Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Embarrassment of Being a Citizen of Trudeau's Canada

By Max Bernier*

Has it ever been more embarrassing to be a Canadian?

I’m sure you’ve already seen the news. Last week, Trudeau and the rest of the globalist stooges in the House of Commons welcomed Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky to provide a special address to Parliament.

During the ceremony, the Speaker of the House welcomed a special guest. Yaroslav Hunka was described as a “Ukrainian Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians…

All 338 Members of Parliament and President Zelensky stood and applauded Hunka, but anyone with a basic understanding of history knew something was off.

He fought against Russia — a Canadian ally — during World War II? Wouldn’t that make him a… Nazi?

Yes. The Canadian Parliament invited and gave a unanimous standing ovation to a literal Nazi!

It's funny really. All these leftist politicians who label anyone they disagree with as a Nazi aren't historically literate enough to recognize a real Nazi when he's right in front of them!

After years of establishment politicians and the mainstream media accusing me, and the PPC of being neo-Nazis and white supremacists, it's the same political establishment that celebrates an actual Nazi on the floor of the House of Commons.

The incompetence and downright stupidity of all 338 MPs — representing every party — has never been so obvious.

Clearly all of them need to be replaced. Clearly a new option is desperately required.

There’s been tons of coverage of this incident over the last week. It’s become an international scandal.

Domestic and international Jewish groups have condemned our government, Poland is demanding Hunka be extradited, the Speaker of the House was thrown under the bus and resigned, and Trudeau finally offered a half apology just yesterday.

But all this coverage about the Nazi has really overshadowed the real scandal.

With Zelensky’s visit, our government has agreed to send Ukraine $650 million more of our tax dollars to support this never ending proxy war between Russia and the United States.

Since the war started two years ago, the Canadian government has now sent almost $10 BILLION to Ukraine!

There is no push back from the opposition. All the establishment parties agree. We must continue fueling this foreign war that has absolutely nothing to do with us!

As Canadians face an unprecedented cost of living crisis, debilitating public infrastructure, and a generational housing crisis, our government prefers to send billions of dollars to support a foreign war rather than investing in our own country, our own people.

It’s despicable!

For years now, I have been calling on our government to withdraw support and push for peace talks between the relevant actors. A position in line with our national interests and in line with our tradition as peacemakers and peacekeepers.

I explained my views in a video at the end of last year.

But my proposal has been ignored. They say I’m a Putin apologist or I don’t understand the geopolitics of the situation.

The House of Commons is filled to the brim with globalists who are more interested in virtue-signalling and pandering than doing what is best for Canada and the average Canadian.

We must start electing patriotic voices to serve Canadians in our Parliament.

To challenge the globalist establishment and reject their anti-Canadian worldview.

To push Poilievre and his so-called Conservative Party to be more than just Liberals in blue ties.


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* Max Bernier is a former Canadian MP who has held various government posts including that of Minister for External Affairs. He is the founder and current leader of the People's Party of Canada


  1. "Since the war started two years ago, the Canadian government has now sent almost $10 BILLION to Ukraine!"

    I wonder how many Canadian immigrants from Ukraine supported the war in the first place.

    It isn't easy to sort out how many Ukrainian Canadians speak Russian.

    I would imagine none of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian Canadians (there's a mouthful!) support giving any aid to "Ukraine", let alone $10 billion.

    The USA has given $75 billion.

    I think something drastic is about to happen.

    1. Drastic things seem already to be happening.

      The drug addict Zelensky is sending women to lay down their lives before Russia's defensive line. What next? Will he send the children? He seems intent on the eniire destruction of Ukraine. Meantime Zelensky's drug-addled friend Trudeau (is Zel Trudeau's dealer) destroys Canada's relations with India, one quarter of the World's population. Those whom the gods would destroy, the first make mad (or senile, as in the case of Biden-led US.


    The drastic thing is we're going to sleep walk right off a cliff.