Friday, December 24, 2021

From Pandemic to Endemic, Covid is Over: Time to Shut Down the Covid Nazis

With one in twenty mostly vaxxed Londoners having Covid for Christmas, it's simply inane to go on pretending that the vax stops either infection by, or transmission of, SARS-CoV-2, aka Covid-19. 

On the contrary, it is abundantly clear that the vax massively promotes the spread. This it does for the obvious reason that people have been led to believe the lie that the vax confers immunity. Convinced of their invulnerability, the vaxxed thus become the prime agents of viral distribution, while protecting the unvaxxed by treating them as lepers.

At best, the new-tech, so-called Covid vaccines, diminish disease severity. So if you're afraid of Covid, go get the shot. In fact, taking the vax is the prudent thing to do if you are over sixty or in one of the other Covid-vulnerable categories. 

For the rest, the vax is a dubious bet. There is at least a remote chance it will kill you. But if, or more likely when, you get the bug, it will ameliorate the symptoms. 

As for the risk of damage, there are thousands Worldwide who have died from the shot. Millions more have experienced persistent adverse effects, including heart damage, due to vaccine-induced blood clots, while other serious adverse consequences include neurological damage or loss of fertility. That is the reason vaxxing children who are much less risk from Covid than from the flu.

But whether or not you submit to the  bullying of the vax Nazis, BoJo, Trudo, Bideau, or that crazy New Zealand woman, one thing is a near certainty: sooner or later, vaxed or unvaxed, you'll get Covid, which will have joined the motley collection of viruses that pass by the name of the Common Cold. 

In fact, you'll likely get Covid over and over, but never as badly as the first time, when your immune system will take careful note of the entire viral genome and prime your anti-viral defenses against future attacks, whether by an identical virus or one of an endless number of future variants. 


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Oh no! How we gonna keep up the fear factor now?

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That`s good. We need the numbers to keep the panic rolling and Big Pharma profits flowing

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"The real contagion at loose in the world—especially among the western nations which noisily congratulate themselves as model liberal democracies to be emulated by the more benighted nations inhabiting the purported darker corners of the planet—is a virulent outbreak of statist authoritarianism."
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Confirming that "what the science says" about Covid is merely an expression of the delusional thinking of ignoramuses in authority.

Record 1.7MILLION Brits had Covid last week
Which is no big deal. 

At this time of year something like one million Brits catch a cold every day. If a cold lasts five days on average, that means something five million Brits have a cold right now, or three times as many have Covid. 

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group
Actually, that's been known for a year or more, and has been admitted by the US Center for Disease Control. It's just that the vax Nazis are such relentless liars that the general public is unaware of the truth.

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