Monday, January 25, 2016

BBC Goes Full Genocidal

A recent example of the BBC's large-type Web journalism entitled Donald Trump and the politics of paranoia, written by a member of the Chosen, one Michael Goldfarb, asserts:
One startling feature of the latest race to become the next president of the US - which begins in earnest with next week's Iowa caucuses - is the runaway success in the opinion polls of the outspoken billionaire, Donald Trump.
What's "startling" to the BBC about Donald Trump's popularity is that he's not just another presidential puppet of the New World Order project for the destruction of the democratic nation state, including not only Britain, but also the United States of America. 

Yeah, that is startling. The project for a global empire, ruled by a plutocratic elite, and served by a mongrel population brainwashed in the religion of Political Correctness that appeared to be going so well, seems now to be going edge ways. The Brits, and the Frogs have accepted their own demise as distinct racial and cultural entities. The Germans are being brought to the bidding of Angela, Treason, Merkel as they are compelled to commit national suicide by accepting an influx of millions of  strong, young Asian and Middle-Eastern males described euphemistically as "refugees," but for some reason Americans are kicking up a real fuss about open borders, Third Worldization and the eclipse of the Euro-American majority. Why?

The reason, as Mr. Goldfarb of the BBC explains, is that egomaniac Trump, telling people that a real country has borders. Well damn that: America is not a real country and it's time for those "bitter" white people who "cling to guns or religion," as America's Euro-American majority have been described by their African-American President with an Islamic-Indonesian upbringing, to give up on the stupid idea of refusing to go "gentle into the good night." 

Yep, it's time for Americans to bite the bullet, accept destruction of the Euro-American majority that built the greatest nation on Earth, and open the floodgates to the Third-World. That is what the globalized corporate giants demand: cheap immigrant labor, unrestricted import of goods from the sweatshops of the World, and the Hell with this silly idea of democracy, individual liberty, and free speech — in future the BBC and the other temples of political correctness will tell Americans what to think. 

And if Americans don't like that then, as the BBC clearly believes, they are stinking nativists: or in Guardian-speak, they are far-right wing, extremist, Nazified, racist xenophobes with the contemptible desire to be succeeded in their own country by their own posterity, not by people from elsewhere. What's more the BBC screams in large type, they are PARANOID

Which goes to show what good sense most Americans have, for as Andy Groves, former head of Intel Corporation remarked: "Only the paranoid survive." Let's hope the Germans and the Brits and the French and all the other European nations oppressed by a genocidal conspiracy to erase their identities from the face of the Earth get real paranoid real soon. The Brits could make a start by giving the bums rush to David Cameron, that war-criminal shill for the New World Order, to be replaced by someone who will shutter the BBC, an propaganda agency with an undue tolerance for rapists and paederasts.


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