Friday, September 14, 2018

Trudeau Government are Bloody Idiots on NAFTA

The title of this post is not mine but the title given to the above video by its creators Rebel Media when posting it on U-Tube, and I am not sure that that title truly reflects what is going on between Canada and the US on NAFTA.

Given the way negotiations are going, Canada may well fail to get a renewal of NAFTA with the United States. That, however, may be not because of the apparent stupidity of Canada's approach to the negotiations which, as the video shows, involves multiple insults directed at President Trump.

Rather, what we may be seeing is a deliberate trashing by Canada's of its chances of a NAFTA deal, the objective being to generate in Canada an anti-US and, in particular, an anti-Trump sentiment that would provide the basis for Trudeau's 2019 Canadian Federal Election campaign.

Then Trudeau, who has proved a weak prime minister, with a silly agenda, can pose as a strong man standing up to the seeming bully and blackguard Trump, rather than against the very moderate and reasonable seeming Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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