Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brexit and Europe's Very Stupid Leaders

"We are led," said Donald Trump, speaking of Americans, "by very stupid people."

As recent events prove, the Europeans likewise.

Addressing the European Parliament following the yes vote for Brexit, a triumphant Nigel Farage, told his fellow Euro parliamentarians:
When I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me – well I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you?
And this:
Most of you have never done a proper job ...
No Churchillian magnanimity in victory there.

Is that very stupid, or what?

As for Angela Merkel, she pushes on with the Coudenhove-kalergi plan to make Europe a unitary mixed-race state* with a total contempt for the expressed wishes of the British public and, if the truth were told, all Europeans.

Thus, as she informed the German Parliament following Britain's vote to leave the EU, There can be no post Brexit negotiation with Britain:
based on the principle of cherry-picking.

If you wish to have free access to the single market then you have to accept the fundamental rights as well as obligation that come from it. Free access to the single market will [only] be granted to a country which accepts the four fundamental freedoms of movement of people, goods, services and capital.
Thus, decrees Merkel, Britain is to be subjected to EU trade sanctions unless it agrees to continued unlimited immigration.

So in clear violation of the wishes of the European people, and at the cost of wrecking the EU, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, pursues a plan for the genocide the European peoples.

Is that very stupid, or what?

Then there's Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron who knew, and has so stated, that support for Brexit stemmed from the uncontrolled flood of immigrants to Britain. So what did he do?

He tried to negotiate with the EU an end to the flood but failed.

What did he do then?

He campaigned to keep Britain in the EU, notwithstanding.

Is that very stupid, or what?

David Cameron has done the honorable thing by resigning as Britain's Prime Minister. Nigel Farage can have no further useful role in the European Parliament and should resign also. Angela Merkel should be fired by the German people.

In the meantime, Britain's Parliament should exercise its sovereignty by enacting an immediate moratorium on immigration, and a process to deport illegal and criminal immigrants.

*Merkel is a recipient of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi had a plan for Europe. It was to make it a monolithic mixed-race state through Middle-Eastern mass immigration, along the lines Angela Merkel is currently pursuing.

Beside the Kalergi Prize, Angela Merkel is a recipent of the  Charlemagne Prize, of which the first recipient was none other than Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.


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Which raises the question, is the EU leadership deliberately driving the ship of the superstate onto the rocks? If not, they must be insane.

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