say it was all very troubling without having to say anything that would indicate the Treason Party's contempt for the US Constitution, the rule of law, the rights of the unborn, and the rights of American citizens in America over the rights of several billion Third Worlders who might like to live in America.

In fact, it's really about who are the totalitarians in America today?

As the pictures reveal, some of those Greek guards sure gave Obarmy a dirty look, and with their bayonets at the ready, some may have been tempted to give him a poke.


IWB: Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on

RINF: London's Muslim mayor attacks Trump: wants to build bridges (for more Muslim immigrants to Britain) not walls.

LOL. What else is new? We already know that Europe's Muslims intend to take over the continent. Why do they keep bleating on about it? Intimidation tactics, I suppose. Challenge our right to take your country and we and all your Treason Party politicians will call you a Nazi, Raaaaacist Islamophobe.

CBC: Donald Trump Paints Swastica on Ottawa Woman's Window

IWB: Globalist both within the U.S. Government and throughout Europe are in a full blown panic over the looming Trump Presidency

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