Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Voting Strategically? Don't Kid Yourself

 Most people, in their gut, realize that Covid is a pretext for government restriction of personal freedom, restrictions to be imposed at the behest of the plutocratic owners of the political class.

Trouble is, most people cannot quite think their way through the Covid bafflegab, or therefore, see how the political "leadership" (aka the treason-class) are betraying them. 

Thus in Canada we have the strange sight of millions opposed to Vaccine Passports, yet few intending to vote in the forthcoming Federal Election for The People's Party of Canada, the only party explicitly and firmly opposed to Vaccine Passports.


Because people have this incredibly dumb idea that to vote for someone who represents their interest, but who has no chance of gaining power, increases the chance of the party they least like gaining power. 

How, exactly is that supposed to work?

It's that by voting for the least bad alternative among the leading contenders they will reduce the risk of getting a government of the party they least like, or more probably most hate.

Now how stupid is that?


Here's why.

The chance that your vote will influence the outcome of the election in your own riding, let alone nationally, is so infinitesimally small that it's not worth considering. 

To put that another way, how often has your vote in the past affected the outcome of an election?




And except over a span of time comparable to infinity, your vote never will affect the outcome of an election. 

So forget strategic voting. 

The only sensible thing to do if you oppose totalitarianism is to vote for any candidate firmly opposed to Vaccine Passports and the Chinese-Communist-style Social Credit system of human enslavement that Vaccine Passports can, and almost certainly will, lead to. 

That means voting for the Peoples Party of Canada, which although excluded from the TV debates because they lacked sufficient public support, has already far outpaced in opinion polls the Green Party which has been included in the TV debates. 

Averaging over 5% in the last half dozen polls to report, the People's Party is way up from the 1.6% of the vote it received in the last election, which shows that without deluded citizens voting strategically, it could hit a new high watermark over 10%, and even challenge the NDP's Third-Party status.

What the highly-vaccinated jurisdictions are showing is that the "vaccines" have limited effectiveness against variants, while they promote the emergence of new variants. 

Unlike the "vaccines" (which we put in quotes because they do not induce a full-spectrum immune response and thus do more harm than good when deployed nationally), past covid infection provides full-spectrum immunity against future infection. In particular, those recovered from Covid have memory T-cells that retain information on the Covid viral genome, and thus recognize, and induce protection against, any variant remotely similar to the strain by which they have been infected. 

That means natural immunity from past infection provides effective immunity against any variant for years to come, and quite probably for life.

the "vaccines" should never have been used except for the protection of the most vulnerable. As for the rest, many already have natural Covid immunity (20% of the population in the US, according to current estimates) and in due course most will acquire such immunity, in most cases from asymptomatic infection. 

The dire threat to what shadow of a free society still remains in the West (If you are as old as me, you will remember when the US claimed to be "the Leader of the Free World," LOL) is the Vaccine Passport and a Chinese-Communist style social credit system of total population control. 

Vote to outlaw Vaccine Passports or see the Nazification, Communization or Plutocratization (similar systems of totalitarian rule) of Canada under Trudeau/Singh/O'Toole and the rest of the West under Biden, the crackpot Australian and New Zealand leadership and the rest of the Covid sell-outs. 


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