Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Time to Quit?

Those Liberal bastards (at Google) are fucking me again, to borrow the language of the late great Richard Milhouse Nixon. Or so our Blogger usage stats would suggest, with page views crashing from a modest six or eight hundred a day to barely a hundred. This is similar to the collapse in apparent interest that occurred prior to our decision to stop blogging and then, for no particularly good reason, start a sort of news bulletin board instead. 

So what now? 

Well here's something different that may be pretty interesting to that minority of the population who are either themselves afflicted by, or who have friends or relatives suffering from, a serious mental illness. It is an article published several years ago in Psychology Today, entitled:

Chronic Schizophrenia Put Into 

Remission Without Medication

The article draws attention to reports of the complete cure of serious mental illness by the simple expedient of adopting a ketonic diet. Adding credibility to these reports is the fact that schizophrenia is virtually unknown in societies that adhere to a paleo diet. Thus for example, in the South Pacific islands occupied by the United States during World War II, schizophrenia was unknown, but emerged with the adoption of a Westernized diet. Some have attributed this effect to gluten in grain-based foods such as sliced white bread and shredded wheat. But it is more likely that diabetes, induced by the consumption of refined sugar that comes with Hershey bars, donuts, fudge sundaes and Oreo cookies, is the prime factor. 

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