Monday, May 16, 2022

Jordan Peters: Justin Trudeau Is a Liar and a Narcissist

Full Interview: Recorded on April 20, 2022, as part of a Classical Liberalism Seminar at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

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  1. This comment pertains more to your last post than this one.

    As a result of the war in Ukraine, for the first time I've noticed the remarkable beauty of contemporary Moscow.

    Have you seen any pictures of the place? It is spectacular.

    My vision of Moscow was frozen back in the 80's. I assumed, if anything, it was now worse. I'm sure not every part of Moscow has been so upgraded, but I am still stunned and surprised ANY of it looks this fabulous.

    I have to compare it with most American cities. They have been in decline for decades. Canadian cities were usually more beautiful and livable than American cities, but I liked to think we had a few shining stars, e.g. Portland, Oregon. Now that doesn't even look so great. Besides, its streets and sidewalks are crowded with the homeless.