Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where US Election Chaos Is Leading

By Brandon Smith:

Zero Hedge, November 5,2020: In July of this year in my article ‘Election 2020: The Worst Case Scenario Is The Most Likely One’, after I outlined the strange factors surrounding Biden and Trump, I stated that:

“These factors and more lead me to predict that Election 2020 will be a contested election which ends with Trump staying in office but accused of usurping the democratic process. This outcome is the worst possible outcome and also the most advantageous for the globalist establishment.”

I also noted the predictive programming campaign by the media and members of the Council On Foreign Relations like Max Boot to acclimated the public to the idea of a contested election while also “wargaming” (planning) that exact outcome. I stated:

“…Boot is back again, this time writing about how he thinks Donald Trump will try to “hijack” the presidency in 2020.

In an article for the Washington post titled ‘What If Trump Loses But Insists He Won’, Boot outlines a scenario that was “war gamed” by a group called the Transition Integrity Project. The group played out a scenario in which there is a razor thin victory for Joe Biden, followed by actions by Trump to keep control of the presidency through lies and legal wrangling. The group also predicted civil unrest leading to potential “civil war” as the fight over the White House expands.

This article is, I believe, an attempt at predictive programming by the establishment. They are TELLING US exactly what is about to happen. A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse and the US will be destroyed from within.”

The bizarre behavior of vote counters in swing states, including PA where they stopped the count altogether overnight, indicates a program to incite national tensions and rage. The media refusing to call certain states for Trump even though he held clear leads while rushing to call states for Biden even though the count was far from unfinished will only exacerbate people’s suspicions that the election is being rigged or stolen.

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  1. ‘Election 2020: The Worst Case Scenario Is The Most Likely One’

    It is a long, long nightmare you can't wake from. I went out with my son and had a great, a wonderful day. That's the only way I can deal with this. People I saw today were strangely, unusually friendly and in good spirits. Maybe they feel the same way. We have a few good days left and as to the rest, there's not a damned thing we can do about except prevent ourselves from being swept into the worst of what's coming.

    1. Who wins may make little difference except in style (and either way the style is awful). I heard a Chinese explaining the difference between the American and Chinese system of government. In China, he said, we do not have a capitalist system, we have a Communist government that allows capitalism. In America, you have a capitalists system, under which the capitalists tell the politicians what to do. That seems to be essentially correct, and if so, it means that the US Government under President Biden will respond to the lobbyists for the FAANGS, etc. just as it has done under Trump.

      It's true that Trump deviated from the corporate/globalist agenda to some extent, but cutting business taxes hardly hurt the big boys and the cost of the tax cut for working families hardly amounts to a hill of beans compared with the monstrous flood of money printing to soften the short-term pain of the Covid-shutdown-induced depression.

      But, yes, enjoy the outdoors. It's a wonderful antidote to the ills of modern society.

  2. The Associated Press has this holding at 264 Biden, 214 Trump. This has been static for days now. This is Friday morning.

    The mass media is already portraying Trump's attempts to legally challenge some of the vote counts as petulant poor sportsmanship and nothing else.

    1. Why is it that America has such a useless method of holding an election?

      The failure to make the process simple, straight-forward and proof against rigging with hackable voting machines and bales of mail-in ballots, plus election officials to busy with other duties to count the votes promply sure does nothing to promote this wonderful Western system of democratic governance.

    2. The best thing might be to reduce the electorate to a reasonable number by identifying voters by some random process prior to each election. These individuals, maybe ten or twenty thousand could be flown to Washington DC where they would participate in an Athenian-style election: each elector placing their pot sherd or ostracon marked with their preferred candidates name into a bucket. The votes would then be tallied under the eyes of the electors and the result announced within an hour or two of the close of voting.

      At the same time voters could decide a few other things. For example they might vote some people "off the island," by marking on their ostracon the name Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc., whoever they wished to see ostracized, i.e., exiled for ten years.

    3. You could have Big Bird from Sesame Street deciding the outcome by twirling around and around until collapsing on the name of some candidate, and it would be better than this.

      In addition to Nevada, Associated Press now has Biden leading in both Pennsylvania and Georgia. Those two states have mysteriously flip-flopped over to Biden, just as Michigan and Wisconsin did earlier. A few days more of whatever is going on, and we can witness North Carolina flip-flopping to Biden, too. But nothing underhanded going on here. Just very, very, unprecedentedly slow returns from these states. That's all, just a very, very slow counting process out there...Must be Covid19's fault.