Friday, April 26, 2024

Andrew Torba: The Coming BreakUp of the United States

 The United States of America is undergoing a radical demographic shift, with tens of millions of people from various cultures and beliefs being imported into the country over the past few decades. This transformation raises a critical question: Can a nation survive such a significant demographic change and remain united? The answer, as history has shown, is unequivocally no.

Throughout history there have been numerous examples of multi-cultural nations that have fallen due to their inability to address the underlying cultural and ideological differences within their societies. The Ottoman Empire, which was once one of the most powerful nations in the world but eventually fell due to its inability to address the cultural and ideological differences within its diverse population. The empire’s failure to integrate its various ethnic and religious groups led to a growing divide between the central government and the provinces, ultimately resulting in the empire’s disintegration.

More recently, the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of failing to address the cultural and ideological differences within a multi-cultural nation. The country’s diverse population, consisting of various ethnic and religious groups, was unable to find common ground, leading to a series of brutal conflicts and the eventual breakup of the country into several smaller, more homogenous states.

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