Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How Trump Will Confound His Critics By Creating Good Jobs for Americans... Perhaps

"Stemming the rot in American manufacturing may defeat even Trump" runs the title of a piece published today over at the Unz Review.


Trump’s great advantage over his opponents is his mastery of Grade 4 English, by means of which he is readily understood by his blue-collar base, while being unintelligible to his more highly educated, which is to say brainwashed, opponents.

Trump’s economic plan, so incomprehensible to the 1%, is based on the premise that wealth for ordinary Americans depends on public infrastructure and services — decent roads, clean water, nice airports, and good schools — plus good jobs and lower taxes.


Trump’s infrastructure project, which will improve the well being of nearly all Americans, and create many good jobs;

his trade policy, which will revive domestic manufacturing and create many good jobs — mainly not in high tech, but in such things as shoes and shirts, computers and car parts, cement and steel, furniture and floor coverings;

and his environmental and energy policies, which will expand America’s energy industries, coal oil and gas, and create many high-wage jobs.

No need to wait for better economic times to fund the infrastructure program and tax cuts, or for a renaissance in American education to support a revival in manufacturing.

Infrastructure spending and tax cuts will be funded with the technology boasted of by Fed Chairman  Ben Bernanke; namely, the printing press.

In emulation of China, Trump will fund massive infrastructure spending by rolling the presses. The strong dollar will die in the flames of the ensuing inflation thereby creating the barrier to imports and the stimulus to exports that a revival of domestic manufacturing requires.


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