Friday, January 14, 2022

Covid Nazis and the Vilification of the Unvaxxed

 The United States Holocaust Museum describes this process as “Defining the Enemy: The Excluded”:

“One crucial factor in creating a cohesive group is to define who is excluded from membership. Nazi propagandists contributed to the regime’s policies by publicly identifying groups for exclusion, justifying their outsider status, and inciting hatred or cultivating indifference.… But a second, more sinister aspect of the Nazi myth was that not all Germans were welcome in the new community. Propaganda helped to define who would be excluded from the new society and justified measures against the ‘outsiders.’”


Trudeau says Canadians are "angry" at the unvaccinated

Dumb fracker should be "angry" at the vaxxed, who account for the vast majority of infections (at twice the rate for the unvaxxed, according to UK data), and the majority of the deaths.

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