Sunday, August 12, 2018

Europe's Dying People

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The people of Europe's are dying.
There is not a European nation with a total fertility rate at, or in excess of, the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman. Moreover, in all European-majority countries, the total fertility rate among Europeans is less than that of the population as a whole, with the fertility of immigrants, taken together, being greater than the European rate, in some cases massively so.
In Britain, for example, while white British women have a fertility rate of barely two-thirds the replacement rate, the rate for immigrants from Libya is over 5.5.

Such number indicate that the European nations are committing suicide to make way for people from what are, for the most part, vastly larger and more populous countries than their own. To all of Britain's last half dozen or so governments, and presumably the governments of most other European majority states, the death of the nation must be regarded as a good thing. That is why we designate the likes of May, Merkel, and Micron members of the Treason Party. Either the people kick the traitors out, or the traitors will destroy the people.

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