Sunday, November 26, 2023

Justin Trudeau, Great Dictator Wannabe, Pursues Hitler's Program for the Extermination of the Unfit

Oklahoma Woman Charged With Murder After Giving Gun to Her Mother With Dementia, Encouraging Her to Commit Suicide

Jaye Dee Watts, 44, has been charged with felony murder by a caretaker and kidnapping in the death of her mother, Lynda Watts, 72. (Source)

Lynda Watts died on September 10 at her home in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said that Jaye Dee Watts “intentionally provided a firearm to the victim, which prompted the victim to take her own life.”

Is there a moral difference between medically assisted suicide and suicide assisted by the 



Canada’s treatment of the elderly, sick, and vulnerable contradicts virtue signaling, revealing a disgraceful failure

It’s Time to Stop Canada’s Euthanasia Program Dead in its Tracks

... As the Post reports, both sides of the debate are accusing the other of rushing to conclusions, adopting bad science, and embracing disputed reports. The disagreement has prompted seven of 17 chairpersons of psychiatry to ask federal Health Minister Mark Holland and Justice Minister Arif Virani to halt the timeline and re-assess the desire to facilitate the taking of more Canadian lives. 

It is troubling, to say the least, that those who desire to include the mentally ill in their euthanasia quagmire see no irony in having people who are not in complete possession of their faculties making a decision about ending their lives. The primary question needs to be asked: are they capable of doing that?

There is serious concern that the definition of mentally ill will encompass drug addicts and, potentially, alcoholics as well.
Look at the expanding definition of mental illness and you will discover that it now includes drug addicts. If drug addicts, why not alcoholics? If alcoholics, why not self-abusers?

Are they coming for you next?

When you include people with undesirable characteristics in your euthanasia program, it automatically becomes a eugenics program. That is precisely why the regime of Adolf Hitler murdered an estimated 250,000 individuals: because they had incurable diseases, were mentally ill, were physically deformed or, yes, were chronic alcoholics. ....
Orillia man pens book after deciding to 'choose life' over MAID


  1. "Is there a moral difference between medically assisted suicide and suicide assisted by the provision of a firearm?"

    The modern secular state (with a fundamental division between church and state) doesn't directly take into account morality in its actions.

    It attempts to monopolize the means of violence, and more often than not uses those means of violence to perpetrate hideously awful bloody messes on pretexts which are nearly always just lies. None of that is moral.

    If I came up to you, slapped you in handcuffs, carted you off to jail and confined you there, because maybe you did something I didn't like, I would not be behaving morally. If I happened to be wearing a badge, I would be behaving legally, though, and my action would be sanctioned by the state.

    What I want to know is whether or not a majority of Canadians regard MAID as moral. If a majority regards it as immoral, they can vote to make it illegal, too. Then it won't be allowed, and it won't be an issue.

    There hasn't been a direct vote, though, has there. Then the question would be whether MAID is so objectionable it becomes a serious campaign issue to be faced by elected representatives at election time. How likely is that?

    1. You say "What I want to know is whether or not a majority of Canadians regard MAID as moral."

      That's a good question which requires a referendum to answer. But Canadians don't get to have a voice on such matters. Canadians get to have a voice only once in a whiled concerning which bunch of politicians should rule them. Currently, we have the Chinese-style dictator wannabe Trudeau and his "gender-balanced" cabinet retinue, members of which must lie as instructed or be fired like truth-speaking Attorney General Judy Wilson-Reybould.

      Failing a referendum, an opinion survey might answer your question, but there seems not to have been one. But iwhatever Canadians think about MAID it is not informed by any illuminating public debate. Rather, Canadians mostly it seems think whatever they are told to think by the media. Not for nothing does the government spend a billion dollars a year on the Canadian Broadcasting (aka Brain washing) Corporation.

      Thus, although Canadians in a vague way probably support MAID, few really understand what it appears already to be leading to, for example the encouragement of depressed people to off themselves. In time, it seems reasonable to expect, it will be normal for elderly people, who are after all a burden on the rest of society, to urged if not compelled to off themselves sooner than later. Adolf would have approved.

    2. "Rather, Canadians mostly it seems think whatever they are told to think by the media."

      There's no way to administer smelling salts, either.

      What terrifies me more than anything is if the Woke movement also feels this frustration of not being able to administer smelling salts.

      I want to give smelling salts to the Woke movement, and the Woke movement wants to give smelling salts to me.

      Adolph would have approved, but Adolph, for all his sheer genius...



      I've never even asked an Alaskan native if they used to put their elderly on ice bergs and let them float off to their deaths, or if that was a myth designed to show how barbaric they were...Or how advanced?