Monday, March 3, 2014

Did Nato Troops Shoot Both Sides During Kiev Protests?

From Aangirfan:

"According to veteran US intelligence sources", the terrorist snipers in Ukraine come from the fascist militia known as UNA-UNSO (shown above) which works for NATO.

UNA-UNSO, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of NATO's 'Gladio' organization.

UNA-UNSO was involved in the the Chechen War, the break up of Yugoslavia, and the 2008 war in Georgia.

Gladio was responsible for the terrorism in Italy, Greece, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings. /
OUR SECRET GOVERNMENT / Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta, / Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.  

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