Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Craig Murray Interview: Part II. Former UK Ambassador Seeks Destruction of British State

Former UK Ambassador, Craig Murray, believes that the British state is deeply corrupt. So corrupt, indeed, that he seeks its destruction.

By way of concrete action to achieve the destruction of the UK, Murray has, during recent years, devoted much of his time and energy to the cause of what is, nominally, Scotch Nationalism and the Scottish National Party's drive to tear Scotland from the United Kingdom.

I say what is "nominally Scotch nationalism, since both Murray and the Scottish National Party wish for an independent Scotland to remain within the European Union, where the Scotch would constitute a mere 1% of the total population (versus almost 10% of the UK population) in an increasingly tight political union of 500 million people that is fundamentally anti-nationalist.

It seems to me, furthermore, that Murray's prescription for Britain, the destruction of the state, seems rash indeed. Countries that disintegrate, whether spontaneously or through the application of pressure from without, rarely have a happy future, as the examples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya demonstrate. True, a satisfactory recovery may be possible, as with Russia and some other post Soviet states, though not with the Ukraine, where the US-engineered destruction of the state led to dismemberment, and population collapse. Better, for the UK, surely, is reform not dismemberment, however, vast the challenge, and difficult the means.

Still, I think Craig Murray is fundamentally an honest man. He has some interesting things to say and says them well, as revealed in this conversation with former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Part I of this interview here

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