Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Skripal Poisonings: The Ducks That Didn't Die

Rob Slane continues to dog the lying British state on its phony investigation of the alleged WMD nerve agent poisoning of Russian traitor Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, midst England's green and pleasant land.

In the fifth, and most recent, of ten planned blog posts on holes in the official narrative of the Salisbury poisonings Slane raises the issue of the dead ducks, or rather their absence.

Well, actually, Slane says nothing much of the ducks, but speaks rather of the duck feeders, a bunch of boys who received duck-bread from the nerve-agent contaminated hands of the Skripals:

After parking the car, at 1:40 pm, the two of them [the Skripals] were seen near the Avon Playground, in The Maltings, feeding ducks with some local boys. This was at 1:45pm and has been confirmed to me by one of the boys’ mothers, who was shown the CCTV footage by the police, which she said was really clear. She also confirmed to me that Mr. Skripal was wearing jeans and a leather jacket, and that Yulia Skripal had a red bag.

The Metropolitan Police apparently don’t think the duck feeding incident important enough to include in their timeline, and so after the parking of the car, we are treated to the vague statement that, “at some time after this, they go to the Bishops Mill Pub.”

But it is incredibly important, for the following reason: it totally, completely and comprehensively debunks the idea that Mr Skripal was poisoned at his home, after his hand came into contact with a deadly nerve agent on the handle of his front door. Why?

What's more, none of the ducks died, so far as we know, and we would surely have known of it if there had been a die off of ducks fed by the Skripals, further evidence of Russia's totally evil contempt not only for the British state, but the whole living world.

And if you think it far-fetched to suppose that by handing them duck bread the Skripals could have unintentionally poisoned the boys in the park, think again, for as Rob Slane elaborates:

... Zizzis [the restaurant where the Skripals had lunch] has remained shut since the incident, because it was apparently contaminated, and the table that the Skripals ate their meal at “had to be destroyed” because of the apparently high concentration of nerve agent there. Likewise, The Mill [the pub to which the Skripals repaired for an after-lunch tipple] has been closed ever since. And of course the bench [where the Skripals were found apparently incapacitated by Novichoks] too had to be destroyed, since it was apparently contaminated.

But these were all places visited by the Skripals AFTER the feeding of the ducks.

And so we are asked to believe the following preposterous notion: That Sergei and Yulia Skripal’s hands were contaminated with “military grade nerve agent” at the door of Mr. Skripal’s house, so much so that certain places they visited on that afternoon had to undergo months of decontamination, and certain items they touched had to be destroyed.
But if the Skripals were so contaminated with a deadly nerve agent that giving duck bread to the boys in the park should have poisoned them, what about the ducks that eat the bread that the Skripals gave to the boys in the park. Obviously they would have died. Right? Um, yes, well apparently, not. 

Well done Rob. Keep at it. 

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