Monday, April 29, 2024

Biden's Backing for Zelensky's Planned Ten-Year War Compels Russia to Seek Occupation of All Ukraine

America's senile, warmongering puppet, Joe Biden, has promised to fund Zelensky's war with Russia for the next ten years.

What does that mean for Russia? 

It means that to avoid a decade of war, Russia must conquer all of Ukraine now. 

So, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, are you looking forward to a border with Russia before the snow flies? If so, you have no one to thank but the United States of Aggression.

It will be difficult for Ukraine to become a member of NATO when Russian forces reach the Polish border.

"The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi has just issued a new dire assessment confirming widespread international reports that Ukraine forces are getting beaten back from the frontlines." Might as well keep moving back, guys. Putin aint stopping till you're way West of Keeve and we'll be once again using the Russian pronounciation, Ki-ev.

Ukrainian forces dismiss as fake information about withdrawal of Abrams tanks from battlefield due to drones
Or, Believe nothing until it has been denied, as old hands would say.

Ukraine's Top Five Challenges Are Unsolvable

“This is Insane. The Forever War” – Elon Musk Responds to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s Announcement of a Decade-Long Funding Agreement with U.S.

Russian State-Controlled TV: If NATO Troops Enter Ukraine , SARMAT, YARS, and Avangard (Nukes) Will Hit NATO Decision-Making Centers

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