Friday, August 26, 2016

Virtuous Racism

A man should, whatever happens, keep to his own caste, race and breed.
Let the White go to the White and the Black to the Black.
Rudyard Kipling (Beyond the Pale, in Plain Tales From the Hills)

Racism is defined as the belief that a particular race is superior to another. Thus, a person who believes that it is better that Germany, say, is populated mainly by Germans, rather than by, say, Syrians or Chinese is a racist since they are saying that a German is better than a Syrian or a Chinese, at least in Germany.

The Chinese and the Syrians, of course, think Chinese or Syrians, as the case may be, are better in China or Syria. In fact, that's how the great majority of people in any country think. Only bigots like Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, and Angela Merkel apply the perjorative term "racist" to people who believe in the preservation of their own kind, their own legal and religious traditions, and their own culture.

Birmingham New St. School: These are lovely children, but nearly all are immigrants or the children of immigrants, the indigenous population of England having been slated by a treasonous elite for minority status, along with English culture and eventually perhaps even the English common law. Today, in Birmingham, England's second city, English elementary school children are not even the largest minority ethnic group. Click to enlarge (Image source)

The racism of those who seek to preserve their own cultural and racial identities is in stark opposition to the globalist project to make the European peoples minorities in their own homes through a combination of policies that suppress the reproduction of the indigenous people while bringing about mass replacement immigration. In Britain, this project has already achieved its objective in London, Luton, Leicester, as in many other urban areas in Britain, the European mainland, and the United States too.

Thus, racism, as the term is most often used today, applies to those who oppose the destruction — the genocide in fact — of their own group. This kind of racism, I assert, is both legitimate and just.

And it is in this sense of the word, that Donald Trump and his supporters are being called racists by old Commies like John Bilger, Angela Merkel, the Clintons, Obama, David Camoron, Tony Bliar, and all the rest of the sold-out-to-the-globalist-elite liberals and lefties.

In fact, though, Trump’s nationalism/racism is not white nationalism/racism but American nationalism that embraces the founding groups (i.e., founders of the settler nation), namely blacks and whites, plus all the legal immigrants, including millions of Hispanics.

Such nationalism or American Firstism, or whatever you want to call it corresponds pretty well 100% with democracy as democracy would be defined by virtually all the people if they had the wit to understand what is in their own interest. Unfortunately, the youth of the West is now almost totally brainwashed by a politically correct educational establishment, the corporate-owned news media, and the entertainments industry.

In sum, the West is doomed. Doomed by the ignorance and stupidity of the masses, and by the corruption of the education establishment, the journalists, and the entertainers whose incomes and pension prospects depend on their loyalty to a treasonous elite for whom they labor to make the people stupid.

Richard Rich betrayed Sir Thomas Moore to be rewarded with the post of Attorney General for Wales, but today's journalist, entertainer, academic dean, or school principal will betray the nation for no more than a modest pension.


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