Friday, February 22, 2019

Posts From the Past: A Scientific Perspective (43)

When Pop Sci Turns Toxic

Ancient Greek Science: Or How Not to Report an Experiment

Turtles All The Way Down: Deep Fractal Zoom

TTT: TED Talk Twaddle

Would You Like Lithium in Your Drinking Water?

Medically Induced Mental Illness

Minerals and Madness: Magnesium Deficiency and the Western Epidemic of Mental Illness

Misunderstanding Evolution, Or Evolutionary Theorists May Be Wrong, But Fred Reed Is Wronger

Brilliant Billionaires, No 49: Mark Zuckerberg:"Crazy brain research" will let users [sic] send thoughts telepathically — That'll Be Great For Those Who Can't Speak, Read or Write

Brilliant Billioniaires No. 17: Elon Musk's Pipedream, Shooting People Down Tubes

Dumb Ideas From Academia, No. 23: How Computer Technology Will Enable Brain to Brain Communication

Is Pop Psychology Mostly Bunk?

Dumb Intelligence Tests: Or Why IQ Testers Need to Improve Their Understanding of Intelligence

Why Are We So Smart? Or Perhaps We're Not

The Mis-Measure of Human Rationality

Homo sapiens: the Ape With Nukes. Or Are We Really the Smartest Animals Alive?

Human Intelligence Versus AI

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part I: Carbon Dioxide Is Not a Greenhouse Gas

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part II: Ecosystem Disruption

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part III: Induced Stupidity and the Decline of the West

Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Part IV: Reversing the Trend

Some Climate Warming Skeptics Ready to Ditch the Second Law of Thermodynamics

More Climate Skeptic Physics Nonsense

The Nature of Physical Reality, Part I: Time

The Nature of Physical Reality, Part II: Space

Time Is Neither Absolute Nor Does It Flow Equably, But It Does Flow

Free Will Versus Determinism

Why Electric Cars Will Replace Gas-powered Cars — And Improve the Environment

Why the All-Electric Family Car Is Something the Average Family Will Likely Never Own

Charles Darwin and the Demise of the European Peoples

Per ardua ad astra: Why not?

Liberal Racial Science

The Causes of War

Birth Control, Canadian Style: Or how one Western nation is committing suicide

How the West destroys its own

In Praise of Diversity

Should We “Bring Back” the Tasmanian Tiger, or the Tasmanian Aborigines

Population: Explosion and Implosion

Liberalism, Realpolitik and How It Is That People Murder One Another By the Million, But Feel Badly About Doing So

What Jews Got Right

Is "Bad Science" an Oxymoron?

The Trashing of Tim Hunt, FRS, Nobel Laureate: a Breach of the Social Contract, the Death of a Civilization

Tim Hunt, the Kind, Unworldly Nobel-Prize-Winner, Brought Down By a Report of Disputed Veracity By a Twittering, Anglophobic, Black-Privileged, Resumé-padding, Lecturer in Journalism and the Lies of Professor Michael Arthur, Provost of University College London, a Man Unable to Acknowledge an Error of Judgment, and Under the Sway of the Odious Morality of a Stuffed Corpse

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