Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ukraine Hypocrisy

Craig Murray, a former UK diplomat, sacked for being drunk in charge of  the UK's Uzbek embassy,  accuses Britain's left of hypocrisy for approving Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine while condemning US/UK/Nato invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.
...the final extraordinary outbreak of hypocrisy is on the British left. Russian military invasion of Ukraine is approved by them, because it is an invasion by Russia, and not an invasion by the West.
Sounds reasonable except that:

(a) it is open to question whether Russia has, in fact, invaded Ukraine (a claim Russia denies), for although there are Russian troops in Ukraine, Russia has a treaty right to station up to 25,000 military personnel on Ukrainian soil in Crimea; and

Shock and Awe: How US/Nato does invasions. Source
(b) there is a difference of no slight significance between the non-violent presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian soil and Shock and Awe inflicted by volleys of Tomahawk cruise missiles and B1 stealth bombers, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in multiple countries and the creation of millions of refugees.

And there's one other difference worth noting. All major US/UK/Nato invasions or threatened invasions have been justified in the name of bringing democracy to an oppressed people subjugated by a new Hitler — Saddam, Gaddhafi, Ahmadinejad, Assad, whoever.

Terrorizing Crimean citizens: Russians in Ukraine. Source
But in Ukraine, Russia's response has been provoked by a violent unconstitutional coup against a  democratic government that was effected by self-declared Hitlerites funded by the United States.

Murray's argument is thus an application of the principle that offense is the best defense: it is pure humbug in the defense of hypocrisy.

But for a brilliant and much more comprehensive review of Western hypocrisy on the subject of international law and intervention in the affairs independent sovereign states, see Robert Parry's razor sharp critique of the American NeoCons and their media backers, in particular, the Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com, Prop.) owned Washington Post.

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  1. Craig Murray is completely wrong.

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