Monday, August 15, 2022

Will Biden Stumble into a New World War?

 By Colonel Douglas MacGregor

American Conservative, August 9, 2022: In 1979, President Carter formally abandoned the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan. Carter’s action abruptly ended Washington’s commitment to defend Taiwan against attack from the Chinese mainland. Yet, in an answer to a journalist’s question about whether he would use military force in response to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, President Biden stated, “Yes, that's what we are committed to.”

When it comes to defense and foreign policy, there are very few stone-cold realists in Washington’s policy-making circles. Since 1945, with a few notable exceptions, most American presidents have tended to put short-term political celebrity or ephemeral liberal causes ahead of tangible, concrete national interests in America’s relations with other nation-states. Biden is no exception to the rule.

Guided more by impulse and emotion than reason or knowledge of the facts, President Biden, like most of Washington’s ruling political class, may be privately pleased with Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. When Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is viewed in the context of Biden's self-evidently thoughtless remark, however, it is clear that the combination is having a negative impact across Asia.


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  1. Yeah, but isn't it delightful anything is better than Trump? Trump Derangement Syndrome hasn't abated yet, either.

    Will WWIII abate it? I doubt it.

    I can't predict the future, but I think Trump will run in 2024-- and win. We'll see what happens to the Democrats this November.

    1. Yes, if the Democrats run the moribund incumbent, their chances seem poor.

      And if not Biden, who do they have?

      Maybe they should recruit Trump, who used to be a Democrat, and would surely be happy to be a Democrat again. And with Trump the Democrats could surely not lose.

      Or is there a Republicans with charsima. My choice would be Colonel Douglas MacGregor: a most articulate man of high intelligence, courage and integrity.

    2. Maybe between now and 2024 the Democrats can repeal the 22nd amendment creating the two-term limit on the Presidency. Then they might run Obama again. Obama is only sixty-one. If Obama was running against Trump, suddenly Trump would be the one looking old and moribund. Trump is 76 now. Until Biden stole his record in 2020, Trump was the oldest ever at his inauguration in January 2017.

      I agree about MacGregor. One of the most fascinating and relevant points he raised about Biden stumbling into WWIII was the inability of the Chinese to understand the American mindset. (Adding to the confusion, don't understand the Chinese mindset either.) The Russians are very familiar with the American clown show in Washington, and know Biden for what he is, but the Chinese might well take seriously -- meaning act upon-- Biden's statements about US willingness to use force against China.

    3. One also has to worry that Biden, or rather his puppet masters, may act on biden's statements about US willingness to use force against China. They must know that in a showdown with China time is not on their side. Better war now, than later.