Thursday, September 22, 2016

How the West destroys its own

Gin Lane, London by William Hogarth.

Originally posted March 12, 2012: Great cities have always consumed population. In times past, infectious diseases spread by rats and polluted water, respiratory diseases due to air pollution, and the absence of space to grow food to avert starvation during times of unemployment, all reduced the life expectancy and fertility of urban populations relative to that of country dwellers.

Today, cities are healthier places to live, but they still impose a severe restraint on human reproductive success due to the high cost of urban living, particularly the costs of housing and transportation.

Cities create jobs that draw labor from elsewhere. The influx of population creates a housing shortage that raises urban land prices and drives city expansion. As the city grows, the cost of downtown accommodation rises as does the cost of transportation from the city margin to places of employment.

Rising costs of housing and commuting mean deferral of household formation by young adults, a reduction in living space per family, a greater incentive for women to postpone motherhood while striving after high-wage employment through prolonged debt-financed education and to abort an unintended pregnancy.

For these reasons the fertility of today's urban populations generally falls far short of the replacement rate. This could be catastrophic for the finance and real estate (FIRE) economy, for it would mean higher wages due to labor shortages, and collapsing demand for housing, for housing finance, and for taxpayer financed infrastructure development.

In the past, migrants from a city's rural hinterland or from regions of high unemployment within the same country served to prevent the implosion of urban populations. But in the West today, virtually the entire population is urbanized. Those who live in the country are mainly refugees from the city -- wealthy professionals and business people commuting long distances in their Porsche's or BMW's, retirees, or local yokels without any prospect of decent employment in the city.

What, then, to do?

Pack in millions of immigrants from abroad, obviously.

Who will come?

The young, the most fertile, the most energetic from the poorest parts of the World, who see migration to the West as the simplest means of increasing their income by a factor of twenty or thirty. These are the people who keep Western labor costs down and the property development and construction industries of the cities of Western Europe and North America booming. They are the meek who will inherit the Earth.

Thus have the Western states created a mechanism to destroy their own people.

The Western nations, driven by a money power heavily dependent on the FIRE economy, have created a genocidal mechanism that is consuming their own people, their national identity, their racial heritage and their culture.

Any genuinely democratic European government would, as all opinion surveys confirm, end mass immigration without delay, thereby achieving an eventual reversal of current trends in both wages and urban living costs. The need for additional infrastructure -- schools, hospitals, universities, roads, etc. would also collapse, allowing great reductions in taxation.

The result?

Earlier household formation by young adults, a declining propensity of married women to pursue life-long careers in full-time employment, reduced abortion rates and the eventual restoration of the long-term viability of the European peoples.

But instead, we have a government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded political-correctness industry, which has corrupted the educational establishment, the judiciary, the police and the mass media to create a propaganda machine worthy of a ruthless totalitarian regime to force national self-destruction in the name of anti-racism upon a cowed and disoriented population.

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  1. I gather that some of the Poles who came to British cities have decided to leave - because British cities have become too crime-ridden and nasty.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Including, perhaps, Monika Konczyk, a 32-year-old who moved from Poland to London for a better life, and who found herself at the mercy of rampaging arsonists and looters during the London riots.