Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tereson May

The parliaments and people mean very little now in Europe – as little as in Russia. The British people voted for Brexit. Fine! So did it happen? Not at all. The new unelected government of Theresa May just pushed the decision far away into the heap of not-very-urgent business correspondence next to requesting assignment of a budget to a Zoo. Maybe she will deliver it to Brussels in a year or two. Or people will forget about that vote.

Israel Shamir: Democracy's Last Chance
To understand the title of this piece, you have to know that in Britain, the second vowel in the name Teresa is pronounced as the 'ea' in treason.

As we pointed out a few weeks ago, Britain's notable female rulers from Boadicea to Good Queen Bess, and Margaret Thatcher have been pretty much like the majority of their male counterparts — but with balls.

Teresa May has given many indications that she lacks those appendages so necessary to a great national leader.  Indeed, she has already provided reason to believe that she belongs to the same treason party as he immediate predecessors, Cameron, Brown and Blair. Thus, on Britain's referendum yes vote to exit the anti-democratic European Union, Israel Shamir comments:
Many people I spoke to already repeat, word-perfect, the new post-Brexit-vote mantra: “Only retired old folk and unemployed racists voted for Brexit.” Mrs Clinton provided the name for them: The Deplorables. This American name for prospective Trump voters fits the Brexit voters like a glove. A Deplorable is a person who does not subscribe to the ruling neo-liberal paradigm and its twin sister, identity politics.
On the planned construction of the grotesquely overpriced and hugely dangerous Hinkley Point nuke power project, which she initially put on hold pending a review, Ms. May has now capitulated under threats from China's President Xu, and approved the Chinese financed, French built plant.

Why? — when the power to be produced will cost several times as much as totally safe alternatives.

Why? — when the supposed saving in carbon emissions can be achieved in multiple other ways including the transition of a few percent of Britain's automobile fleet to electric drive.

Why? — when the high risk of a Chernobyl or Fukushima disaster at a plant to be located directly upwind of the cities of Bristol, Oxford and London would make half of England unihabitable.

Why? —  when the deal will result in British home owners paying what in effect will be an exorbitant rent to Chinese state-controlled banks funding the venture?

Why? — a French-built plant of unproven design? Was Britain not among the first nations to develop a nuclear power program? Why then, sixty years later, does Britain now need a French company to build a nuclear power plant?



Crass ignorance?


Who knows? But it is a fact that a Prime Minister who begins her term in office by spending two weeks incognito in Switzerland, allegedly on holiday, opens herself to speculation about integrity and suitability for office. As for stupidity, look at that skirt, slit to crotch, or the decolletage. How old is she?

Britain it seems is finished: swamped by settlers of an alien race, religion and culture, ruled over by corruptionists intent of compelling the British nation to adopt a suicidal, globalist, PC cult. Which leads one to wonder how the British nation will be regarded by future generations, when England is a country of Hindus and Moslems, Chinese and Africans ruled by some Erdogan-like dictator. , Chiefly, I suspect they will be rememberd rather as we today view the ancient Greeks, a people of genius for both philosophy, science, poetry and drama. Thus, we can surely expect that by the year three or four thousand, educated people throughout the world will be watching re-runs of BBC series such Yes Minister, and dramatic productions such as Evelyn Waugh's Men at Arms.

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Teresa May to Nuke Cameron's Insane Nuclear Power Deal?

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